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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C15

Ojii-chan’s Blow





Crystal Tower Top Floor.
Finally arriving here while being tattered was a single hero.
A man in the middle of his twenties, apparently he seems to be a summoner.
Calling out a spirit, he would immediately explode that spirit, a considerably commendable battle style.
With that battle style he mowed down the monsters on the way, and ascended until here.

Incidentally, Yui of the eighth floor purposely let him pass as I told her.
Even a single hero is fine, I wanted him to reach as far as Shesta’s place.

“A-hahahahaha. You did well to come here hero. This great one is exactly this tower’s boss, Big Mouse Shesta!”
“Damn monster, prepare yourself”
“Fufufu, how long can you have that big attitude”

While proudly smiling, Shesta took a pose and began attacking the hero.
But, the moment he jumped out he tripped where there was nothing, and plunged into the floor face first. Continue reading