A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C3

Slime Covering For Another





Dorai Village.
Holding a population of 500 people, a village within the mountain.

In a place that seems hard to reach, this village originally had the fate of declining, but ten or so years ago a tree that naturally releases magic power was discovered. Due to the fact that tree crafts using that tree displayed various effects as a charm, currently with the yield of those tree crafts it’s a fairly profitable village.

At the very least it’s a village that’s profitable to the extent that men in their prime work, and families are able to live in comfort without inconvenience.

That village is currently being threatened by a monster.
No, it had been threatened.

In the middle of the night in Dorai village, from all over moans could be heard.
In the time when even plants were sleeping, the uttered voices were coquettish.

Coquettish voices emitted loudly whenever men and women come together intimately.
Nevertheless, it’s not like there’s a sabbath being held en masse in the village.

Men and women of all ages, without a single exception went to bed and went to sleep normally.
Sleeping, they raise coquettish sleep talk.

Having done that was a single monster.
Floating above the village, a high exposure female type monster.

Her name is Karen.
Succubus––––a species of a higher class, Night Queen.
Said to not be born more than once in a hundred years, a succubus within succubus, Night Queen.

Due to her power, the village of Dorai had extremely easily fallen.
Although the villagers shown the lewd dreams were sleeping, they had fallen into the situation of having their vitality extracted by her.

The total villagers were 500 people, from the elderly with bent backs to infants before their weaning.
Without exception they were shown lewd dreams, and their vitality extracted.

Before long morning came.
Together with the sunrise the coquettish voices reverberating within the village suddenly stop.
In exchange the villagers got up, but everyone just moved without vigor like a living corpse.

Even though they greeted the morning, on the contrary the silent village had a hard to name eeriness.

Due to a single monster, before one knew it there was a village of 500 fallen people, yet.

“Thank you for the meal. Now then, would it be fine if I picked up an after meal dessert somewhere”

As far as the night queen is concerned, that was simply an act the doesn’t exceed a simple supper.

Crystal Tower A Forest Nearby.
Basking in the sun rays, a half melted slime was being teased by children.

“Look, this guys all sticky like”
“It’s all wrapped around the twig, something like syrup”

The children surrounded the slime––––me, they poked me with a twig, and threw rocks at me.

“Stop it, don’t bully me”1
“This guy is talking”
“Hey hey, if we throw this into the river what will happen huh”
“I’m curious about what will happen if we bake it with fire. Will it harden like clay I wonder”

Even while letting out cruelty peculiar to children on their own, the children who surrounded me said this and that.
Since I was bored, I went along with them.

Originally I was simply basking in the sun.
Completing the Secret Dungeon, hiding my true strength became more easy, but the Secret Dungeon had the shortcoming that sun rays practically didn’t enter.

I slipped out of the tower, and was basking in the sun in an unpopular place, but I was found by the children and as such teased.
I left Yurie behind and came, I also came in secret from Terry and Lily.
However, I was found by the children.

Relaxing is difficult huh…….

“I know, lets try feeding it to Kaiton family’s dog”
“That might be interesting. That stupid dog doesn’t have any interest in bones or such, instead he likes soft, sticky things right”
“If it’s this Slime then he’ll happily eat it”

Oi wait up, feeding me to a dog……children have cruel ideas huh.
Now then, how should I chase them away, the moment when I thought that.

“Hey you, doing that kind of thing is no good right”

From overhead a woman’s, an amorous woman’s voice could be heard.

Since my body was half melted I easily moved my eyeballs just above.
Flying in from the sky was Karen.

At her back she has a halo from the sun at her back, but she has absolutely no solemnity, just pointlessly amorous.
As soon as Karen landed.

“Oh no, it’s a monster”

The children simultaneously fled.
Even if you say she’s amorous, she’s a dream demon with horns on her head, and wings growing from her back.
Different from a slime, she has the power to scatter the children with just that appearance.

Confirming that the children had completely disappeared, Karen looks at me,

“Why did you let those children do as they please, Ryu-sama”
“Since there’s no particular harm, they’re children you see”
“Naturally they shouldn’t be able to do something to Ryu-sama one way or another but”

Karen seemed dissatisfied.
The one who allowed her to evolve from a succubus to a night queen was me, because of that she attaches “sama” to my name and calls me, and adores me.

“Nee, Ryu-sama, does Ryu-sama not think, lets go even higher?”

Karen got on her hands and feet next to me, and while matching the height of my gaze she gazed straight at me.

“In the current monster world, the three great dungeons: Deep Forest, Blue Mountain, Silent Sea; with approximately the same influence restrain each other respectively, and occasionally cooperate, keeping a strange equilibrium right?”
“Ahh, it seems that has already continued for some hundred years”
“I think it’s about time, I want for that to be cleared away and for a Maou-sama to appear”
“No way, that’s a pain”

From the flow of the conversation, I clearly understood she was saying for me to become the Maou-sama.
Naturally refusing is the only option.
Setting aside whether or not becoming one is possible, from becoming one to after becoming one, something like that is only a pain I’m sure.
Such things, would I become that.
I want to live calmly and quietly live.

“Did you come to say those kind of things Karen”
“Eh? Ah I’m sorry, actually I came to ask Ryu-sama to help me”
“To be honest, after I was made a night queen by Ryu-sama I became able to do various things, and because of that I went around eating villages but, I couldn’t endure somewhat and attacked a largish town”
“……Oi oi, no way they’re coming to Crystal Tower right”
“That’s safe! But––––”

Karen’s expression clouded over, and then I noticed.
The fact that before we knew it our surroundings were enclosed by heroes.

Considerable masters were 1, 2, 3……16 people were there.

“Since I’m not that good at fighting, escaping up to here was the best I could do”
“You didn’t eat these guys?”
“If it were night then I’d be able to eat them but……I came across them just as dawn broke after I attacked the town”
“I see”

A night queen is a dream demon, although she may be a legendary high rank species, that power is mostly for the sake of making others see lewd dreams. They’re weak at combat.

Even so……there’s a lot huh…….

“Please Ryu-sama! If you help me then I’ll do anything, I’ll make Ryu-sama feel something good ten thousand times normal sex”
“No way, that’s a pain”

I won’t deny sex feeling good, but won’t it just be tiring, that.

“I got it, I’ll help you out. In exchange––––”
“I understand! After Ryu-sama defeats them I’ll properly mess with their memories. As long as you defeat them, then after I can make it be like it was a dream ok”

Saying that in high spirits is Karen.
Seriously it can’t be helped…….

I restored my half melted body, and released my power.

A battle in which I can’t kill them.
Even if a hero is killed they revive, it’d be bad if after they revived they remembered my true colors.
I have to half kill them all and have Karen tamper with them.

Going easy on all of them––––the moment I thought that.
From the sky, stars came falling down.
One of great magic, magic called Meteor that rains stars that hit the opponent.
In addition, it wasn’t just a single shot.
They came falling with seven consecutive shots.

A hero that shot seven Meteors, he’s surely strong huh……such a pain…….
When I think that I have to go easy on that kind of guy I become depressed.

“Do your best Ryu-sama, if it’s Ryu-sama then it’s a walk in the park”

Despite being a bit irritated at Karen who is beside me sending me encouragement while smiling, I release my dragon power and while with a golden forefoot(Final Strike) I eradicate Meteor, I attacked the heroes.

It took about 10 minutes until I defeated 16 heroes by going easy on them. Even though I came out to relax, this was the most exhausted I’ve become recently.

1. Ryu usually uses Ore, however here he uses Boku

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  1. Nematoda

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  2. kirinashbell

    Thanks for chapter
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