A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C28


That’s the end of this chapter/arc! Hope you’ve enjoyed it so far, as always if you haven’t rated it on novel updates please do so if you can/want! Anyways the next arc only has 7 chapters out, so unless the author suddenly starts releasing at a fast pace again I’ll catch up next month. As such I’m looking for a new series. I’m going through raws, forums, and stuff to see if anything catches my interest, but if you have a suggestion I’m willing to look into it here.

Well enjoy!

Epilogue, From Parent to Child……





Crystal Tower’s Other Dimension.
I reported to the land god jii-san that the fire ant queen safely hatched from the egg.

“Well done protecting it to the end, I thank you.
“Was it good with that.”
“Umu, my old friend is pleased as well. The ant’s bloodline is connected, see.”

Why is he fussy to that extent I wonder––––I was about to ask but I stopped.
It would probably become a pain if I asked, and if heard I would definitely be rolled up in it.
Curiosity killed the slime, it’s best not to mind.

“I have to thank you somehow.”
“It’s fine. More importantly, leave me alone for a while, there not being anything troublesome is the best reward after all.”
“You have no greed huh. Is it fine with that?”
“……I don’t think a god would understand, but free time is this world’s best luxury.”
“Fumu, if you say as far as that, then I won’t insist.”

I bid farewell to the land god who seemed to understand, and I returned from the other dimension to Secret Crystal Tower.


The moment I returned, I was tackled by something.
On second look it was that fire ant.
The ant jumped at me and pressed our cheeks together, the characteristic bug exoskeleton scrapped me.

“Hey hey, that hurts so stop.”
“No, you don’t have to be that downhearted, it’s not like I’m not scolding you or anything after all.”

Once again greatly overjoyed, it rubs it cheeks with mine.
It’s a considerably sizable ant, but as it was distorted with a cake diet, coupled together with it’s behavior it was almost child like.

After that, I brought this one along and returned to Crystal Tower.
There was no way I could leave it there.
It takes a considerable time for a fire queen ant from them sitting up until they start birthing as a queen. Until then, they remain defenseless.
Since I gave it cake it also became attached to me, until eventually it becomes an adult ant and lays eggs and creates a new dungeon itself, I decided to look after and raise it.

I decided to raise it, and build it’s strength so as to be suitable for an ant queen.

“You’re too spoiled. You’ll become a queen, so you have to have suitable dignity––––”

I who started saying that hardened for a moment.
A white flash pierced through within my head, and I recalled something.


Aiming for that, the ant frolicked once more.

“Welcome back Slime-sama––––wawa! Slime-sama has been shaven like cheese!?”

Enough that I didn’t pay mind to the frolicking, I thought of that.
I stood up, the ant clinging to me fell to the ground.
With agility I avoid the ant that without being discouraged once more came jumping at me, and use magic.

“Are you ok Slime-sama.”
“I’m going out a bit.”
“Eh? Going out, where to––––ah Slime-sama!”

I used teleportation magic that I seldom use.
Magic power wraps me up, and together with a floating feeling I was transported.
Where I arrived was Deep Forest after a long while, before Mother Dragon.

Dense magic power, and overwhelming presence.
Mother Dragon calmly opened her eyelids, staring, and looked at me.

“What have you come to do, son.”
“I want to ask one thing.”
“What is it.”
“Why did you bring me up.”

Mother Dragon remained silent.
She stared at me with eyes holding both power and intelligence, but she didn’t say anything.

Before long.

“Is a reason necessary to raise my son?”
“The reason for the difference in training policy with Yui is?”
“A son and daughter are different.”
“……is that so.”

A simple exchange, however I understood with that.
Mother Dragon, Kaa-san will only evade and not talk about anything I’m sure.
Since before I was interested in that mine and Yui’s way of being dealt with was different, but with the ant this is what I thought of that.

Kaa-san, she raised me in this kind of way didn’t she.

I came to ask that, however it seems Kaa-san had no intention of answering.
There is curiosity, I want to know that.
But, Kaa-san surely won’t answer.

“……later then.”

I held down my curiosity, and with magic once more returned to Secret Crystal Tower.


After Ryu disappeared, a single girl appeared before Mother Dragon.
A great executive of Deep Forest, high rank demon vampire Hime.

“Was it fine not to tell him.”

Mother Dragon stared, and glared a her friend of some thousand years.

“That you understood with one glance, this child had a personality that couldn’t stay silent if something happened.”
“After all he would probably stick his neck in this and that, so if that’s the case power for that sake was necessary. It would have been fine if you had told him that wouldn’t it.”
“There’s no need.”
“Is that so?”
“That he realized that means that he’s trying to do the same thing after all.”
“That’s why it’s fine? You have a difficult personality as well.”
“You’re noisy……”

Mother Dragon said that, and quietly shut her eyes.
In her old friend’s eyes, that was seen as something like hiding her embarrassment and some stubbornness.
While sighing, Hime slapped the corners of the dragon’s mouth that secretly raised.


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