A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C15

Ojii-chan’s Blow





Crystal Tower Top Floor.
Finally arriving here while being tattered was a single hero.
A man in the middle of his twenties, apparently he seems to be a summoner.
Calling out a spirit, he would immediately explode that spirit, a considerably commendable battle style.
With that battle style he mowed down the monsters on the way, and ascended until here.

Incidentally, Yui of the eighth floor purposely let him pass as I told her.
Even a single hero is fine, I wanted him to reach as far as Shesta’s place.

“A-hahahahaha. You did well to come here hero. This great one is exactly this tower’s boss, Big Mouse Shesta!”
“Damn monster, prepare yourself”
“Fufufu, how long can you have that big attitude”

While proudly smiling, Shesta took a pose and began attacking the hero.
But, the moment he jumped out he tripped where there was nothing, and plunged into the floor face first.


The hero who hardened from the abrupt event.
Shesta who plunged into the floor face first fainted just like that.

The hero became vigilant. Naturally.
He didn’t think that the boss of the tower he had struggled to ascend until here would ever do this kind of self-destruction, wasn’t there some kind of trap, like that he became vigilant.

However it’s different, this is Shesta’s normal operation.
While I who had hidden my figure beside the stairway from a little while ago let out a sigh, like always I steered Shesta with magic.

Slowly standing up, with that action the hero was secretly relieved.
Furthermore I operated Shesta’s mouth.

“You didn’t come attacking huh”
“Don’t make fun of me! Would I be caught by that obvious trick”
“There’s no helping it. In that case, I only have to defeat you normally”
“Efreet! Undine!”

The hero once again summoned spirits.
The summoned spirits faced Shesta and jumped out, on the way together with the hero’s sign they burst.

Fire and water spirits, the two attributes gave birth to a synergistic effect and caused a great explosion.

“Take this! Big Mouse Attack!”

While appending a suitable technique name, I steered Shesta and charged.
Adding rotation as well, almost like a human––––rather mouse cannonball, he flew.

Shesta’s body repelled the two attribute explosion.


I tackled the astonished hero just like that.
The hero’s body bent into the character, and he scattered spew/vomit.
He wasn’t that strong of a hero, so he was defeated in one blow.

Crystal Tower First Floor
Terry and Lily came to the side of me who had stealthily descended.

“Oi, where did you got Ryu”
“We were searching for you, you know?”
“What’s wrong, the both of you”
“Something amazing occurred. What would you know, a new skill was added to the tower”
“I know, it’s about Dungeon Limited Immortality right”1
“Did you already know?”
“Ahh, since when I went to Yui’s place, I coincidentally saw Shesta-san defeat a hero. It’s a skill that was added thanks to defeating that hero”

I faced Terry and Lily and shamelessly said that.
Telling Yui to purposely let a hero pass through was for this sake.

The skill points acquired by presenting the handsome youth to the Land God was 5. If I used all of them it was just enough to be able to add the same skill as Deep Forest, even if monsters die within the dungeon, as long as there is magic it’s possible to revive, “Dungeon Limited Immortality”.

However if I added that normally, my circumstances may be exposed, so allowing a hero to pass through to Shesta’s location, I went through the proper procedure of making Shesta defeat the hero.

“Amazing, Shesta-san is”
“It’s the same skill as Deep Forest right, that”
“Ahh, it’s exactly the same as the one I heard about from Kaa-san”

Terry and Lily looked at the above floor with eyes of respect.
Once again the surrounding monsters as well were already making the current story into a topic, and praising Shesta.

This is good, the aim was flawless.
While adding a new skill to the dungeon, I succeeded in laying the blame on Shesta.

“Shesta-san is amazing huh”
“It would be nice if we could become that strong as well some day right”
“That’s true”

While making adequate interjections to show I’m paying attention, I return within the arms of Yurie who is on standby at the wall.
In order to completely erase my presence I left her behind.
In addition, I don’t understand why but for some reason Yui doesn’t think pleasantly of Yurie. Even looking at her as a hostile.
Speaking of a point that comes to mind would be because Yui is a dragon, due to that pride she’s incompatible with the human Yurie, is about it.
And there’s nothing that can be done to resolve that, so I left Yurie behind.

[Welcome back Slime-sama]
[Sorry to make you wait]
[It is ok, since I trained in the program that Slime-sama told me while I was waiting. Thanks to that, I became able to sense Slime-sama’s wave motion even from far away]
[So earnest huh you are––––I’m begging you so don’t became like Alex ok]

If you become like that, I’ll be considerably troubled.
Alex is, on top of being my believer, a stalker, so it’s variously troubling.
Since Yurie as well somewhat has those kind of characteristics, if I’m not careful from while I can.

[What’s wrong Yurie]
[From a distance, a person with the same rhythm of wave motion as me is coming]

Even I myself understood that my face stiffened.
Oi oi, no way speak of the devil and such, it’s not Alex right.

I use perception magic, just as Yurie said,a wave motion like my students’ is approaching from a distance.
Their route is a straight line towards this tower, however.

[Fuu, it’s not Alex]
[Is that so?]
[Ahh, on top of that, it’s someone I don’t know. At the very least it’s not the second generation guys––––isn’t that good Oba-chan]
[Mou, Slime-sama, once again that sort of thing]

Yurie pouted.
From a while ago I’ve been teasing her with that material, when I do, her sulking face is unexpectedly adorable I unintentionally do it.

While enjoying that for moment, the wave motion owner appeared at the tower’s entrance.

It was a young girl.

