New Project?


Hello! Back in July I sorta started translating A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing casually and not really thinking what I would do next. Fast forward 6 months or so and I’m close to completely translating the available material since the author’s been updating this novel slowly recently. So, I thought it best to start looking for a new novel now before I actually do finish, so that I can just continue on translating without skipping a beat. As such I’d like to know of any novels that you guys would be interested in that I would fine interesting to translate.


  • Has to be a web novel that’s free to read(Post a link)
  • Obviously in Japanese (If you can tell, it would be best if the level was similar to the current novel otherwise just post away and I’ll check)
  • I tend to favor fantasy stuff
  • It would be best if it was completely untranslated but it’s not required
  • No NTR, Yaoi,etc and try to avoid tragedy(I think my translation speed would take a hit anytime something horrible happened)

That’s all I can really think of now. Anyways, I’ll be looking around, too. Hopefully I can find something that’ll keep me motivated. Of course I’ll keep translating this novel even when I catch after the author updates!




18 thoughts on “New Project?

  1. Tup

    Hello i don’t know where to get the raw,but i hope you interested in translating these tittle
    All of them are fantasy and as far as I remember it doesn’t have NTR, yaoi,and tragedy
    All of them have been dropped for at least 3 month so its safe for picking up


    1. Xiose Post author

      Haha, neat! I was actually reading this, and considering translating it when you posted this. I was still sorting things out, so I didn’t want to accidentally lie, so I didn’t reply. Anyway this will be my next project, and should be up in less than half an hour! Enjoy!

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