A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C7

Good Person, Wonderful Master





I ran away from the woman I saved.
Since from experience when the other side starts saying something, refusing is difficult.
That’s why before she said something, I said something suitable and escaped.

Now lets leave the village, if I remain here like this, then it seems like I’ll be wrapped up in something troublesome.
Also I seem to be able to hear a voice saying, you poked your nose into it yourself right, but all of that as well I pretended not to hear and escaped.
And now, the moment I came to the entrance of the village.


I came across a single woman, and accidentally stopped.
A mix of a princess dress and knight armor like plate armor, an elegant and refined powerful appearance, and then––––a disciple unique wave motion.

A single one of my students, Lucia.

Previously when we encountered each other face to face I was a slime.
Lucia whose crises awareness got excited recognized me as “An extremely strong slime” and immediately escaped. She didn’t notice my true colors.

However, this time is different, right now I’m in human form.
I’ve returned to my previous existence’s form.

As one would expect I can’t dodge this, this is bad, what should I do.

“T-this is different––––”
“My apologies, you looked very much like an acquaintance, so I unconsciously stared.”
“––––I’m not really…..,eh?”

I look a lot like her acquaintance?
Lucia certainly said that.

I see, Lucia is different from Alex, and my “Soul’s smell” or such is something she doesn’t understand.

I’m already dead, I properly left a genuine corpse as well.

From Lucia’s point of view, this me and the previous me are unrelated.
In that case.

“I don’t mind, after all they say there are three people who look alike in the world.”
“I’m truly sorry. I was a hindrance––––”
“Please waiit.”

When Lucia was about to make way, from behind a voice could be heard.
When I glanced, a group of villagers was following.

From the beginning of the time of the thunder cloud, and the previous woman.
The villagers I saved came chasing after.

“Please wait, that person. At least let us say our thanks.”
“No way, those kinds of things. It definitely won’t end at saying thanks, that’s a pain.”

I hurriedly escaped.
In cases like this, it has not ended with just words of thanks.
Things like, at least stay the night, or let us hold a banquet, or depending on the situation please receive my daughter, saying things like that.

That’s a pain, so I escaped from the village.
With speed to shake off the villagers I ran off……that was fine but.

“W-why are you following?”

Lucia was following closely right next to me.
Even though she’s wearing heavy looking armor she disregards that and closely follows me.

“Perhaps, it’s the genuine Ryu?”
“What are you saying, I’m not someone like your master. I said it just now as well, in the world there are three humans who look alike as well……”
“I didn’t say something like Ryu is my master.”

This is bad I messed up, you’ve made an overly basic mistake me!

“Moreover, the previous way of speaking is exactly Master himself. Saving people and saying that they’re return gifts and thanks are a pain is exactly Master himself.”

This side was unconscious, it was remarks that came out completely unconsciously.
Certainly, that was my usual lines, Lucia knows that very well.


I let out a sigh.

After confirming that the villagers had given up and weren’t chasing me I stopped on the field.
Lucia as well stopped, and with a doubtful expression looked at me.

“First of all, don’t tell anyone please.”
“I understand, I won’t tell anyone. If it’s master’s order then I’ll follow.”
“……that will help.”

This as well is the difference between Lucia and Alex.

Alex worships me, and at any rate want’s to push me on front stage, what’s more a large stage.
That I don’t stand on center stage and guide the people is humanity’s, the era’s loss or such is what he says.

On the other hand, Lucia as well respects me, but she has no thoughts of making me do something.
Rather, absolutely obeying my orders, a dog.

Once Lucia has said “I won’t tell anyone”, then even if she’s subjected to all sorts of torture, she won’t say it.

I was just a bit relieved.

“Hearing the circumstances as well…… is it no good.”
“If possible, I don’t want you to ask.”
“Understood. Asking about myself is?”
“About you?”
“Actually recently my condition is bad, and when I try to use power I feel pressure under my left side chest.”

I held my chin and thought.
That is in other words, a situation of asking as a disciple for teaching from her master.

