A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C5

Almost forgot to do this one! A little bit of rush. Translation wise it should be ok, but if there are any awkwardly phrased places point it out~


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Secret Crystal Tower, relaxing within Yurie’s arms in a miracle fit.

In addition Karen was there.
Karen who had been here since this morning today was rolling a ball the size of about an apple on the palm of her hand, she was fiddling with it.

When looking closely the ball was mixed with a red and blue spotted pattern.

“What is that?”
“This is called a Spirit Ball”
“Spirit Ball?”

A powerful sounding name.

“I showed the nearby village’s or town’s humans lewd dreams, and then using the spirit I extracted it’s something I materialized”
“Hee? Ahh, it’s extremely high purity magic power right”
“Like I thought, you do understand”

Karen said that happy looking, and stopped the hand messing with the ball.
The red and blue are as expected because it’s men and women right.

Even so……it’s a considerable thing, that ball.
As expected from something gathered from a large amount of humans, it’s power’s density is extraordinary.
On top of that, since all of it is sexual desire, there’s no complaint about its purity.

Karen is nonchalantly messing with that but, with that much power most things should be able to be realized.

“What’s the matter Ryu-sama”
“That, power is leaking right”
“Eh? Ah, it’s true”

Being told by me, Karen who noticed.
From the ball she was holding, it’s just a little, but power is leaking.
From the ball’s total amount it’s not a large amount, but that’s a story of the ratio to the end.


Even with that level, Yurie is blushing, and causing her thighs to fidget, it holds power to that extent.

“What happened. Even though just before this didn’t happen”
“You messed with it too much and and it leaked out right?”
“Maybe so”

“O~i, Ryu, you there~!”
“A hero has come so let’s go defeat them”

Terry and Lily entered from the surface.

“Put that away Karen. It’ll become a pain if it’s hits even those two”
“I understand––––ah”

Karen tried to put away the ball, but because she rushed her hand slipped.
The ball that parted from Karen’s hand drew a parabola and fell before me.


Making a sound almost like a glass ball it completely cracked.
In an instant, fog enveloped the area it hit.
What burst from the cracked ball was a pink color fog.

“Gege, what is this?”
“Ryu are you ok?”

I could hear the three’s voices, but their figures were enveloped in fog and I couldn’t see them.
With my view was covered in smoke I couldn’t see, but it wasn’t particularly painful or anything. Excluding the smoke I simply couldn’t see is all.

Then, when I thought such things.


I could hear Yurie’s small shriek.

[What’s wrong Yurie]
“S, Slime-sama is……”

I tried speaking with telepathy, but Yurie gave a response by letting out her voice.
It was from her tone, but her voice had become considerably panicked.

What happened? When I thought that, I noticed the unusual event as well.

Since I reincarnated into a slime a sensation that hadn’t existed was there.
Feet lowered to the ground––––the sensation of standing with both feet.

With both feet!?

I confirmed my own figure within the pink fog.

Both feet were there, above that was a torso.
When I brought both hands before my face there was a palm with an excessively long life line.

Within the fog, I returned to my human form. My form from before I reincarnated.

“S, Slime-sama, that––––”
[Shh, be silent Yurie]

Declaring it strongly, Yurie flinched, and as instructed shut her mouth.
The fog hadn’t cleared yet, I pondered.

Apparently with the fog it seems I’ve returned to human temporarily.
Temporarily that is to say, immediately after being enveloped by the fog, from the interior of my body I was able to feel a different power, that was gradually decreasing after all.
Probably, with about half a day it’ll completely vanish and I’ll return to my slime body.
That’s why there’s no problem, I just returned temporarily is all.

“Oi Ryu, is that side ok?”
“Ryu where are you~?”

I could hear Terry and Lily’s voices. Within the fog I could faintly see the silhouette of a goblin and imp.
This is bad, at this rate I’ll be exposed.
With high speed I took the two’s back, and dropped a sword hand on their necks.
In order to knock them out, a sword hand with going easy until the utmost limit.
The stricken Terry and Lily fell the to ground with a thud.

Then the fog cleared.

“Ryu-sama are you ok––––eh?”

Karen who tried to rush over to me stopped her movements.
Having seen an unbelievable thing, she made that kind of face.

“Ryu-sama, that appearance is?”
“Apparently, it seems I’ve returned to my previous existence’s appearance”

I reconfirmed the palm of my hands; I touched my face all over.
It’s unmistakably my form from before I reincarnated.

“Before you reincarnated?”
“It’s because of your Spirit Ball’s discharge. Because of that it seems I’ve temporarily returned”
“Is, that so……”

Even though she consented, Karen stared at me intently.

“What’s wrong Karen, staring at me that much”
“Embrace me!”
“What are you saying”
“I mean, you’re cool Ryu-sama. You’re lovely. I, just with seeing that form, I’ve gotten this wet after all”

Karen loudly requested.
The highest class dream demon Night Queen was, to the extent that it was excessive, wet.

“That’s why embrace me!”
“Calm down, that kind of trouble––––”
“Slime-sama! Please embrace me as well!”

Yurie who was behind me as well said the same thing.
When I turned back, I was a bit startled. She with moist eyes––––to the extent of having possibly swallowed a strong aphrodisiac her eyes moistened.

“Please Ryu-sama!”

Drawing closer are Karen and Yurie.
Being clung to by the two, the body at any rate is already soft all over.


Just like I did to Terry and Lily, I dropped a sword hand on the two.
Strongly to Karen, and a bit weakly to Yurie.

With strength to the level that made the two of them sleep for half a day, I dropped a sword hand on their necks.

I stealthily left Crystal Tower, and wandered about aimlessly.
Terry and Lily, Karen and Yurie I left behind in Secret Crystal Tower.

