A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C2

Sleeping Shesta





Secret Dungeon’s Rule Number One.
After defeating the boss even once, whenever you enter the dungeon it becomes possible to choose whether or not to go to the Secret Dungeon.

This, is said to be a relatively obvious rule.

Secret Crystal Tower First Floor.
The hero who invaded was intercepted with the three of Dragon Knight.

The hero is the weak guy who came before.
His movements are mostly unchanged, his level has surely not gone up.
Only his weapon has improved. Last time it was a mass produced metal sword, but when looking now it has become a black steel sword.

Black steel is a scarce mineral, its special characteristic no matter how light, holds hardness higher than normal steel, that kind of thing.
If you say how it would be like, the thinly made parts have sharpness to cut even diamonds, its hardness as well is high so it’s said to maintain its power even if it’s stricken.
The man obtained a powerful weapon, and came to rechallenge the Secret Crystal Tower.

In contrast to that, the club Terry is holding, and the trident Lily is holding.
As both of them are slime weapons made from my body, they’re far stronger than the weapons the two held in the past.

How strong they are is; since I don’t have much experience having made weapons with my slime body, it’s hard to compare.

“Take this”

It’s to the extent that Terry and Lily were able to lock weapons with the black steel sword, so it’s a considerable thing isn’t it.

“Oi, don’t slack off Ryu”
“Ryu as well, properly fight”
“Yea yea––––uwa!”

I raised a scream and rushed off.
Yurie who until now was holding me, suddenly flung me–––– in such a way is how I instructed her to do.
Yurie who threw me like a ball. My body cut in on the three locking weapons and repelled the black steel sword.

“Watch Lily’s spear handling!”

To the hero who was repelled and became full of gaps, Terry and Lily relentlessly pursued him and properly finished him off.
The hero who only changed his weapon and he himself didn’t get stronger was easily done in by the two.

“Sheesh, that’s slovenly, Ryu is”

After the hero was defeated, Secret Crystal Tower.
To me who Yurie wrapped in bandages, Terry criticized me in an exasperated tone.

“Just with being hit by that guy’s sword, something like being injured”

That’s right, I was injured.
This is also one part of hiding my true strength.

I had Yurie throw me, and the moment I hit the sword I cast a weak magic on myself.
Due to that, a gash was made on my body.

“In the first place, Ryu didn’t fight right”
“That’s right, you’re skipping out too much you”
“It’s fine isn’t it, he was defeated after all. Since it’s Dragon Knight, defeating him with three people is plenty”
“Nmou! Do it more seriously Ryu”
“I’m deadly serious you know”

I really seriously deceived you?

Even then Terry and Lily didn’t lessen their feelings and told me various things.
I’m sorry to the two, but like I thought I still want to deceive them.
Apparently piling up fame as Dragon Knight is seemingly unavoidable, but in that case I’ll take acting as Dragon Knight’s burden.

That guy is the weakest among us, that kind of pretense is best.

For that reason, putting forward Terry and Lily, and without fighting having Yurie throw me.
Until it’s no longer usable I decided to go with this method.

“At any rate, there’s nothing to do”

Terry flopped onto the floor and rolled around in the dungeon.

“Won’t a Miko hero come. If they did come I would make them soppingly dirty”
“Miko, what is that?”

Lily asked Terry in return.

“A miko is the East Country’s sister. Since they serve god, it’s a rule that their body is pure”
“I see, it’s the kind of virgin Terry likes best right”
“Of course”
“But……you’re well informed right, something like the matter of a Miko-san. Perhaps Ryu––––”


“De-Deep Forest, I was taught by Kaa-san there. She preached to me to keep in mind the basics of heroes you see”

Somehow it seems like I’ll be misunderstood, so in a fluster I deceived her.

“I see, you’re Mother Dragon’s son after all right. I for sure thought that Ryu as well was like, I like virgins~ or something”
“That’s not it!”

It turned out to be a misunderstanding in a more unpleasant direction.

However, Terry is unwavering huh. I wonder, are all goblins like this.


Terry who was laying flopped on the ground suddenly got up.

“What’s the matter Terry”
“Miko-san came!”

Terry picked up the club and broke into a run, and like that returned to the surface dungeon.