12 people……no, now taking in Yurie it’s thirteen people huh.
The thirteen students were all helped out by me, I extended a helping hand and taught them various things.
Avoiding teaching them is something I won’t do.

“Since when was that? Also, what kind of pressure?”
“Since Master died around half a year. The pressure is strong and weak, but occasionally I feel pain that cramps my body.”
“Ahh, it’s that kind of thing huh.”

I understand those symptoms, and I was also convinced.
Being my student, an especially diligent human––––no
To an overly serious human, symptoms that often appear.

I also understood the solution, that is––––.


At the same time Lucia and I turned towards a different direction.
At the same time we felt a certain wave motion.

Ahead of our line of sight, even further on the other side of the village’s sky a thunder cloud was generated.
The same thunder cloud as just before, that was heading towards the village.
And this time something could be seen on top of the thunder cloud.

Is it attacking the village again––––when I thought that I had already ran off.
And Lucia as well was running.

The same as me, she was heading towards the thunder cloud, and she was staring straight at it.

After running for a while, Lucia whisperingly let her feelings be known.

“Master is the same as always.”
“……don’t say that, I myself am just regretting it after all.”
“Despite saying that, in the end you’re body moving is indeed master.”

Lucia muttered with a nostalgic expression and voice.
I was embarrassed, the positions are opposite but it felt like when relatives exposed “In the past I have changed your diapers” at the wedding ceremony.

While feeling like that, we passed the village and arrived below the thunder cloud.
Lucia and I, the two of us jumped.
We kicked the ground hard and jumped straight up.

Our steadily ascending bodies broke through the thunder cloud and reached the sky above.
On top of the cloud there was a small, goblin like monster.

It has sharp horns on a blue body, wrapped up in a fur loincloth, and is holding a drum.
That guy was startled by our appearance.

“Disappear monster.”
“Don’t cause unnecessary troubles.”

Lucia and I unleashed an attack at the same time and defeated the monster with a single blow.

After defeating it our bodies free fell and landed on the ground. When I moved my eyeballs on top of my body and looked up, I saw the thunder cloud rapidly disperse.
The guy who’s the source is probably defeated as well, with this it’s alright already.

“Are you ok Lucia, the pressure is?”

I tried asking her, but for some reason Lucia was staring at me.
With a surprised expression, an extremely surprised expression, she gazed at me.
What on earth is wrong……ah.

I moved my eyeballs and checked myself––––the instant I did, I understood.
Yes, I moved my eyeballs.
Before I noticed, I had returned to my slime body.

“Wait Lucia, there are reasons for––––”
“Aree? Master, where is he I wonder.”
“––––this, he?”

“It is weird isn’t it, even though we were together until just before.”

Lucia said that with an extreme monotone, shaded her eyes with her hands and looked around restlessly.

This is……her being considerate I wonder.
I see, since I said not to tell anyone, she guessed something with that and pretended not to have seen my body become a slime as well.

This girl, she’s truly overly serious, huh.

“It’s a story I heard from the human who was here previously but.”

I went along with that as well.

“When that human’s student forcibly tried to become stronger, on the contrary their body got worse. Particularly, below their chest they came to feel an sense of discomfort.”

Lucia gave a start. She still didn’t look this way, but that she was seriously listening to my words was conveyed to me by her presence.

“Forced like training is no good. Training is all merged into everyday life, with a feeling of not a short distance race but a long distance race.”

Lucia said in a disheartened figure.
This girl, I’m sure that after I disappeared thinking she had to become stronger she did unreasonable training. That’s why she became like that.

Good grief, there’s a limit to being overly serious.

Looking at Lucia being depressed, I……eei this nature!

“If by yourself you completely clear Crystal Tower, then there might be something good ok, is what that person said.”

Lucia looks at me and nods with great joy. After this she will defeat Shesta, and come to Secret Crystal Tower I’m sure.

I……can’t leave this kind of thing alone huh……even though it’s extremely troublesome.


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