A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C6






Since the villagers that saw me erase the thunder cloud quickly began to revere me, before things got more troublesome than this I escaped from that place.

After escaping to the other side of the village I saw a watchdog in front of a house.
His black fur was exuded manliness, as a watchdog there were no complaints with his appearance.

I though for a bit, and cast elementary rank wind magic on the dog.
I took just a little fur, and attached that around my mouth.
I also messed with my hairstyle, with this I look like a different person right.

It would be fine to completely change my form with magic, but if I used large scale magic and was sensed or something it seemed like it would become variously troublesome.

Disguised, I walked around inside the village.
Despite the dungeon being nearby, in this village there were few facilities intended for heroes.

Such as weapon shops, second hand shops, and inns.
There are few local people as heroes, most of them are outsiders coming from other places.
Supporting those heroes, or possibly receiving them facilities are almost none.

Well, it hasn’t been long since Crystal Tower was made, with my policy we haven’t attacked in large scale, so the village hasn’t progressed towards that direction.

That village gradually calmed down.
Being struck by the unlucky disaster called lightning strikes, all over blazes went up, but there was the fact that I quickly blew away the thunder cloud so it didn’t become a very big disturbance.

Un, with this state of things then it’s fine to leave them alone.
Thinking that, I decided to depart the village.

I decided to leave the village in the least conspicuous way possible when from ahead of my direction I discovered a quarrel.

There was a single man, involving a woman.
The woman indeed gave the feeling of a simple village girl, and the man had a sword hanging at his waist; both his nature and looks were bad.

“Naa, it’s fine right? Join me for a bit tonight ok”
“That’s troubling”
“It’s not trouble right? I’m a hero ya know? Fully fledged, see. To the hero who came to save this village troubled by monsters, will you be unkind? Nn?”
“That’s not, I don’t have that kind of intention”
“Right, you won’t right. Then, tonight join me ok”

The man was being persistently involved with the woman.
He didn’t give words to what she should join him in tonight but this kind of thinking is always one thing.
The woman seems to understand that as well. That’s why while being troubled she tried to refuse in some way or another.


I decided to turn a blind eye and depart.
Something of this level is something common.
A hero isn’t philanthropic work, in exchange for risking their lives and fighting with monsters, they receive fame and profit in return.

Naturally even if they’re defeated they don’t die, but, that’s conversely also a demerit.

Among the monsters there are many that like to torment heroes, Karen is exactly so.
And among the heroes there are cases were they don’t have enough ability but no matter what they have to go to a certain dungeon. Humans have various fetters.

In the case where those two pile up, heroes proceed to the dungeon and have to endlessly repeat agony to the extent of death.
As far as I know, there are also heroes that were eaten alive by the same monster over 100 times. Being able to revive even if you die in other words has it’s merits and demerits.

Since there’s those kinds of things as well, I don’t think that hero desiring a reward from the village they protect is wrong.
I have some doubts about that approach, but if you were to say it can’t be help then it can’t be helped.

“H-hero-sama has not once gone to the dungeon right”

I stopped my feet. I once again look at the quarreling man and woman.

The woman has the same troubled expression as before, but she became a bit assured and talked back.

“Since coming to the village you’ve always been resting, when will you go to the dungeon?”
“If you can satisfy me, then I’ll go ok. Even if I look like this, I’m strong ya know? Something like that level of a nascent dungeon, if I made a serious effort I would immediately conquer it”
“In that case, please do that first”

Having heard the two’s conversation I understood the situation a bit.
Apparently, despite the man having not once gone to the dungeon, he seemed to be shamelessly requesting a reward.

I looked at the man’s face, un, certainly I’ve never seen him.
Until just a while ago I was on the first floor of Crystal Tower, so I memorized all the faces of the heroes that have come to invade.

Why did I memorize them you say? Of course, my students––––for example if Alex or such slipped in, then it would become troubling so I was properly observing.
The quarreling man hadn’t come to Crystal Tower even once.

I decided to turn a blind eye, but in that case the story was different.
I went to approach––––no no.

Just before I did it too but, I stuck my nose into something troublesome and was thanked but.
Learn already me, don’t stick your nose into troublesome things.

I took a deep breath and calmed down, turning my body in a circle I tried to depart––––.

“I’m fine even if we do it here ok?”
“Kyaaaa, stop it, someone save me!”
“No one’s coming buge!”

The man was blown away––––eh?

When I noticed the man was blown away while tailspining, and for some reason I was sticking out my gripped fist in the direction of the quarreler.
From the end of my fist smoke was going out, the remains of magic power hung in the air.

Ahh, I see.
This is what’s often heard “I was ticked off” thing huh.

And my body completely betrayed my mind. Even though I decided to turn a blind eye, my body heard the shriek and of it’s own accord intervened.

It wasn’t a story about learning huh, haha.

“Y-you are……”

The rescued woman, with half shocked and half thankful eyes looked at me.
I can’t turn back now.

I briskly approached the man.
The man’s face was half swollen, and with a face that didn’t understand what happened looked at me.

“You, are a hero?”
“Eh? T-that’s right! This great me is a hero ya know!”

The moment he regained his senses, the man who shouted intimidation towards me.
Considerable small things manner.

“A hero has meaning in going to the dungeon”
“I have no reason to be mandated by you!”
“That’s why, you as well go to the dungeon”

I recited a spell, and used magic.
I stuck out my forefinger and pushed the man’s forehead.

The man after staring blankly for an instant, once again yelled at me.

“Don’t look down on me––––eh? W-what, my body’s moving on it’s own”

While being confused the man stood up, and began walking towards the outside of the village.
He turned his face this way.

“Bastard, what did you do!”

I didn’t answer, I oversaw the man the man leave from the village.

“Ano……thank you very much”

The woman came to my place, and timidly said her thanks.

“Were you ok?”
“Yes, thank you very much. Ano, just now was……?”
“Magic to use on heroes. It’s something cast on guys who are officially recognized as heroes but just slack off, until a certain amount of war results are raised, it’s a magic to compulsory continue going to the dungeon”

In reality it’s a curse like thing but.

“There was that kind of thing huh”
“That’s why be relieved, if that guy slacks off he’ll always continue going to the dungeon. The next time he comes to request for something it’ll be after he’s properly worked”

Responding to the request at that time is a villages or town’s role I think.
Well, if he’s a small fry and an officially recognized hero then it’ll be endless suffering, but that’s that.

The problem is me.

“Yes, thank you very much. Ano, I want you to allow me to thank you but……”

The woman turned a hot gaze towards me.
She’s incredibly thankful, and by all means wants to thank me, she made that kind of expression.


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  1. kirinashbell

    Thanks for chapter
    even tho he doesnt want to go into troublesome things but his natural relax/instincts betrays his mind XD.
    when that crappy hero dies, i bet hes gonna make a big commotion about some villager using some black magic to forcibly make him go to a dungeon and make a bounty for ryu when he revives but that action will manage to alert the apostles coz there is someone who can use the hero authority(thats what im gonna call it)that only certain few people know to forcibly make a hero go and try to get some achievement



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