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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C3

Slime Covering For Another





Dorai Village.
Holding a population of 500 people, a village within the mountain.

In a place that seems hard to reach, this village originally had the fate of declining, but ten or so years ago a tree that naturally releases magic power was discovered. Due to the fact that tree crafts using that tree displayed various effects as a charm, currently with the yield of those tree crafts it’s a fairly profitable village.

At the very least it’s a village that’s profitable to the extent that men in their prime work, and families are able to live in comfort without inconvenience.

That village is currently being threatened by a monster.
No, it had been threatened.

In the middle of the night in Dorai village, from all over moans could be heard.
In the time when even plants were sleeping, the uttered voices were coquettish. Continue reading