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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C6






Since the villagers that saw me erase the thunder cloud quickly began to revere me, before things got more troublesome than this I escaped from that place.

After escaping to the other side of the village I saw a watchdog in front of a house.
His black fur was exuded manliness, as a watchdog there were no complaints with his appearance.

I though for a bit, and cast elementary rank wind magic on the dog.
I took just a little fur, and attached that around my mouth.
I also messed with my hairstyle, with this I look like a different person right.

It would be fine to completely change my form with magic, but if I used large scale magic and was sensed or something it seemed like it would become variously troublesome.

Disguised, I walked around inside the village.
Despite the dungeon being nearby, in this village there were few facilities intended for heroes. Continue reading