A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C11

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Awoke to the Surge of Murderous Intent Ryu’s Disciple





Secret Crystal Tower, in a place a bit separated from Yurie and me, Lucia was mending her mantle.
Her skill was splendid, but the mantle itself due to being repeatedly mended was full of patches.

Her origin us a princess, and even though she could live a life without inconvenience, this girl has places where she’s a frugal spirit.
The tattered mantle as well.

“If I mend it, I can still use it.”

She says that, and is mending it.
Even while mending it she sits in seiza keeping her spine straight. Her overly serious personality is showing.
An overly serious, frugal spirit, that’s the woman called Lucia.

“Naa Lucia, how long are you planning to stay here?”

When I asked, Lucia gave a start and stopped her hands.
It’s come at last, with that expression she timidly looks at me.

Incidentally, Yurie’s, who is on delicately bad terms with her, cheerfulness is conveyed through my her arms.

“It’s not like you remain here indefinitely right. You too have a country to return to, you have a family after all.”
“If that’s the case, then there’s no problem. My father told me it’s fine for me to do what I want.”
“I know, I was there too after all.”

That’s right, previously when her father, the king said that, I happened to be there.
It was the time when I had gone to give my greetings as her master.
At that time, the kings line were this.

“Haa……you weren’t a daughter that listened to what she was told right. I understand, it’s fine to do as you please.”

It was like that.
It was the form of giving in the towel to her stubbornness that was the origin of Lucia’s overly seriousness.

“If Master says to leave, then I will immediately leave.”

Lucia declared with a serious expression.
That expression is mixed with a second emotion.

Resolution. If I were to say that, then she would abide by that and even immediately leave is exactly as stated her resolution.
And sadness. Being driven away from my side that she found after great pains, sadness like a thrown away puppy.

An expression that says, it’s sad, but if I say that then she’ll do just that.
In actuality she’ll probably do so. That’s a place different from Alex, and…….


Similarly reading that and subtlety feeling like she lost, Yurie.

If she’s made to make that kind of face, you can’t say something like leave right, but.
Good grief…….

“I got it, it’s fine to stay all you want.”

At that moment, Lucia was showing her cheerfulness.
Well, the part of having Lucia be here is absolutely no problem.
To say nothing of driving Alex away with all my power I would escape so as not to be found, but Lucia is no problem.

In that way, the moment I recognized Lucia settling down here.

“Oi Ryu, don’t stay confined in this kind of place, and come to the surface.”
“A lot of heroes have come you knoow.”

From the surface the two of Terry and Lily came in.
As soon as Crystal Tower’s actual residents, the monsters, a goblin and an imp enter the secret side they were surprised by Lucia who was there normally.

“In this kind of place a hero!?”
“We have to defeat them!”

Terry and Lily took their respective weapons, and leapt at Lucia.
Without stopping they leapt, and then they were defeated by Lucia.

From her seiza position she moved at high speed, went around to their backs and with her sheathed sword hit their backs.

It was tremendously fast, but it was controlled blow, Terry and Lily showed the whites of their eyes and fainted.

“I’m sorry Master, I accidentally made a move.”
“No it’s fine, you properly held back, so there’s no problem.”
“They’re childhood friends right, after being born again here.”
“I see.”

Lucia who heard my answer at that moment corrected her seating posture.
Paying respect to the collapsed Terry and Lily, that kind of behavior.

At this moment, Terry and Lily rank as “Master’s childhood friends” suddenly rose.

Within Lucia they should have risen to not less than her and the twelve apostles, even more than her father the king.

I look at Terry and Lily who became locally greater than the king, and ponder.

“What’s the matter Master.”
“If Lucia is going to stay here from now on, then we have to do some kind of scheme is what I thought.”
“A scheme, is it?”
“Ahh……stay standing like that for a bit. No matter what happens, don’t move.”
“Understood. I’ll put my life on the line and stand.”

No, it’s not grandiose a thing ok. If it comes to a situation where you have to stake your life, then like usual move and deal with it––––is what I thought, but I didn’t say it. Since I understood well that that was Lucia after all.

More importantly––––I melted my body. I melt my slime body, not the half melted from when I’m relaxing, I’m completely melted. I move a melted cut off piece and send it towards Lucia.

The slime reaches Lucia’s feet, and I wrap upwards from her feet as if to erode.

“……It’s a scene that Terry would seem to like, right.”

A slime eroding a princess knight, uun it really seems like he would like it.