The appearance her stature and face gave a feeling of something around 8 to 10 years old?
Long hair about the same length as her height flowed down her back, clad in a one piece and beneath that she wore white tights.

[Ohh, it’s Athena isn’t it]
[Athena-chan……is it?]
[Do you remember? I said that there was one person within the third generation that was a younger child than Yurie]

Yurie looked at Athena. It seems she just now recalled what I said last time when I poked fun at her.
If comparing it to extended family, Yurie’s nephews and nieces that apply to the third generation there are 64 people, within that up to 63 people are older than Yurie.
The only younger one is AthenaMcHugh who came right now.

“Here is that mouse’s house right. Fufu, this I shall show that I’ll get rid of everything in this tower”

Athena, with ojousama speech, says that, and released her power.
A golden aura envelops her entire body, her small body slightly floats.
And then––––she rushed out.

She leaped towards where the monsters were clustered.
From the monster’s point of view they were, with twig like thin arms and feet; punched, kicked, and mowed down.
With that appearance she fights with a battle method like a martial artist.

The monsters blocking the front of the stairway were instantly killed in an instant, and Athena ascended to the second floor.

……that’s bad.
I jumped down from Yurie.

[Yurie wait here]

Without waiting for Yurie to answer I jumped and ascended to the second floor.
It was already after the second floor had been broken through.
The path Athena took was full of copses, the monsters were defeated.
There are some among them that treatment is too late and die.

Even having ascended to the third floor it’s the same scene, the fourth floor as well, fifth floor, six floor, and the seventh floor as well––––.
Anyone and everyone was mowed down on the path Athena took, a path of blood had been created.

And then, the eighth floor.
What I, who ran up the stairs, saw was Athena and Yui exchanging blows head on.
While bending her arms she swings them down like forefeet Yui, and Athena with her white tights thin legs attacking with a beautiful upper kick.

“What is it what is it, what happened––––ugeh!”

Shesta who descended from the floor above was blown away by the shock waves created from their exchange of blows, his head hit the stairway and he fainted.

The one who won the exchange of blows was Athena.
The both of them stepped back, but in contrast to Athena who was completely uninjured, from her palms Yui was *drip drip* dripping blood.

“I see, it was a dungeon with a mid-boss correct. I was surprised by the lack of resistance up until now, however in this case I understand”
“What are you grumbling about”
“If it’s a dragon, then if I don’t address you with an appropriate technique it would be discourteous correct”

Athena said that, and ha! Like that she psyched herself up and let out even more fighting spirit.
The golden aura became one step stronger.
Like that with half her body she faced Yui and stuck her right hand out.

“Take this, desuwa”2
“Oh no––––”

I promptly thrust myself in between Yui and Athena.
This technique is bad!

Since it was in the moment, I couldn’t repel it and receiving it in place of Yui was the best I could do.

“Fuu, I was in time huh”
“What are you doing Onii-chan! Or rather, are you ok?”
“Don’t worry, this technique is originally no damage”
“Ara ara, there was a considerably knowledgeable slime correct. Fuun……I see, the mid-boss is two people, is how it is correct”

Athena was locked on to me, she’s not just strong, shes wasn’t concerned by my appearance of a slime.
While being the youngest of the third generation she’s quite the being isn’t she.

I released magic power from my body.
Simply released.

“It is pointless”

Athena laughed with broad grin.

“This technique was invented by master’s master, an anti mythical beast use ultimate magic. If you receive this technique once then for the entire day you’ll be become unable to use magic or techniques”
“What did you say”

Yui who widened her eyes.
Un, it was that sort of technique.
It is common that there are magic sealing magics, however I took that and further improved it, that was this technique.
No matter what strong monster, if you seal their magic and techniques then afterwards they’ll be mere figurehead like beings.

In actuality, during my days as a hero I used this considerably, and comfortably defeated monsters.

“Now then, without delay the finishing blow, desuwa”
“I won’t allow you! ––––u!”
“You’ve become numb and unable to move correct. With the previous blow, I did so. In order for this technique to reliably hit you when it was important”

Uwaa……she’s thoroughly prepared.
That’s amazing Athena.

“Well then, this time for sure the finishing blow”

Athena drew near, walking with a brisk pace.
I continued releasing magic power, releasing magic power from the entire body, with vigor, I continued releasing it.

“It is pointless, desuwa”

Her thin legs flash. Athena’s rotating kick bisected my body.
In an instant, it became total darkness before my eyes.
Unable to see anything, unable to feel anything.
Becoming like this is after a long time huh, when was it that Kaa-san did me in last?

Thinking such things in the next moment my consciousness returned in one go.


The one I saw before my eyes was Athena, Athena who was astonished.

“Why did you live!?”
“I didn’t live, I resurrected”
“What did you say!?”
“Just before I let out magic power right? With that I used the tower’s skill, and having died once I resurrected”
“F-for what sake did you do that kind of”
“When resurrecting after dying, all abnormal status are reset”

Saying that I released my dragon power.
All the power after reviving, and then the amount that remained from resurrecting, I used the magic power remaining in the air from before I died.
All my power higher than all my power, I release 120% power.

“That’s absurd! Something like purposely dying!”
“Dying and resurrecting is my forte after all”

Athena once again released a kick. I swung down the 120% dragon forefoot.
Crash, the tower shook.
Athena who was crushed by the dragon forefoot disappeared without leaving a trace.

1. ダンジョン内不死身 is Immortality within dungeon, but I wanted to make it more like a skill name so I used limited instead

2. Here she says ” くらえ、ですわ”, couldn’t really figure out how to make that break so I just left it as is. The other “desuwa” are similar situations

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  1. kirinashbell

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