At that rate if I were there, it seemed like it would become various troublesome things, so for the time being I left the tower and decided to escape.

Karen’s and Yurie’s courting, that kind of thing wasn’t the first time before now.
Before I reincarnated as a slime, it’s something that happened frequently.
What resolved me to reincarnate, that no matter what I did being courted like that was troublesome so, was one reason.

When I became a slime it settled down, but because of Karen I returned to my past form and it became like this again.
That it seems I’ll return in half a day is the minimal grace.

Now then, it’s no good if I don’t kill time somewhere.
What’s more a town or village is no good. If I meet with humans I might be courted again.

Here taking refuge somewhere within the unpopular forest, and waiting to return to a slime is best right.

I thought that and tried to use perception magic to search for an unpopular place, at that moment.

I was able to see the western sky excessively blacken.
*Thundering* When I thought it showed signs of thundering, *Flash!* Lightning tore the sky and fell to the ground.

Immediately following, smoke went up.
Smoke from the something blazing up from being struck by lightning.
The smoke is shade more than black, that’s smoke when it’s an man-made things are blazing up.

“There was certainly––––Nii village”

I confirm the direction and distance, there’s no mistake.
Speaking of Shesta, it’s Nii village that we’ve raided numerous times.
That village was struck by lightning and black smoke is going up.


The next lightning bolt fell, it drew an irregular orbit in the sky and was sucked in by the ground.
Before I could think my body moved. I quickly picked up a rock fallen on the ground and threw it.

The late starting stone tore the wind and went flying. The lightning stopped midway.
The stone and lightning bolt, the two huge powers collided and in the sky caused a large explosion.

Once again lightning fell. This time it was four bolts.
I who predicated the next one would come rushed out immediately after throwing the stone. By the time lightning fell I had already barged into the village.

The villagers were running around trying to escape, they were frightened.

I stood right in the middle of the village, and expanded a magic circle.
I spread out multiple Anti Magic Use magic barriers.

When the four lightning bolts fell the barriers were completed and they were all defended against.

I felt intention from that thunder cloud.

A monster, or perhaps a human, or possibly something else.
I don’t know that, but at any rate I felt “Intention”.
In that case.

I raised my magic power, not just for protecting, but in order to counterattack magic power.
My right hand shined, *Kiin* a loud sound resounded.


Facing the sky I swung my arm. Taking the shape of a dragon, the golden colored magic power rushed up the sky.
The thunder cloud was erased in an instant, without leaving a trace.

Alright, with this it’s already––––.

“W-we were saved”
“Thank god thank god”
“A genuine Hero-sama came to the village right”

Until just now the villagers who were frightened simultaneously postured themselves to me.

……now I’ve done it.

Each and every time, when I notice I’ve done this so it became something troublesome.
Learn already……me.


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  1. SLynch

    Yep, former hero problem…..
    As people once said: “If you looking for trouble, then they certainly heading to you, and If you try to run away from it, it WILL certainly after YOU”.
    And thanks 4 the chap

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      1. Asf

        Maybe, if its just four or five person..
        But in ryus case, I bet it reach to more than 50 person men and woman alike..
        And they will certainly compete with each other for his effection..


  2. Nematoda

    he’s a fuvking handsome that make the [Night Queen] wet just seeing him.
    he counter a fuvking Lightnings with a fuvking febble.
    his right hand is the most fuvking famous legendary sword, “Excalibur” (imagine he do “Finger” job to girls with that right hand…)
    and all of that… his flaw is justs that he’s a dense muthafuvka….

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      1. Undead

        *lots of girls wanting his d*
        Ryu: Fuck this shit Imma outta here
        *reincarnated as a slime*
        Ryu: so peaceful…
        *wild golden dragon little sister wanting his d appeared*
        *wild vampire princess wanting his d appeared*
        *wild ex common villager girl now OP apostle wanting his d appeared*
        *wild ex succubus now night queen wanting his d appeared*
        *wild apostle wanting his d came back*
        Ryu: …

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      2. Nematoda

        he is s dense…. he doesn’t even know why all the girls wants to be with him…

        from his little sister who wants to follow him around… (she says that she wants to learn to be independent… but we all know her true reason… and the MC buying her lies as always.)
        the vampire princess who always together with him and wants to be with him too… (the MC even say why she wants to follow him…. and she don’t answer it and just call him an idiot.)
        if that not a “Dense” then i don’t know what to called it.

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      3. Xiose Post author

        Yea, he’s been made dense since up to now all the girls chasing after him were very blatant about their intentions. But now we have Yui who’s a tsundere, he’s got no experience or resistance against it~

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  3. Artimael

    Thanks for the chapter.
    If he really wanted peace then he should train someone to be OP and then make them watchdogs before going into seclusion. Or maybe thats how the apostles came to be?


    1. Xiose Post author

      I have no clue, I reread the original to be sure and it never mentions it. I assume he just made clothes with magic or something since the villagers weren’t shocked by his appearance.


  4. kirinashbell

    Thanks for chapter and happy Halloween
    Ryu’s true form has appeared and it is gonna attracted the attention of the apostles since he is the only 1 that can use Excalibur(i think), meaning alex is gonna be blasting off to his direction at the speed of light( team rocket quote XD) and Lucia is gonna see ryu’s figure in the forest but when she finds him, then he will just start to change back to a slime making Lucia go to the tower on the next day and become his fallen princess knight( this is wots gonna happen i think)

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  5. markro1248

    Thanks for the chappy~
    *A day after excaliber was used*
    *”common” slime knocks him out and teleports him away~*


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    Nii village people sure have it rough, constantly raided by CT monsters and now lightning with intent.

    The apostles are coming! Run Ryu, Run!



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