A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C13

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Traditional Theatre





Crystal Tower Eighth.

What happened with Yui previously was on my mind, so I came out of the secret side and arrived here.
Incidentally, I’m by myself. For Yurie who is always carrying me I cut off a part of my slime body and left it as a weight.

And then I arrived at Yui’s floor, I immediately found Yui.
She has her back turned towards here. She held something in her hand, and it seems she was gazing at that.

“Ufu, ufufufufufu.”

Somehow, it seems she’s in a good mood.
I was curious about what she was looking at, and while hoppingly jumping I approached her and called out to her from behind.


Yui was literally, startled enough that she jumped up.

“O-onii-chan!? Why are you here?”
“Why you say……rather than that, right now what did you hide behind your back?”
“I-it’s nothing?”

Yui shifted her eyes away, and whistled poorly where only the sound of her came out.
She’s facing me and both her hands are behind her back. Just now she hid something she was looking at.

“Wait, that’s my ribbon.”

If it was something else then I wouldn’t understand, however just that I understand.
The ribbon I made when Yui came previously, a ribbon made using my slime body as materials.

Since it was made from my body, if I’m this close then even if I can’t see it I can sense it’s presence.

“Did you still have that.”
“W-what! Is it bad for me to have it?”
“It’s not like it’s bad, but.”

Or rather what was Yui doing while gazing at that.
Though if she were placing a curse on me using that as a medium I wasn’t able to sense any magic.

“It’s not like because Onii-chan gave it to me that I’m keeping it ok! That was……right! I was bored.”
“Since I was bored it became a perfect way of killing time! Tying it and stuff.”
“Ahh, I see.”

I understand that.
Since I also bend and tie chopstick paper, or use two rubber bands and stick them through each other and make various shapes.

Certainly the shape of the ribbon might be the best for killing time.

“Thanks Yui.”
“That’s why it’s not like it’s Onii-chan––––eh?”

The surprised Yui.

“You let me realize something good, thanks. I’ll do try doing that when I want to kill time, too.”
“Onii-chan……killing time?”
“Ahh, thanks.”

I say my thanks once more, and look at Yui.
Apparently she’s lively, previously she came all the way to the dungeon so I thought something happened, but it seems it’s fine.

That Yui, after shifting her gaze about, takes a single ribbon from her usual dress and hands it to me.

“I-I’ll give it to Onii-chan.”
“Ahh, kill time with this, huh.”
“D-don’t misunderstand! It’s not like there’s a deep meaning to it ok! Since I received something, I’m just giving you the same thing in return ok!”

Yui makes excuses with great vigor, no I understand that.
We’re step siblings, and what’s more our races are different. There’s no way there’s any deep meaning for a slime and dragon.

I accepted the ribbon.

“Thanks, I’ll make use of it when I’m bored.”

Yui was completely surprised, after that her face flushed and she looked down.
What’s wrong this time I wonder?

Like I thought, I don’t understand Yui.

“What are you doing brats.”

Suddenly, I heard an rough voice.
When I turned there I saw the figure of Shesta who had descended from the top floor.

“Shesta-san. What are you doing yourself, Shesta-san?”
“Me? I’m going to go greet guests.”
“They’re from Wormhole you see, they said the fire ant’s messenger came. The queen’s close aide. I thought I would go greet them see.”

The fire ants of Wormhole is the name of the dungeon monsters that previously came to request cooperation.
They said that a large amount of humans are necessary as energy for the queen’s breeding, so they came to request cooperation from Crystal Tower, where a considerably numerous heroes came, and Shesta.

Honestly we were mutually troubled over things like this, we were troubled in disposing of the heroes’ corpses, so as it was a timely offer it was negotiated that they would be handed over.
Those fire ant’s messenger, huh.

“Don’t do some funny love comedy and polish your skills brats.”

Shesta said that, and went towards the lower floor.
They were lines that had only places in which to retort.
First of all it’s not a love comedy, and the one who has to polish their skills is you.

Well naturally I let it go without saying anything, and followed after him.

“What is it boy.”
“I’m a bit interested in the messenger.”
“You’re a curious punk. It’s fine to come along, but don’t slip up.”
“I completely understand.”

