A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C8

A Good Person Won’t Be Cured Even If They Die





Secret Crystal Tower, I was being carried by Yurie.

“It might be a bit prickly, but bear with it.”
“Prickly is it?”
“Ahh, it’s the first time so I don’t know if I can hold back. Though I’ll try to control it as much as I can.”

Saying that and nodding is Yurie.
It’s the same unchanging obedience, but above her head a number of “?” are floating.
It’s something she’ll soon understand, so rather than explaining I decided to implement it.

While being held by Yurie I refined magic power, to magic power stronger than usual I compressed far smaller than usual.
From all directions, to magic power from all directions I turned it towards a single point and after compressing it, faced the ceiling and released it.

A ball of light.
Not the dazzling kind, a warm, rearing life type of light.

“This is……the sun?”
“I tired making a sun like thing. Sit around there.”

Sitting down obediently just as she was told is Yurie. Being held I began relaxing just like that.
I made my slime body a miracle fit within her arms, half melted my body and enjoyed the scorching of the artificial sun.

“With this you can bask in the sun right.”
“That’s how it is. If I go outside, I’ll be wrapped up in various things after all. I’ve decided to relax in this Secret Crystal Tower.”
“I see. Nevertheless, as expected of Slime-sama, something like making even a sun.”
“That just now took half of my magic power though.”

That’s right, it took half of my total magic in one go, this artificial sun.
Around when the feeling of time became vague, a hero’s presence appeared.
Even though I was finally able to relax, sheesh! At the moment I lost my temper.

“Lucia?” NOTE

The one who appeared was the one I had just met the other day, Lucia.
She appeared in the usual unchanged appearance.

Lucia looks around the surroundings, confirming that there were no other monsters other than me, loosening up her power.
She undid her combat stance, and assumed a relaxed posture.

Well, if there’s no one else then I it’s not necessary for me to particularly fight with Lucia either.
Thinking that, remaining half melted I waited for Lucia to say something.

However, Lucia didn’t say anything.
She moved to a corner of Secret Crystal Tower and sat in seiza on the ground.
Atop her aligned knees she placed the galient sword that was stored in its sheath, and just like that maintained her posture.

Ahh, that’s how it is, huh.

[Slime-sama, is that fine? It’s your past student right.]
“It’s fine.”

I purposely let out my voice.
Yurie was a bit startled.

“It’s the same, you see.”
“The same?”
“You carrying me, and her placing the sword on top of her lap.”

Yurie suddenly realized.
That’s right, my method of teaching hasn’t changed from the past. Physical strength and magic power, merging both into everyday life, placing a burden for long time, and steadily training.
Since meeting me, I’ve always made her carry me, because of that Yurie who had both her physical power and magic power raised soon understood.

I once again look at Lucia, she isn’t doing anything, simply sitting there.
Due to the advice I had given her previously she had corrected her training.
She came to show that to me.

Just to show me.
Not with words, showing it with action.

She’s overly serious, truly.
That’s her strong point though.

There were no other monsters, as I was looking at Lucia’s figure I unconsciously turned to the past atmosphere and like that I addressed her.

“You did well to come this far. Well, though for the likes of Shesta, if it’s Lucia then it’s to the extent that you can defeat him in your spare time.”

Lucia who was suddenly spoken to made a surprised expression, but since she was spoken to by me then there’s no need to stay silent, and answered.

“Shesta is that mouse? In that case, he wasn’t there.”
“Wasn’t there?”
“Un, when I reached the top floor, just like that I came here.”
“……what does this mean?”

I called Karen and asked.

“Just now Fire Ants came you see, they came to ask a favor of Shesta.”
“Fire ant? For what purpose.”
“They are messengers from a dungeon called Wormhole––––”

The story I heard from Karen was a story that made me want to cover my eyes.

Crystal Tower Top Floor, in front of Shesta the monster who named himself Contena humbled himself almost like having an audience with a king or noble.

