A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C4

Endless Lewd Dream





Secret Crystal Tower, the previously mentioned weak hero came to invade again.
Last time he exchanged his weapon for a black steel sword, this time not just his sword, he also exchanged his shield with a black steel made one.

He plainly powered up, his defensive power rose, and became difficult for the intercepting Terry and Lily to handle.
He repelled the two’s slime weapons with the black steel shield and counterattacked with his sword.
He came to fight about equally with them.

“What is this, this guy’s shield is hard”
“Lily can’t pierce it either. Do something Ryu”
“Even if you tell me to do something……”

That’s troubling.
Well, defeating him is simple. For a hero of this level if I was inclined to then, I could easily defeat him.
If I were to say it in the sense of the time I was a human then it would be something on the level of crushing an ant underfoot.

However, if I overdo it and expose my strength to those two, after this it’ll become a pain.
To the very end I’m a weak, weak slime, it’s important to be as strong(weak) as the goblin Terry and the imp Lily.
That’s why I thought it over, while fighting with the hero I thought of a method to pretend to just barely defeat him.

The result of thoroughly worrying over it, I hit upon a certain course.
I verify that inside my head, after doing it, including Terry and Lily’s reactions as well.
Thinking it will go well, I called out to the two.

“Terry, Lily. I’ll do something about that shield, so attack with full power after me”
“You’ll do something about it you say, what are you going to do”
“Will it be ok?”
“I show you a slime style way of doing it”

When I spoke in a manner full of confidence that I usually don’t, Terry and Lily looked at each other, nodded together, and were convinced.
While this side was making arrangements the hero who didn’t loosen his hand with his stab, with that force the two grandly jumped back.

[Yurie, throw me, casually is fine]
[I understand]

Giving instructions with telepathy, I had Yurie throw me.
In a straight line, however I’m flying towards the hero who doesn’t have much might.

Due to having obtained a black steel shield, he became able to fight on more than equal grounds. That guy was thoroughly, completely reliant on the shield, even a tackle from an obviously powerless slime, he first tried to defend with the shield.

The moment my body hit the shield, I melted.
It’s a slime’s special characteristic, I melted my body that was originally semisolid and hit the shield.
The result, my body engulfed the shield.

My melted slime body entirely engulfed the shield, and then I used magic.
It’s something even a slime can do, but in order to do it powerfully I did it with magic.

Melting things, a magic to corrode.
Being invoked with my powerful magic power it made the black steel shield tattered.

“Uwa! G-get away!”

The hero panicked and swung the shield, and I was shaken off.
Naturally it was on purpose, striking the floor and returning to normal, from a glance I was obviously tattered.

I was tattered, the shield was tattered as well.

“What happened?”
“By risking his life, Ryu made the shield all tattered”

Lily understood faster than Terry. Well, I did it in a way easy to understand though.

“So that’s what it was! Al~right, if it’s like this we can win”

Terry and Lily readied their slime weapons, and challenged the hero.
His ray of hope, the black steel shield became tattered. He received the two’s attack and was smashed up just like that.
The hero who lost his shield, returned to the same strength as last time was defeated by Terry and Lily after that.

In the Crystal Tower where the hero, Terry, and Lily had left I was being held by Yurie and resting.
I was considerably tired. A hero that entered the secret side once was able to head straight to the secret side just like that, so operating Shesta and defeating him, was not something possible. With a roundabout method, I was more tired than usual.


To the extent of letting out a sigh, I was completely tired more than usual.

“It was hard work right Ryu-sama”
“Karen, huh. Sorry but, I’m not in the mood to keep company today”
“What’s wrong? Are you that tired”
“There’s a troublesome guy you see”

I explained the hero in question to Karen.
Becoming able to head straight to the secret side, a troublesome guy that was gradually powering up, I spoke in detail about that to Karen.

“That’s a pain huh”
“What’s more that guy, the number of times he comes is higher than other heroes. The way things are, he’ll come again tomorrow won’t he?”

Though it was my own conjectures, imagining that I became even more dejected.
He might come again tomorrow, if I’m unlucky then he might power up even more.
Just with thinking of keeping that company I became gloomy.