There was what I told Lucia as well, so she didn’t move at all. Even though a slime is wrapping her body, there wasn’t even any sign of becoming frightened at all.

“Aren’t you worried?”
“It’s something Master is doing after all.”
“Though that’s like you, however, in that case there are also people who are troubled because the explanation isn’t lacking.”
“W-waa, what on earth is happening.”
“Though it’s in monotone, thank you.”

There is no talent for plays in Lucia huh, she;s diligent though.
Just like that I with the split off slime enveloped Lucia’s armor, sword, and then her mantle.
The white base armor enveloped by the slime gradually changed color, and altered into a black base.

Black and red, I made it a tint that gave the sense of dark.

“Should I try to change the mantle a little, too? Yurie, I’m going to take blood.”
“Eh? Ah yes!”

Suddenly being spoken to and bewildered is Yurie, while being carried that kind of her I transform a section of my body and sharpen it, then I pierced the pad of her right thumb.

Being pierced with a needle, I hurl the drop of blood that came out towards Lucia.
When it impacted on the mantle enveloped by the slime it spread out, the other side of the mantle instantly became red.
Not just red, it turns red, black, and flickers repeatedly.
It’s something I imagined as a heart’s pulse.

“Alright, with this it’s complete.”
“This is……”
“The concept is [Fallen Princess Knight], just like that. In order for you to stay here some reason is needed right.”
“I see.”
“I, or rather being brainwashed by that armor and having fallen into evil, let’s go with a setting with that kind of feeling.”
“Understood, thank you Master. ……Thank you Master.”

A short pause, then once more, more than the first time she said her thanks filled with heart.

“This armor, just by wearing it, it becomes a burden. Just with sitting, it becomes training. I’m thankful for Master’s consideration.”
“……It’s just a habit.”

When it’s said once again, it’s embarrassing.
Certainly, I did as such. Taking the opportunity when changing the armor’s color, I infused a considerable amount of my magic power.
I made it an armor that with just Lucia wearing it, like Yurie carrying me her physical power and magic power will be consumed.

Just by wearing it, physical power and magic power are gradually reduced……ahh, it really became like a cursed personal armor, huh.
However that is something, that if they’re my disciple, then they understand.
Forging by placing a burden for a long time until the very limit is my style.
Having that done, Lucia is instead pleased.

And I who had that pointed out was feeling a bit bashful.

I should say something to deceive her, when I thought that, Terry and Lily regained consciousness.

“Uun, ha, this place is.”
“The hero just now––––are?”

The awoken two caught sight of Lucia, but were bewildered.
That’s as expected, Lucia had a completely different appearance from just before.

Concept, fallen princess knight.

They were bewildered by Lucia who’s giving off dark and ominousness , so they didn’t do something like suddenly leap at her.

“If it’s her, then it’s fine already.”
“It’s fine you say, what do yo mean Ryu.”
“That armor, it’s made with my body see.”

I melt a section of my body, show them, and tell them as such. Strictly speaking it’s different, but I thought that way the discussion would be faster.

“Ryu’s body.”
“It’s the same as Lily and co’s weapons, right.”
“Ahh. And with that you brainwashed her.
“A fallen hero huh! That’s cool.”
“Amazing Ryu, you can also do those kinds of things, huh.”

Terry and Lily without any doubt consented.
I’m saved that my childhood friends have simple personalities.

At such a time, a single hero broke into the secret side.
While my attention was taken by Lucia’s matter, Shesta was broken through.

I have to do it, the moment I thought that.


Lucia suddenly rose a strange voice, unsheathed her galient sword and attacked the hero.


Raising her voice while fiercely attacking, the hero fell into a disadvantage immediately.
A fierce attack almost like having gone into a rampage.

“O-oi. Is it fine, that.”
“Lily and co are using the same weapons, but will we become like that?”

The two who are using the same slime weapons went as far being worried.

“It’s fine, the color is different.”
“Is that it, don’t worry us.”
“If the color’s different, then it’s fine, right.”

Are you guys ok with that, no well I’m save that you’re simple though.

On the one side Terry and Lily consented, and Lucia who continues her fierce attack while screaming.


It’s rampage like, but those were exactly conscious.
Her battle side as well is as usual, a orthodox combination of her galient sword and magic.
Her screams as well in the end are just my name, I feel it looks like scripted acting.

Truly, overly serious huh, Lucia is. After calming down a bit I’ll think of a simple setting.


Ahh, but.
Seeing Lucia defeating the hero without reservation.
I thought, having her defeat them instead might be considerably comfortable.


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