Saying that I followed Shesta and descended down the tower.

While descending I saw Shesta get fussed over by the monsters.
This tower’s public master, and the one who has crushed numerous heroes Big Mouse Shesta.

Now, that presence and trust seems to be not inferior to that of Deep Forest’s Mother Dragon.

Like that I followed him, and arrived as far as the entrance of the first floor.

At that place a single fire ant was there.
Shesta approached the fire ant, and the fire ant addressed Shesta.

“You are Shesta-sama?”
“Ou. This Crystal Tower’s boss, Big Mouse Shesta.”

Just with Shesta introducing himself, from the surroundings shouts of joy were raised.
All over the place there are monsters, and those guys were excited with Shesta’s introduction.
Almost like an idol’s stage entrance.

“Thank you for the support. All the monsters of the dungeon accepted the humans that Crystal Tower sent with thanks.”

N? Wait a sec, what did he say just now.
All the monsters of the dungeon?
That’s strange, wasn’t situation that the fire ant’s request was for the sake of the queen?

“That kind of thing’s child’s play. If it wasn’t enough then we’ll send more, so say whenever.”

Shesta spoke in a good mood. It seems he didn’t notice the fire ant’s contradiction at all.

“As such, we want to thank Shesta-sama who cooperated, but.”
“Thanks? What is it.”
“Please look at this.”

The fire ant took out a small box.
A treasure box––––no size wise it resembles a jewel box.
He took that out, and presented it to Shesta.

Shesta accepted that.

“What is it, this.”
“If you open it and see, you shall understand.”
“I see.”

Shesta opened the box, that instant, black mist rushed out of the box and enveloped Shesta.

“A, ga……”

With almost no resistance the enveloped Shesta only wriggled for a moment and just like that collapsed and stopped moving.

The surrounding became noisy, with Shesta suddenly being done in, the monsters broke into a commotion.

“I did it, I did it! I defeated the big mouse!”

Until just before the fire ant that had taken an attitude of friendship raised a delightful voice.
And then, *Pop!* His form changed.

He wasn’t a fire ant, on the contrary he wasn’t even a monster.
What appeared was a human, a wand wielding, middle aged hero.

“Who are you!”
“What did you do to Shesta-sama!”

The monsters all together questioned the hero.
An unaided hero that came in was in a situation where he was surrounded on all sides, instead of being frightened he made a face as to say come and do it, and threw out his chest.

“My name is Goral, a member of the fire ant subjugation party. I came to subjugate the big mouse that lent a hand to the cornered fire ants.

Ahh, it’s that kind of thing.
Certainly previously, they came and said, “Because we’re disappointing”, the fire ant’s messenger did.

That is to say that meant they were on the verge of ruin by being cornered by heroes, and a single one of those heroes is front of our eyes.
As such he came to stop Shesta who cooperated with the fire ants and handed over goods, is what this means.

I see, I see.

“Hahahahaha, your boss is defeated see, with this you can’t cooperate with the fire ants anymore!”
“That’s naive.”

Swayingly, Shesta rose his body.
He slowly stood up, and he glared at the hero that had been full of triumph until now.

“Na––––that’s absurd, removing that curse!”

The hero was surprised.
Certainly if it was Shesta it would be impossible, and I who didn’t sense anything out of place might not have made it in time either.

The cursed Shesta even now is unconscious, the situation is like always as I’m stealthily operating Shesta.

And this is just like always as well, from the monsters shouts of joy are raised.
After being done in once on purpose he stands up, the undead big mouse, Big Mouse Shesta.

In a certain meaning the Shesta who faces his opponents directly and wins’ form causes the monsters of Crystal Tower to erupt in excitement.

“In that case, even if I have to take you down with me!”

To the hero who came charging with the resolve to stake his life, I operated Shesta and stopped the blow.

“Return and convey this to your group. That curses are completely ineffective on this great me.”

Since it would be a pain if they came like that again, I operated Shesta and acted like he was lively and blew away the hero in one blow.

Shesta who was unperturbed even if he received a powerful curse.
Due to the monsters witnessing that, and the defeated hero returning to his comrades place with information.

We became more and more famous.


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