A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C12

I just disappeared there didn’t I? Haha, sorry about that. I’ve had a lot of exams recently so that took priority, and it probably won’t get better until the end of next week. As such I don’t know if I’ll be able to release anything since I only just made enough time to get this out.

Well off I go to continue studying!

Study Time 2


Onii-chan’s Present





Secret Crystal Tower, while being carried by Yurie I faced Lucia.
I have the feeling that above my head the two are secretly giving off sparks, but I purposely pay it no mind.

Facing Lucia I adjusted her armor.
Although I had planned to make a production of “Fallen into darkness” by coating the original princess armor with my slime body, it was slightly insufficient, so I performed minute adjustments.

I made the color even more ominous, making a section flicker with dark colors.
Furthermore I created “Lines” that looked like they were “Encroaching the body” from the collar of the armor to the neck.

“Yurie, go back a few steps.”

Taking distance from Lucia I confirmed the result.
Un, it’s become considerably better than before.
Now, no matter how you look at her, you can only see a “Princess fallen into darkness”.

“With this it’s good. Since it’s come to be understood with the appearance, you don’t have to scream strangely now.”
“Thank you Master. Sorry, I’ve troubled you.”
“Don’t mind it, this is also training.”
“The keyword is that which I taught you around when you began your training, try it out.”

Lucia made a confused like expression, but as if to say it was something I said she obediently muttered something.

In a moment the armor purged all at once.
The dark armor that I coated with my slime body that she wore was purged.

Having become lightly equipped, she looked at her palms surprised.

“W-what is this……”
“Your power went up right? It’s something temporary. I made it with that kind of spell. In the case of my style of training that armor is essentially a kind of restraining tool right. A small burden is placed on both physical strength and magic power, because it’s a method of training throughout everyday right.”
“That’s why the instant you remove the restraining tool, until your body gets accustomed to it, your ability will dramatically rise temporarily. It’ll be good if you use it when necessary.”
“Thank you Master!”

Lucia gazed at me with a face that was deeply moved with all her heart.

“Thanks are unnecessary. In exchange it’ll be good when heroes come to invade if you eliminate them.”
“Leave it to me, for Master’s sake I’ll pulverize every enemy.”

Lucia who is overly serious in a different vector than Yurie, with this I’m able to leave it all to her.
Since I’ve convinced Terry and Lily of the setting that she’s brainwashed with the slime weapon as well, even if they’re here I can slack off.

Un, this is a good way.
Since coming here, has it at long last become a way possible for me to relax?

Well then, shall I make an artificial sun and bask in the sun today as well––––the moment I thought that.
A single girl entered Secret Crystal Tower.

Growing horns and wings, a dragon girl.
My step sister, the dragon Yui.

“Onii-chan, I want to talk for a bit––––mu.”

Yui entered the secret side and called out to me, but when she noticed Lucia her expression changed.

“A hero? I’ve seen her before. Coming to such a place!”

As if saying arguments were useless Yui attacked Lucia.
Even if she’s humanoid, a dragon is a dragon. A blow from a strong physical body strikes Lucia.

Lucia isn’t a girl that would sit and be done in. With the restraining tool purged––––with her ability raised, she unsheathes her galient sword and responds.


An impact enough to shake the entire Secret Crystal Tower breaks through.
To the degree that Yurie falls on her behind and yells out “Kyaa”.


I jump down from Yurie, and thrust myself in between the two.

“Move Onii-chan, I can’t kill that one.”
“No, it’s fine not to kill her ok.”

I protected Lucia from Yui, and said that.

“Lucia, reattach your armor.”
“As you can see, right now she’s under my control.”

In order to explain my connection to Lucia there’s a need to talk about my previous self. I haven’t spoken of that to Yui either (Since it’s a pain).

“I transformed a section of my body and stuck it to her armor. Lucia is right now completely under my control.”

Yui for the moment put down her hand, and looked at Lucia over me.

“With Onii-chan’s body……brainwashing and domination……”

Yui mutters and repeats the keywords I used as an excuse.
She has an impulsive personality, but that is exactly a dragon.
She is also intelligent, so she should immediately understand.

“Eh? Did you say something?”
“I’ve understood the situation.”
“I see, then––––”
“Onii-chan move, I can’t kill that one.”
“Just now, you should have understood the situation right!”

Why do you still feel like killing her?”

“I mean……”

She pouts her lips, the sullen Yui.
What? What in the world is she unhappy about?

[Ano, Slime-sama.]

Yurie who fell on her back just now addressed me with telepathy.

[What’s wrong.]
[If I’m not mistaken though……]

With her idea Yurie, if you do this it might be fine, is how she advised me.

Honestly I don’t understand the meaning, however there’s no harm in doing it, so for the time being I decided to try doing as I was told.

“What is it!”

I melted a piece of my body, and loading magic power in it I shaped it.
What I made was, a ribbon.
Nothing out of the ordinary, just a ribbon.

It has no eeriness, nor is it a burden on magic power.

From my body, if you exclude that it was made from my slime body, then it’s an ordinary ribbon.

I tie that in Yui’s hair.

“T-this is.”
“I’m giving it to Yui.”
“To me……? F-fun.”

Was she not satisfied, Yui behaving like a spoil child turned her face away.”

“You can’t fool me with this ok.”
“Fooling you, rather……”

It’s closer to flattery though……I left that unsaid.

Or rather, isn’t this no good, like that I glare at Yurie.
What do you mean, “It should be fine if you gift her an accessory made from Slime-sama’s body” huh.
It was completely no good wasn’t it.

Or so I thought, however.


Until just now Yui seemed to be in a bad mood, but while caressing the ribbon she hummed.
It seems her mood suddenly improved.


Noticing that I was watching her, this time Yui panics.
Her emotions are frequently changing, she’s a busy girl huh.

“I-it’s not like I’m pleased with it or anything ok.”
“Since I don’t need this kind of thing, I’ll deal with it.”
“No, if you don’t need it then I’ll––––”
“Later then!”

Yui, with the ribbon left on exited from Secret Crystal Tower.
At the end she took off the ribbon, and like carrying it with both hand she took it.

Lucia and I watch that until she left.

“What on earth?”

“The both of you are dense!”

To Lucia and me, for some reason a retort from Yurie came.


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