A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C1






Crystal Tower First Floor, I came out from the secret side after a long time.
I moved by being carried by Yurie like usual, at that Yurie’s feet there was an ant.

Fire ant child, the future queen.
The ant I fed cake and that became cute looked up at me with rounded eyes.

“From now on you’ll live here.”
“Don’t worry, you’ll live here is all. I’ll properly prepare cakes.”

The child ant––––the child named Dulce smiled.
As a child that has just only been born, after the person in question understood that their favorite cake was there she in a good mood.
Calculating, but it’s good that it’s child like.

“Oii, Ryu.”
“You came here, huh.”

From far way the goblin Terry, and the imp Lily came here.

“Who’s this girl.”
“A fire ant. You know them right.”
“Fire ant……what is it?”

I slipped, and Lily while remaining in the air floating, skillfully slipped.

“Did you forget Terry? Before they gathered the heroes as provisions, right.”
“Ahh! It was that.”

Being told by Lily, recalling that matter was Terry.
That’s right, to a certain extent the monsters of Crystal Tower know of the fire ant’s case.
That’s why I brought Dulce to the surface.

“This one is that fire ant?”
“The queen, a child. I’ve decided to look after her here until she becomes an adult and is independent.”
“I see.”
“Like Shesta-san right.”

Terry and Lily consented.
At the same time the other monsters boisterously gathered.
Since most of the personnel here where those that became independent from Deep Forest, they were able to immediately accept Dulce’s circumstances.

[It’s not just that right Slime-sama.]
[Well yea. If she’s in the secret side, then she won’t acquire combat experience. Future wise as for becoming independent this side will become better experience.]

And then time after time, probably an extreme number of times she’ll be killed by heroes I’m sure, but since as long at she’s within Crystal Tower she can resurrect there’s no problem.

[Slime-sama is as expected sparta.]
[It’s for the person themselves sake.]

I told Yurie as such, and watch over Dulce and co’s situation from a step back.
As her figure became adorable due to cake, she seemed to get very familiar mixed in with the monsters of Crystal Tower first floor.

If this is the case it’s fine, when I thought that.

“This is Crystal Tower, huh.”
“Where is the ant.”
“Ah, an-chan. Isn’t it that?”

Heroes invaded the tower.
A three person party of heroes, a normal one, a macho, and a timid fatty group of three.
The three of them are young, but they look capable.

“There’s no mistake, it’s a fire ant.”
“Alright, let’s do it.”
“Wait an-chan, I will setup––––”

The heroes attacked.
The as expected considerably strong heroes kicked aside the goblins and imps in an instant, and Dulce was done in as well.

“Alright, with this it’s done.”
“It’s no good, I can’t get out an-chan.”
“What? What does this mean.”

The heroes that tried to leave panic.
This dungeon is a structure that due to the dungeon skill [Turning Back Prohibition], the heroes couldn’t go back.
To leave you can only continue to ascend, and clear the dungeon.

The three that didn’t know that panic.

“What’s happening? It’s noisy isn’t it……what it’s heroes, huh.”

A familiar voice came from the top of the tower, and a big mouse came down.
Crystal Tower boss, Big Mouse Shesta.

“Shesta-san came, it’s fine now!”

The surviving monsters were excited at Shesta’s entry.
Shesta made an expression full of confidence, and approached the heroes.

“Oi Heroes, I won’t allow you to do as you like in this Crystal Tower––––ugo!”

Shesta was done in. Within the three, he was sunken with one blow of the most weak spirited looking fatty.
He was blow off with extreme force, he crossed the tower and sunk into the opposite wall.

“Are you ok!”

The monsters raised their voices.
Good grief.

I closed my eyes, and used magic in a way that wouldn’t be sensed.
Yurie who knew what I was about to do from now continued to carry me, and nonchalantly hid in a cover that wouldn’t be noticed.

I operate Shesta who fainted with magic.

“What, you’re pretty good aren’t ya. I underrated you.”

Around when Shesta stood up, the monsters grew excited for the second time.

“Oi Pan, silence them.”
“I-I got it an-chan. Oi, you mouse––––”

With extreme force––––with more force than when he was blown away he charged the hero.
Having been entrusted by his elder brothers the fatty was blow away with a tackle, and in the same way sunk into the wall.

“Who are you.”

The remaining two glare at Shesta.

“This great one is Shesta, Big Mouse Shesta.”

Shesta named himself, and in the same way instantly kills the remaining two.
The monsters get fired up greatly.

A boss of the theatrics type that each time revives after getting defeated once, and afterwards properly annihilates the hero.
Their boss, they sent unrestrained cheers to Shesta.

This is Crystal Tower’s everyday.
The everyday of the dungeon I live in.

Today as well, a unchanging day passed.

Crystal Tower, currently between the humans the most noticed dungeon.
Regardless that it’s an extremely new dungeon, until now there hasn’t been anyone that has completely cleared it, such a difficulty.
Not just that, due to that special structure, the chances of returning alive is 0%, an super difficult dungeon.

Right now that is being noticed.
Veteran heroes noticed.

Within them Alex.
In a certain meaning, for this dungeon the most annoying man was included.


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