“Being able to meet with that famous Big Mouse Shesta is such an honor. I am Shesta-san’s fan.”
“Ohh, I see I see, this great one’s fan, huh.”
“Yes. My dream is to one day leave the dungeon, and proudly become independent as well.”
“It’s not as easy as it looks ya know? Well, when it comes to me, even then it’s an easy victory though.”
“As expected of Shesta-san”

Being fired up by Contena, Shesta got into a good mood and laughed loudly.
If Ryu were here then it would be a spectacle where a strained smile would appear.

“And, for what business did you come?”
“Actually, the story is that Wormhole is a dungeon for everyone that gather’s around Queen-sama, but that Queen will soon welcome a Childbirth Rush.”
“I see?”

What’s the matter with that, making such an expression is Shesta.

“It’s an embarrassing story, but up to following the Queen-sama and making a new dungeon was fine. However, due to us being worthless our numbers fell greatly, because of that the Queen-sama had to give new births. For that reason we want humans as provisions.”
“Humans or such, if you defeat the heroes who come to the dungeon then the corpses will increase arbitrarily though.”
“That is so, but to begin with our numbers have decreased, so we’re not able to……that’s why we want to ask Shesta-san! For a short while will you give us the collected bodies please!”
“We ask for your help. There’s no one but Shesta-san that we an ask for something like this! Only the famous, strong, with leeway Shesta-san!”
“Well, if it’s this great one then there’s certainly leeway though.”

Being fired up by Contena, Shesta became more ecstatic than usual.

“For that reason, in order for more heroes than usual to come attack, he went out to attack a town you see.”
“Oi oi……”

A headache seemed to come.

“Promising things without considering them, in addition just now you said town right”
“Un. The golden town Quattro, its population ten thousand, quite a bit of a big town.(CHECK) It’s difficult so it would be easier to have large crowd come all at once, he said.”
“Ah mou! Let’s go Yurie.”

Leaving Karen behind, I ordered Yurie and broke into a run.
We rushed out of Secret Crystal Tower, face the direction of Quattro and I made Yurie run.

“What are you going to do?”

Having similarly left, Lucia who was running parallel to us asked.

“I’ll stop Shesta, after that I’ll moderately attack Quattro such that threat given is held down to the minimum so that overly strong heroes don’t come. If we overdo it, people like you will appear, you understand right.”
“Master is the same as always. I’m a bit relieved.”
“Don’t be relieved.”
“In that case, I’ll cooperate.”

What do you mean, I look at Lucia with that kind of expression.

“Master wants to stop the big mouse so that he doesn’t get injured right. I’ll do that. If it’s me then even if en route I encounter monsters and fight with them, there’s no problem even if I’m seen. If it’s that big mouse’s group then it’s also possible to make them all faint and stop their movements.”
“I see, you’ve come to Crystal Tower numerous times and grasped that, huh.”

Lucia calmly nods.

“I can’t give anything back you know.”
“I’ve already received many things from Master.”

Lucia says that, and just like that raises her speed and goes on ahead of me.
Proceeding ahead the presences I sense are Shesta and co., the monsters of Crystal Tower are there.
Leave that place to me, is what her intentions declare.

I come to a stop and change directions.
Changing my course slightly I turn towards the direction of Quattro.

“You heard that right Yurie, proceed to Quattro just like this.”
“What’s wrong.”
“No, it’s nothing. I’ll be running fast ok.”
“Ahh. With the remaining half of my magic I’ll cast Nightmare on the town, I’ll leave all travel to you.”

Yurie broke into a run while carrying me. If it’s the Yurie now then it should be fine to leave going and coming back to her.
Using Nightmare, I dropped all of Quattro into a bad dream, in order to plant moderate fear of Crystal Tower I put to use my magic power and sensitivity.

“Even though you don’t want to get involved……Slime-sama who goes forward on his own accord. It’s the usual Slime-sama right.”

The complicated and delightful sounding words of Yurie, they were muttered after I fell unconscious, so they did not reach my ears.


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  1. Lord of edge, an evil pwer rests in my right eye/

    “It might be a bit prickly, but bear with it.”
    “Prickly is it?”
    “Ahh, it’s the first time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) so I don’t know if I can hold back. Though I’ll try to control it as much as I can.”



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