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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C16

Secret Dungeon





“Were you ok Yui?”

After defeating Athena I asked Yui.
From what I saw I interrupted before the battle truly began, so it should be ok, but just in case.

“F-fun! Something like that, even if Onii-chan didn’t come I would have been able to do something by myself!”
“I see, that was my bad”

Yui became sullen and averted her eyes.
Due to cutting in from the side and helping her I’ve hurt Yui’s pride huh.
Dragons are living beings with high pride after all.

While turning the other way, Yui also glances at me and makes a face like she wants to say something.
Following up a little more might be good, but there’s no correct answer to the problem of pride right.
It might be better to look the other way here. Continue reading