A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C14

God’s Offering





On this day, in Crystal Tower First Floor I was similarly basking in the sun half melted.
A pleasant basking in the sun giving the body damage, if talking about humans, something like the lungs being hurt by tobacco, that kind of pleasant feeling.

When I was drowning in that, suddenly my ears started ringing.

At first I thought it was my imagination, but the ringing far from settling, it gradually grew larger, finally it became an explosion sound like firecrackers ringing close to my ears.

“Owowowow, stop it! What is it, this”
“Slime-sama!? What’s the matter”

Yurie who was holding me was startled and asked me.

“Can Yurie not hear it, this”
“Hear it you say……what?”

Yurie with a troubled face, even while doing this the sound got even louder, a thunderous roar like lightning bolts consecutively falling close to my ear.
If it was normal, then there’s no way you wouldn’t hear it, if that’s the case, is this only me?

[Can you hear, young one]
“This voice is……Land God!?”
[That’s right]
[It’s not, that’s right! What is it, this, stop it immediately”

Even if I tell him, there’s no sign of seemingly stopping, so I open the dimensional gate and head towards the location of the Land God.
A hermit like grandfather is looking at me with a sulky face.
The instant I came here the ringing settled, so I shouted at the old man.

“What are you doing suddenly!”
“It is not suddenly. Young one, you have surely forgotten did you not”
“You promised to offer handsome youths to me”

I forgot.
I thoroughly forgot, completely, until just now I had forgotten.
That’s right, there was that kind of promise, in exchange for giving the dungeon there was the promise of periodically offering sacrifices of handsome youths to the Land God.
That was……not once executed.
Being angry is understandable.

“That face is as expected, you forgot”
“Wait, it’s not like that. In the first place, something like a handsome youth hasn’t come even once. If it’s the Land God, then you understand right”
“Umu, I understand that. Among the humans that have come to invade until now, even as a compliment there hasn’t been even one handsome youth”
“In that case––––”
“However, you have gone out numerous times, and attacked human villages haven’t you”

If I’m told that, I have no words to return.
If I think about it normally, kidnapping whenever I went outside was reasonable.
Like that, dedicating a handsome youth to the Land God and doing as promised is reasonable.

“I got it, I’ll bring someone along so. Please stop that already”
“Very well, I’ll lower the volume”
“Lower you say……”
“Since if I got rid of it you’ll once again forget the promise”
“I won’t forget I said. Please believe me”
“That’s something you should say after you’ve kept the promise even once”

That as well, if I’m told that, I have no words to return.
Since until now I’ve haven’t executed it even once.

“If you understand then go. If you properly bring along a handsome youth then I’ll completely stop it”

I who returned to the tower went out alone.
As soon as I returned the ringing once again began.
It wasn’t a thunderous roar on the level of firecrackers or lightning bolts, but a continuous high pitch noise sounded, a sound to the extent that I wasn’t able to do something like be relaxed.

That continued even though I went out of the tower.
This is already, there’s nothing more to do but catch a handsome youth.

I came to Nii village by myself.
I erased my figure with magic and went around in a lap once inside the village.

Un, like I thought there isn’t one.
We’ve come to attack a few times after all, regarding the objective, in this village the majority is the aged or women and children, there isn’t even one man who could be called a handsome youth.

I quietly left the village, there are several young men, but there is no other party that is suitable.
It can’t be helped, should I go to a town with a larger population.

When you manage a dungeon, in order to draw in heroes you grasp the villages, or towns in the vicinity to attack.
Ahead of this in a place separated about a half day with a human’s pace is a single town.
Taking taxes from the populace, a proper town.

If I go there, there would surely be one or two handsome youths.
Thinking that, I advance on the road hoppingly.

Suddenly, from the other side of the road a group appeared.

At the vanguard is a heavy armor soldier that there is no more filthy than him, around the center are cavalry, that cavalry is protecting the carriage.

It seemed like it would become a pain, so I concealed my figure and decided to let them pass.

“Kai, are we at the monster’s nest yet”

I who decided to hide my form and like that pass each other stopped my feet.
The noble man who stuck his head out from the carriage, and questioned his subordinate was a considerable handsome youth.

Fragile looking and not very reliable, that is once again one characteristic of a handsome youth.
If you dared to say, if he wore female clothing he would surely be unable to be seen as anything but female, that smell is unmistakably a male’s or rather a man’s.1

“It shall be very soon, for the present endure for a while”
“Is that so. Ne Kai, like I thought I disagree. Monsters that haven’t done anything, attacking them from here is”
“It’s his Majesty’s orders. This is also something necessary in order for you to receive approval as a successor”
“I don’t like that. It’s fine isn’t it, something like successor, it’d be fine if my younger brother did it”
“It shall not be. There is something called customs, if the healthy eldest son is disregarded and the second son made the successor, then a internal quarrel occurring is inevitable. If such a thing occurred then the third son, the fourth son, the fifth son……all of your Highness’ younger brothers will be involved in the feud”
“His Highness who is the eldest son succeeding is the path where the blood will flow least”
“That’s right huh. Sorry Kai, I was wrong”

When I was silent and listened, the other side as well had some kind of circumstances.
Well, something like those circumstances are inconsequential, on this side right now settling the ringing is the maximum priority.
Besides……it’s not like I’m going to kill him.

I used magic. First of all is wide range magic.
I used a wide range explosion magic in way that only avoided the prince in the center.

The magic power exploded, screams resound in the vicinity.

After the explosion settled, the prince––––and one more person were there.
Within the collapsed footmen and cavalrymen was only the prince and the man called Kai who he spoke to.

