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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C10

Ugh, this week’s a bad week for keeping deadlines it seems. I meant to get around to this earlier, but I suddenly had a bunch of errands to do so I only just now finished. Sorry about that.


Well, enjoy the chapter!

A Child Who Can Do It If They Try





Secret Crystal Tower.
On this day too I made an artificial sun, and within Yurie’s arms leisurely relaxed.

No, perhaps I was more carefree than usual.
The reason is, Lucia who settled down here from a while ago.

If the currently relaxed me gets hungry.

“I prepared a meal. The salted, grilled river fish that Master likes.”

Lucia keenly senses it and prepares a meal.
If I’m thirsty.

“I’ve brought water. The once evaporated fresh water Master likes.”

Like that, she prepares water for me.
As well as the heroes that break through Shesta and come invading Secret Crystal Tower. Continue reading