Having said that, I can’t just knock him down with all my power.
When Terry and Lily are here of course, as well as when they’re not.

No matter how many times they’re beaten inside the dungeon, they’ll completely revive in a village or town.
That means they’ll bring back information, if I show my full power and defeat them, then that an absurdly strong slime is here will be exposed.

That’s absolutely something no good if done.

Nevertheless, like this he’ll keep coming time and time again.

“I have to somehow make it so that he won’t come any more”
“I have a good idea”
“A good idea?”
“Un! In order to implement that I want to borrow a little of Ryu-sama’s magic power but––––”

Faster than she finished speaking, I sent magic power to her.
I converted magic power so that it could be transferred between monster companions, and sent it to her.
Karen who received it was just a bit surprised.

“Is it enough with that?”
“Un……I didn’t think you would lend it this easily like. Even though Ryu-sama tends to find things bothersome”
“That’s a misunderstanding, I do things when I have to”
“Eh~. Somehow that’s a no good personish’s line though”

I thought that as well.
However it’s true.
When understanding that if I do it now then after it’ll become comfortable, then slacking off now is idiotic.
With that kind of meaning, a man who does things when he needs to, I am.

“More importantly, what do you plan to do?”
“Etto ne––––”

With a grinning face Karen explained to me her thought up plan.

The next day, as expected the hero in question came invading Secret Crystal Tower.
In his right hand a black steel sword, in his left hand a black steel shield that should have become tattered yesterday.
His body had a black steel armor, no matter where you look from he’s powered up more than yesterday.

The one who went to meet that guy was Karen alone.
I was in a considerably separated place hidden and spectating.

With resolution the hero stabbed at Karen.
Karen lightly evaded the black steel sword, circled around to his side and kissed his cheek.
The hero was surprised for a moment, but immediately after his eyes opened wide and he collapsed.

Karen straddled on top of the armored figure hero and licked her lips.

I showed my figure, and approached the two.

“Did you do it?”
“I’m going to do it now”
“What are you going to do?”
“With Nightmare, I’ll make him have absurd sex within the dream”
“That’s a reward isn’t it?”
“It’s not~”

Karen *Nishishi* laughed.
A monster like, a laugh when doing a wicked plan.

“In the beginning it’s certainly a reward, but that will continue”
“Yup, anyway it’ll continue. Since it’s inside a dream there’s more than enough time you see. He’ll do every kind of sex in every kind of situation. That will repeat for about ten thousand times. If it’s done that much then most humans will definitely be crippled”
“I see. Is that so, that’s why my magic power was necessary huh”
“Un! If it was my power then, repeating it ten thousand times would be impossible after all”

Karen made a guilty expression.

“Was it enough with the amount I passed you yesterday? If you’d like should I give you a bit more”
“That’s fine, Ryu-sama’s magic is amazing, so with that it was enough that change came out”
“Is that so, then do it”

Karen just as is straddled on the hero, put his cheeks between both of her hands, approached his face and peered into it.
An unusual serious profile.
Showing a lewd dream, the night queen’s profile, I thought it was pretty.

Immediately after, the hero began trembling. His expression became slovenly, I understood that within the dream he was making “Nice experiences”.
That expression as well soon completely changed.
Within the dream where the flow of time is different, endless sex, due to the unending lewd dream the hero gradually came to have an anguished expression. That changed once more into an empty expression.

Nightmare invoked with my magic power by Karen made the hero a disabled person.
With this day as a turning point, this guy did not appear in the dungeon.


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  1. Mhamo

    “With Nightmare, I’ll make him have sex wantonly”

    I feel like “Only want sex” sounds better but it kind of is off context. Welp. English is not my first language so I might be wrong lol

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  2. smoggythebear

    Before that, due to an erection is basically having blood trapped in your genitals, having a prolonged erection is probably gonna end up with a case of gangrene…

    Thanks for the chapter 🙂

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    1. Xiose Post author

      Oh man, this slipped past me. Although I don’t know how long they kept him in that state since Karen just messed with the time flow in the dream.


  3. Featureless

    With this day as a turning point, this guy did not appear in the dungeon.
    Hahahaahaha best and worst end for our hero, i hope he didn’t have a trauma afterward XD

    Thank’s for the chapter



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