A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C9

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Dancing Slime





Crystal Tower Top Floor.
Having mown down the monsters up until then, there was the hero party that had ascended without pause.

They numbered four, all of them are young women.
Their equipment was exceedingly light––––or rather it was equivalent to basically zero.

They were all dressed like dancers.
That’s not a metaphor or an exaggeration, no matter how you look at them, it’s an appearance that can only be seen as a dancer.
That group managed to arrive at Crystal Tower Top Floor.


The one who went out to meet the four heroes was this tower’s boss, Big Mouse Shesta.
More than twice the size of the heroes the large mouse was laughing like always.

“You did well to reach here heroes, this great me is this place’s boss, Shesta-sama.”


The heroes were silent, and began dancing just like that.
A scene almost like a tavern.
Their clothes goes without saying, the four’s dance had beautiful sharpness to them, a dance to the extent that after having one’s gaze snatched you would flood them with grand applause.

“Oho! Onee-chans you’re pretty aren’t you––––”


Shesta who had a lewd look, in front of his eyes explosions occurred in succession.
Like an invisible explosion struck him, the big mouse’s body suddenly exploded consecutively.

The ones who did that were of course the four heroes.
They learned techniques to cast magic by dancing. They’ve progressed through the battles until now while dancing as well, and it became a strange scene of the surrounding monsters being defeated once after another, making way for them.

Even coming up to here with that dancing they don’t know fatigue, and in an instant completely defeated Shesta.

“This is this tower’s boss?”
“Considering that, he’s far too weak right? Is it a fake I wonder.”
“It might be so. You there, letting your guard down is not allowed.”
“Mouse-san, Mouse-san, the Mouse-saan within the stomach too.”

One was poking the corpse of Shesta, another was stopping that. The other two while surveying the surroundings were vigilant.

Before those four heroes, slowly, Shesta rose.

“Waa, Mouse-san came back to life.”
“No way! There was a reaction.”

“Fu, I won’t be done in by that amount. Did you think this great me was a simple big mouse?”

Shesta who had gotten up was almost like a different person, the atmosphere he was clad itself completely changed.

The four heroes exchanged eye contact and began dancing once again.

They surround Shesta on the wide top floor and began to dance.
They’re magic came flying––––right before that.


Shesta stepped on the ground lightly, he struck the ground with his toes like knocking.


When he did, the sound of air exploded rung out, and a single one of the heroes raised a scream and collapsed.

“W-what happened.”
“Don’t lose focus! Continue on!”

The remaining three continued dancing, however when Shesta once again “*T-Tmp*” stepped on the ground, once after another was done in by something unseen and collapsed.

The four heroes who had ran up until here.
Before Shesta who stood up after being defeated once, were annihilated at their wits end.

After confirming the end of the four’s life with Distant View magic, I cut the magic and entered rest mode.

Secret Crystal Tower. Since there were heroes that had ran up to the top floor, I operated Shesta’s body who was defeated as usual and repelled those heroes.
With this, once again Shesta will become a bit more famous.

“Slime-sama, what was that just now?”
“Dance Magic. By offering the spirits dancing, it’s a kind of spirit magic that exercise magic.”

Yurie who was similarly watching the Distant View asked me, and Lucia who was sitting in seiza in distant place answered instead.

“Thank you very much Onee-san. But not that, I was thinking of what Slime-sama did.”

Lucia who could not answer that.
That’s natural, since it seems that humans that can’t use Spirit Magic are unable to thoroughly understand.
I was thankful for Lucia’s feelings of wanting to let me rest by answering the question instead, but there’s no choice but to have me answer.

“Just as Lucia said, that was exercising magic by performing a ritual of offering dancing to the spirits. Usually, making a mistake in dancing will not cause anything to happen, but by only cutting into the fixed procedure the ritual’s meaning completely changes.”

Even though she heard the explanation, Yurie made an expression of not having understood.

“It’s in human language as well right? Even though it’s the same string of characters, there are cases of just with the punctuation’s location having changed words of praise turn into words speaking ill of, right?”
“Ah, there are indeed.”
“It’s the same as that. By inserting a comma within the dancing the spirits are angered, and they’re driven into self-destruction. Those four, although they’ve completely mastered the dancing, it seems they didn’t know as far the detailed meanings.”
“So that was it, huh……Slime-sama is amazing. You completely understood that dancing’s meaning right.”

“Well, yea. Watch.”

I jumped down from within Yurie’s arms, and in that spot I began dancing.
Dancing, I was but, doing that with a slime’s body looked like nothing but just jumping about.

Honestly, from appearances it’s a complete defeat to those dancing women.
Rather, this side had a “Mysterious ritual feeling”.
The ritual safely succeeded.


The effect of the magic appeared, and Yurie was surprised.
On top of the clothes Yurie had worn until then different clothes were made.

“Amazing……even though it’s water, it’s like a dress……even though it’s water, it’s not fluid or jelly, almost like high grade silk.”
“This kind of thing is possible, too.”
“Slime-sama is really amazing, huh……”
“Naturally, Master can do anything. Even if the thirteen of us gathered, we wouldn’t reach even beneath his feet.”
“Shesta-san who takes that Slime-sama’s achievements, I dislike him a little.”
“Such people that don’t know of Master’s amazingness, it’s fine to leave them ignorant. It’s fine if only chosen humans know that.”
“……You resemble Alex, huh.”

Yurie was surprised, ahh, like I thought does Lucia see it like that as well.
Un, they resemble each other right, or rather their essence is the same.

She’s not as seriously ill as Alex, so it’s I don’t mind but.

While thinking that I returned to within Yurie’s arms.
I half melted, made myself a miracle fit and relaxed.

After this, nothing but moderate heroes came, so it was a day possible to relax with nothing major happening after a long time.


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