A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C16

Secret Dungeon





“Were you ok Yui?”

After defeating Athena I asked Yui.
From what I saw I interrupted before the battle truly began, so it should be ok, but just in case.

“F-fun! Something like that, even if Onii-chan didn’t come I would have been able to do something by myself!”
“I see, that was my bad”

Yui became sullen and averted her eyes.
Due to cutting in from the side and helping her I’ve hurt Yui’s pride huh.
Dragons are living beings with high pride after all.

While turning the other way, Yui also glances at me and makes a face like she wants to say something.
Following up a little more might be good, but there’s no correct answer to the problem of pride right.
It might be better to look the other way here.

“Well then, I’m going back ok”
“Eh? Un……”
“I have to revive the monsters that were defeated on the way”

About the monsters defeated by Athena.
Since the dungeon skill “Dungeon Limited Immortality” is attached, as long as there’s magic power they can be revived however many times.
Since this Crystal Tower is also standing above the dragon vein, there’s a stock of magic power.
I have to use that and resurrect the monsters.

“I have come!”

All of a sudden Athena appeared, the second raid of today.
The heroes who received divine protection can revive even if they’re defeated by monsters inside a dungeon, that’s why Athena revived as well and came, but it’s too fast.
Only a few minutes have passed since she was defeated.

“That slime there, prepare yourself!”

Intensely charging and beginning hand to hand fighting with her arms and legs is Athena.
Her movements are sharp, the foot techniques that come have sharpness to the degree of cutting steel boards, the spirit balls she fires with fighting spirit have destructive power to the degree of breaking boulders.

If it becomes drawn out it’ll be a be a pain, I once again release power and in the same way swung down the dragon forefoot.

“I’ve already completed coping with that”

Right before, her fighting spirit changed into an anti physical shield.
It seems that after receiving damage of instant death class she immediately coped with it and came.

Seeing that I changed the attribute of the dragon forefoot just before.
From physical attribute to magic attribute.
The magic attribute forefoot passed through the anti physical shield and trampled Athena.

Pop. Making that kind of sound, Athena once again instantly died.

“It’s nothing. I’m just a little tired.”
“I see……t-that’s obvious right, shooting a technique that strong unreservedly, being tired is natural isn’t it. What’s more, something like converting the attribute after shooting it, the consumption is double the usual isn’t it. Consider it a bit more and then fight!”

I was scolded extremely by Yui.
For a moment I saw her be relieved, but apparently it seems like it was my imagination.

“Even if you say that, since that kid is strong if I don’t defeat her in an instant the battle will be drawn out and it’ll become even more of a pain––––no, it’s nothing”

I was glared at by Yui even more. Meaning don’t make excuses.

“Good grief……t-take a rest here”
“My power, I’ll give a little to Onii-chan. If it’s the same dragon then it’s possible to transfer it right”
“Well yea it’s possible but……why that kind of thing?

When I asked back, Yui “U” like that her words were blocked.
After her gaze swam she answered.

“B-being saved and leaving it like that is unpleasant!”

I was pressured by Yui’s menacing look.
I see, a dragon’s pride huh.
Certainly that might be it,
If it’s that kind of thing––––here I should obediently obey.

“Then I’ll rely on you. What kind of form would make it able to easily transfer it I wonder”
“T-that sacrifice”
“Like that sacrifice child does, I-I think it’ll be fine if I embrace Onii-chan”
“I see, contact of the skin is the best good efficiency for transferring, incidentally if it’s that posture I’ll be able to relax the best. Is that the most acceptable”
“R-right. Look, hurry up and come”
“Ou. Then I’ll rely on you”

I hoppingly jumped, heading towards Yui’s place.
Yui spread her arms, and took a pose to accept me––––at that time.

“With special rudeness I have come visiting!”


The weight of the atmosphere increases, Yui’s expression stiffens.
That’s bad, I don’t understand why, but this is right before being truly angry.
If it’s left like this, Yui will return to her dragon form and rampage.
If a Golden Dragon rampages in their base form then something like this tower will disappear in an instant.

“That slime there, this time for sure I won’t lose!”
“I’m asking you so make this the last please!”

The third instant killing of the day.
Please don’t appear any more than this today, while including such a prayer, I swing down the dragon forefoot.

I wonder if my wish got through, on this day, Athena coming and attacking again did not happen.
Yui’s rampage was able to be held back at the very limit.

The next day, Crystal Tower First Floor.