“Ah, wait a minute Terry”

Lily as well picked up the trident and chasing after Terry, went out from the secret side.
The two who disappeared, Secret Crystal Tower become just the two of us, me and Yurie.

“Is Slime-sama fine, not going”
“It’s troublesome, so I won’t go”
“Is that so……”
“What is it? Is there something you want to say?”

While holding me, Yurie faltered.
She has something she wants to say, but is it fine to say, that kind of feeling.

“If you have something you want to say then––––”

As I was about to question Yurie, at that time Yui came into the Secret Crystal Tower.

Yui in her human form, though she is in a beautiful girl form she’s a fully-fledged dragon.
From the species called the Legendary Golden Dragon, if it’s within Crystal Tower then next to me she’s the second strongest person.

At the same time, she is my younger sister.
I’m a slime, but I was born in Yui’s mother––––Mother Dragon’s nest.
Since Mother Dragon raised the slime that was born in her nest as her own son, it became such that I am Yui’s older step brother.

“What’s the matter Yui, did something happen?”
“Just in case, I’m informing you. Among the heroes that came just now, there’s a single strong one”
“It’s considerably troublesome, that”

Being told by Yui, I cast Distant View magic.

I saw a hero running up the surface Crystal Tower.
Just as Yui said, the hero is a considerable master.
Using two knives, with wind like speed she shredded the monsters, and like going through an untended field, she ran up the tower.
Naturally, if it’s Shesta it’s an opponent he can’t match.

“There’s no helping it, once again like usual I’ll operate Shesta––––”
“Ano, Slime-sama”
“What’s the matter. Come to think of it, I didn’t hear what you were about to say huh. After I deal with this one––––”
“That’s not it Slime-sama. If supposing that hero defeated Shesta-san even once, after that won’t they become able to freely enter and exit the Secret Dungeon?”

That was……a blind spot.

Crystal Tower Top Floor.
Before the hero that had ran up to here, Big Mouse Shesta was standing in their way.

While remaining vigilant the hero looked around their surroundings. It seemed like they were searching for something.

“Be at ease, there’s no one there. I’m this place’s boss, Big Mouse Shesta”

When Shesta as always said that pompously, the hero’s expression became half vigilant, half bewildered.

“You are the boss, you say?”
“Fu. Now, come and fight, this great me will personally funya~n……”

Up til then was Shesta vigorously making a big bold speech, but suddenly something occurred and he became light headed.

The hero was startled for an instant, readied their specialized knives and became vigilant.
Shesta became light headed and seemed about to collapse, but recovered right away.

“My bad, going to the trouble of coming all the way here and not showing my seriousness, that was rude to the opponent huh”

The moment Shesta said that the hero expression completely changed, and with their knives readied they made a large leap.
On their hand, forehead, and the back.
Sweat ran……the sweat of fear.

From the mouse that they couldn’t think of anything but a small fry until just now, intimidating air like a legendary magic beast was being released.


Finishing a bit of work I took a breath and reclined on Yurie.
Almost like my body was sinking into a sofa.

I cut the Distant View magic as well, I saw the monsters that ascended from the lower floors praise Shesta, so it was mission complete.

“Is it finished?”

Yui asked me.

“Ahh, before Shesta was done in, I cast sleeping magic on him and operated him just like that”

That’s right, I put him to sleep.
Up to now I let him be defeated once by the hero, but now if I do that, the hero will become able to come into Secret Crystal Tower.
In addition, it’s not just simply coming, from the next time it’s straightaway.

So that strong, bothersome people don’t come, there’s a need to defeat them before.

“Thank you Yurie. What you wanted to say was that huh”
“Really thanks. Moreover Yui as well”
“Thank you, thanks to you I was saved”
“I-it’s not like it was particularly for Onii-chan’s sake after all. Don’t misunderstand ok”

Yui *Pun Pun* got angry, and was about to go out from the secret side.
I knew that but, I know that Yui doesn’t think comfortably of me who even though I’m not a dragon became her elder brother, even then she saved me.

“Really thank you Yui”

Saying that and making her nasal breathing rough and going out was Yui but, at the end the face I glimpsed didn’t seem that angry. I’m glad I did a follow up.

I sat even more deeply into Yurie. Half melting my slime body, perfectly fitting into Yurie I relax.

Today as well, without my true strength being exposed I’m glad I was able to repel the hero.


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