“K-kai, this is……”
“Be at ease your Highness. ……come out monster!”2

Kai shouted, and I showed my figure.
Looking at the me the slime, Kai didn’t bat an eye.

“Slime……? Why did a slime”

The prince made a confused face, but Kai glared at me with a grave face.

“The wave motion matches. It’s you huh, the one who did this”
“What is your propose”
“I want to borrow that prince there for a bit. It’s fine, I won’t kill him”
“Did you believe I would trust that kind of joke. In the first place where is the kind of guy who would present his lord, being told that”

That’s true.

“Sorry but, I’ll take that person”
“I won’t allow it”

Kai entered combat readiness.
The aura and intimidating air enveloping his entire body are considerable ones.
His strength is……probably my students……about the same rank as the first one of the 12 people.

This is troublesome.

“Be at ease your Highness, I shall immediately eliminate him and show you”
“Un, I leave it to you. The power of a dragon killer, I’m anticipating it”

A dragon killer?
I frowned. The prince’s lines were as such.

A dragon killer, words I heard just a while ago.
The previous one no matter how you looked at him was a braggart but…….

“The real thing, huh”

This intimidating air, this power.
Even if he had defeated a dragon, I would not be surprised.

“Lets go monster, haa!”3

Kai who raised both hands, in a moment, overhead several translucent large swords appeared.

“Dragon Slayer. Fhun!”

Kai grabbed one, and threw that at me.
Along with the roaring sound of the air being torn apart it came flying, right away I expanded a barrier and repelled it.

“Fhun! Fhun! Fhuuuuuuuun!”

He threw it, he threw it, one after another he threw them.
The swords of which each blow was certain death class came flying without pause.

The barrier gradually weakening, before long a *crack* sound went out and it broke.

“Did you do it!?”
“Not yet, he still has breath”

Kai who had his hands raised rose a single finger.
At the end of the finger a ball of light appeared.
The ball gradually grew larger, like it was electrified *crackling* sounded.

“Next is this! Ghost Buster!

Kai threw that at me.
The ball of light hit, slowly permeating it purified the surroundings.
It didn’t explode, it didn’t swallow.
It purified. An attack phenomenon against monsters characteristic of sacred magic.

“This time for sure you did it right”
“……not yet”
“No way!?”
“Be at ease, that guy’s presence has certainly weakened”

For the third time, Kai raised his hands.
This time he brought out a black spear.
A black, with a magic pattern on it, spear.

“The finishing blow! God Eater!”

He threw that out.
The moment it hit, if it was internally then it would gnaw at both body and soul.
It gnaws at existence itself, an attack that holds the effect of degeneration.

“This time for sure you did it right!”
“……such an absurd”

Kai who was astonished.
A series of bold moves, after the cloud of dust whirled up with the saturation attack cleared up, he was surprised at my figure that appeared.

“Absurd, why aren’t you dead. There was a response, having been weakened that much you should have died”
“Ahh, I would have died. If I had received it consecutively. However, since in the interval of the attacks you shouted the technique name, in that time there was a gap to be restored. Attack, complete restoration, attack, complete restoration––––like that with that kind of feeling I withstood it.
“Absurd! There should have purposely been not even 0.1 seconds between techniques”
“It wasn’t 0”

I advanced one step.
I release the power of the dragon, with the power I materialize a forefoot.

“When killing, do it in one go, if not it will become like this”

To the surprised Kai, I swung down the blow handed directly down from Kaa-san.

Crystal Tower, Land God’s Room.
I tossed the prince I brought along in front of the Land God.

“I brought him along”

The first “Ohh” was the fact that I returned, afterwards the “Ohhhhh!” was the astonishment regarding the prince’s looks.

“You did well. Umu umu, this, is a handsome youth. If a monster’s sense was was shifted, I was thinking what should I do, but umu, in this case from now on is safe as well”
“Is that so. If that’s the case, stop the ringing”
“Of course. And then promptly leaving is fine. After this I……mwuhuhuhu”
“Even if you didn’t tell me”

Since I don’t want to remain here and watch Jii-san’s and the prince’s intercourse.
There is no ringing, it stopped. I was relieved, with this I’m able to relax with a peace of mind.

––––A handsome youth was presented, 5 Skill Points has been obtained.

Jii-san……he’s in a good mood huh.
The ringing settled, but this time I was hearing things of the handsome youth’s unbecoming voice.4
I ignored it though.

1. Difference here: first is kanji 男(otoko) vs katakana オス(osu); the meaning here being he gives off the vibe of being a “man”, while the first is just stating gender

2. Here the way it’s written is 魔の物 usually it’s written as 魔物;

3. Over here the kanji has changed: 魔の者, 者 for person; I think this is basically a change of recognition on the part of Kai, at first only thinking him a thing/simple monster, to now recognizing him as an indivdual, but i don’t know~

Couldn’t really phrase this sentence right, I’ll give it another go later; 空耳がした was the hearing part, basically it means mishearing or hearing things(that aren’t there)

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  1. chaosezel

    Chappy o arigatai!

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    1. Megumin Crimson

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  2. sage yomeri

    The ringing settled, but this time I was hearing things of the handsome youth’s unbecoming voice.4
    I ignored it though.

    Couldn’t really phrase this sentence right, I’ll give it another go later; 空耳がした was the hearing part, basically it means mishearing or hearing things(that aren’t there)

    Hmm, if that’s the case, try something along the lines of:

    The ringing finally stopped. However now the wind seemed to pick up. I thought I heard some unsettling moans. Yep, yep, it’s just the wind. It’s just the wind~

    …or something like that.

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    wonder if the prince will ever see his country again(i salute thee (o.o)7) He might get released so he can get his other brothers or nobles to replace him



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