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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C11

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Awoke to the Surge of Murderous Intent Ryu’s Disciple





Secret Crystal Tower, in a place a bit separated from Yurie and me, Lucia was mending her mantle.
Her skill was splendid, but the mantle itself due to being repeatedly mended was full of patches.

Her origin us a princess, and even though she could live a life without inconvenience, this girl has places where she’s a frugal spirit.
The tattered mantle as well.

“If I mend it, I can still use it.”

She says that, and is mending it.
Even while mending it she sits in seiza keeping her spine straight. Her overly serious personality is showing.
An overly serious, frugal spirit, that’s the woman called Lucia.

“Naa Lucia, how long are you planning to stay here?” Continue reading