A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C10

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A Child Who Can Do It If They Try





Secret Crystal Tower.
On this day too I made an artificial sun, and within Yurie’s arms leisurely relaxed.

No, perhaps I was more carefree than usual.
The reason is, Lucia who settled down here from a while ago.

If the currently relaxed me gets hungry.

“I prepared a meal. The salted, grilled river fish that Master likes.”

Lucia keenly senses it and prepares a meal.
If I’m thirsty.

“I’ve brought water. The once evaporated fresh water Master likes.”

Like that, she prepares water for me.
As well as the heroes that break through Shesta and come invading Secret Crystal Tower.

“The road is closed here, surface person(the dead).”

The moment they enter she instantly kills them with a combination of the galient sword and magic.
Exactly leaving nothing to be desired, since when was I able to relax this much without hindrances coming in, I was able to relax to that extent.

She adores me similarly to the other students, but for Lucia that vector is different.
She doesn’t do things to push me out to the front, she fully accepts me who wants to leisurely slack off.

Honestly, the things she did for me were all things that would be faster for me to do them, but I was happy with this.
On the one side was Lucia making a serious expression and gallantly devoting herself, and Yurie who was carrying me was making a sour expression.

She pouts sullenly, and half glares at Lucia.
When I thought what’s wrong.

“Master, please substitute this for urine bottle.”

Towards Lucia who sensing my physiological needs pulled out a deep container from out of nowhere, Yurie finally snapped.
Towards Lucia who approached carrying the container, Yurie who up until then had been sitting while carrying me, stood up and glared.

“What’s the matter?”
“It’s not what’s the matter! No matter how you look at it that’s going too far!”
“Going too far?”
“Doing something like that to Slime-sama, don’t you think that’s an insult? In addition have you not thought about how ashamed Slime-sama is to have that kind of act to catch the eye of others?”

Yurie shouted at Lucia. I understand what she wants to say.

On this day, the things Lucia did for me were completely the nursing of a grandpa.
It’s not at the level of leaving nothing to be desired, it’s something like nursing a grandpa who can’t do anything.

When I get hungry a meal, when I’m thirsty water, when I have physiological needs a urine bottle.
If I have someone do this much for me, I get the feeling like I’ll become a hopeless case.

“I don’t think it’s an insult. Master wishes for this. He wishes to pass time comfortably relaxing.

Exactly so.
Certainly all of it is altogether faster to do it myself, however, having all of that completed without doing anything is nice and easy.
It’s because Lucia knows me very well that it’s possible to do.

“E-even if that’s the case, if you doing having Slime-sama do that is seen by other people, then Slime-sama’s majesty will be injured.”
“Master’s greatness is not something that would be diminished by something of this degree. Besides, the bunch who don’t understand, the bunch who are disappointed, it’s fine if they do so of their own accord. It’s fine if the ones who know of Master’s greatness are only the chosen people.”
“I understand if it’s only the chosen people, but that and Slime-sama’s reputation being injured and different stories.”


The two who are heating up the quarrel and getting excited.

Yurie is an Alex type.
I(Ryu) am the ultimate, with a way of thinking that humanity should know that and serve me, therefore they’re the type that wants to drag out the lazy me onto center stage.

Lucia conversely has the stance that it’s fine for only the people who know, know. She’s the type that thinks it’s fine if I do what I want when I want.

It’s not a discussion of which is good or bad, but for me I’m thank for Lucia type.
To me who wants to relax, it doesn’t seem like she’ll forcibly drag me out somewhere after all.

The two who are quarreling above my head.
For a short while I was listening, but somehow or another the both of them in a way that had no intention of dragging me into it, just repeated their self-assertions to each other.

On account of this fortune, I used magic and shutout my sense of hearing.
I became unable to hear the two’s voices. However, with my sense of touch through the skin’s vibration the two’s speaking voices was conveyed with the air’s vibration, so I also cut my sense of touch.

Like that, the lazy me.
I became completely unable to hear the two’s voices and the content of their exchanges, so within Yurie’s arms I lazed about with all my power.

This is paradise.
It’s fine not to do anything, what a paradise.
Since I missed out on cutting my sense of sight, I was able to see Lucia instantly kill the hero who once again found his way in the secret side, so with that as a chance I cut my sense of sight as well.

Almost like being submerged in lukewarm water, I felt the highest sense of relaxation like lightly floating.

Today just like this I don’t want to do anything……or so I thought, but it seems it wouldn’t go that way.

I sensed a strong existence.
I sensed that a considerably strong hero was heading towards Crystal Tower.

It’s my own way of ranking but, they’re three from the top B, out of S A B C D E F, C rank.
They’re a bothersome rank that if I leave them alone, they’ll pass through Shesta and after that quickly and easily be able to arrive at the secret side.

A hero that it’s better to repel them before they reach the top floor of Crystal Tower.

I release my senses. While Lucia and Yurie were fighting overhead, I stealthily shot detection magic.
The result of the detection magic, they seem weak to spirit attacks, so at a distance I shot Nightmare.

Karen’s technique, a technique to show the opponent a lewd dream.
It puts the hero to sleep and shows them the best lewd dream. At the end I apply the final result, I guide them that they no longer have any business with this Crystal Tower.

After configuring Nightmare and firing it, the hero’s presence at the spot stopped.
After this a whole 24 hours will pass and they’ll see the most happy lewd dream, and surely after that take their leave.

With this it’s fine, like that.
Well then, let’s once more relax.

“Master is someone who will do it when they need to.”
“With that kind of defense of a no good child, Slime-sama’s stock will fall!”

The two were still quarreling.
Like I thought there was no sign of getting me involved, so I once again cut my senses and relaxed.

I can do it if I try? Exactly so.
Right now there’s no need to do it, so I decided have them let me relax.


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  1. sage yomeri

    So, it’s a clash of ideology now eh? Well, Ryu’s not going to fix that for now unless something outrageous happens now.


  2. Nematoda

    rather than granpa… he more like a lazy Father who like his children become independent and take care of themselves and him. but still protect them from behind the scene without disturbing them.

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  3. kirinashbell

    Thanks for chapter
    ryu is most likely the lazy bum father type that doesnt do any other work unless he has to do it, the battle of the children’s can be considered as the start of their interactions until they work together to repel other kids (yui&mini hime)


  4. fireboyz75

    there are limit of how lazy people become, it affect the soul so much it will crumbling at the end and become weak but this one excel at magic i wish i had one at my NEET days



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