“Ryu-chan long time no see~”

When I was resting within the arms of Yurie, I was surprised by Hime who suddenly arrived.
Deep Forest’s great executive, the Vampire Hime.
She suddenly appeared at this Crystal Tower.

Having immense curiosity towards a familiar monster they’re watching the situation here, but no one is approaching.
Even Terry and Lily aren’t coming.
Everyone is being reserved and making something like a wall towards the great executive Hime.
The Hime in question isn’t minding those things and such, and rubbed her cheeks together with mine.

“What’s the matter Hime, all of a sudden”
“Nothing much”
“Ah, my original”

With Hime having appeared, her other self ChibiHime came along.

“It’s been a while right ChibiHime, how is it? Did you find delicious blood?”
“I am sorry, I didn’t find any at all”
“It’s fine if you don’t apologize. It’s not like there would be something like so much blood more delicious than from humans raised with Deep Forest’s water after all.

As always, Hime who talks about it like milk cows or livestock.

“More importantly what’s the matter Hime”

I asked the same question once again.
Deep Forest’s great executive, Mother Dragon’s right hand person.
It’s not likely that that Hime would come here for nothing.

“You’re horrible huh Ryu-chan, can I not come if nothing happened? With Ryu-chan and mine’s relationship you’re going to say something that horrible?”
“No, not really––––!!”

I promptly hid.
While being held by Yurie, when she came I turned and faced the other way.
Hime made a sign of curiously tilting her head, immediately following that.

“I have com to visit! Just wait! I’ll have you as my slime!”2

From the entrance of the tower Athena appeared, despite the tower’s preemptive strike, she kicked the monsters about and ascended to the floor above.
Since there’s the skill Turning Back Prohibition, I who saw Athena ascend to the second floor was a little relieved.

“What is that, a debt collector? A woman who forces you into marriage?”3

With an excited face Hime asked.

“If it was that how comfortable would it be……”

I talked about yesterday’s matter, about Athena’s matter to Hime.
After having instantly killed her, for some reason she zeroed in on me, I talked about the matter of Athena coming to challenge the dungeon time and time again.

“It’s not something to laugh about……if I fight with that time and time again my power will be exposed to everyone so it’s serious”
“Ryu-chan hasn’t changed right. Since long ago you’ve always been liked by weird and troublesome things right”

I have self-awareness to that.
Alex or Athena are like that, if it’s recently Karen is like that as well huh.

“It’s really troublesome right~”

Hime(you’re) within the troublesome things as well but……that is something I won’t dare say.

“More importantly, what business do you have?”

The third time, I cast the same question to Hime.

“That’s right. Actually, I have a small favor for Ryun-chan”
“It’s fine it’s fine, since it’s not that great a thing”
“That’s a lie!”

That’s definitely a lie, it’s been decided that it was troublesome from the point that Hime purposely came here, from the instance that she expressly said, “It’s not troublesome” it was decided that it was even more so troublesome.

“Please Ryu-chan, I can only rely on Ryu-chan. If you listen to my request then Hime will give you something g.o.o.d”
“No, that kind of thing is troublesome as well”
“Take it up Oraahn!”
“Are you threatening me!”
“Wah Wah”
“Since fake crying is troublesome to the MAX stop it, really”

I used my entire brain to think, of how I could refuse.

“Then let’s do it like this. If you undertake it, I’ll teach you something good”
“Something good?”
“It’s fine if you make a Secret Dungeon, there you can gather only people like me or this sacrifice that know Ryu-chan’s strength, and then it’s fine if you drag in people like that girl there”
“Secret Dungeon……”

I heard something extremely fascinating.

“That! How can I make it?”
“If you listen to my request♪”
“I got it, I’ll do anything”

For the sake of the Secret Dungeon, for the sake of a true haven.
I, decided to accept Hime’s request.

1. Menacing
2. The third sentence is: あたくしがあなたにとってのスライムになる!
3. 押しかけ女房? Term meaning a woman who forced her husband to marry her, or a woman who forced a man to marry her

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7 thoughts on “A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C16

  1. kirinashbell

    Thanks for chapter
    A secret dungeon for all troublesome things included as a package, the day alex come to avenge athena doesn’t seem too far in the future now.
    Secret dungeon name:
    Slime resting sun, official dungeon rank: D (Actual rank:SSS same as mother forest)
    Also known as:
    Gathering of strong weirdos
    Slime training Dojo
    The Apostles meeting area



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