A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C25

First Rank and Second Rank





The sixth day, on this day too I protected the fire ant’s egg.
The hero rush that continued since morning reached a resting point, the situation of this dungeon spread, all the heroes that came dispersed o the four alters, so I was able to relax a lot.

Occasiiionally, there was a hero that didn’t know anything and came charging, but those that didn’t prepare would without fail easily attack the egg, so due to the twice fold return counter they were mercilessly finished off.

When I spoke the reality that it wasn’t reflection and that it was analyzed in real time and shock back with twice the power, Yui.

“Even though if you would properly work like that normally it would be good.”

She said that.
What she said was as usual, but for some reason she smiled with all her heart.

Her breaking into a smile was cryptic, but since I was working Yui didn’t come nagging.

Thanks to that, I relaxed as I gazed at the heroes passing by before my eyes.

The flow of heroes was cut off for while, suddenly, at the corner of my view I perceived the figure of Chris.
Chris who went out from her altar, for some reason in front of the altar she held her knees and looked inside.

I probed the surrounding presences, judging that heroes wouldn’t come for a while I headed to Chris’s location.

“What’s wrong Chris.”
“Flowers, they grew.”

I followed Chris’s line of sight, before one knew within the altar there were various flowers in full bloom.

“These bloomed splendidly huh.”
“Nourishment of the heroes, plentiful.”
“I see. Certainly, as far as the earth is concerned the corpses of strong guys become first rate nourishment, huh.”

In this regard, humans and monsters are no different, after dying they become the earth’s nourishment.
The stronger they are the nourishment’s also plentiful.

That’s why for countries that warred, the following year or two years later, the amount of crops harvested is outrageous.

It’s an ironic story, but for villages that surrender to monsters, due to the benefit they always have a good harvest.
Both humans and monsters die in a good balance and become a high quality fertilizer.

The village connected with Deep Forest exactly for that reason, even if they have to periodically present sacrifices they try to remain under Deep Forest.

Identical to that, the alter where a large amount of heroes have died as well had flowers beautifully blooming.

“However, in this case you can’t fight right.”
“No problem, I’ll fight here.”

Chris said that, and stood at once and faced the outside.
The figure of oni masked ogre standing dauntingly was gallant, no one at all shall pass here, she let out that type of atmosphere.

After appealing that, she sat down again, held her knees and intently gazed at the flowers.

Flowers within the altar, Chris outside.
At a glance it’s a situation like she lent out her roof and had her home taken over, kinda.

The person in question seemed happy.

[Almost like a father driven out from home.]

Yurie held similar thoughts.

[It’s that kind of hobby, no she’s already that kind of living being, so it can’t be helped.]

I returned together with Yurie to the pedestal in the center.
I camouflaged us, and we returned to the egg and slime pedestal.

While relaxing there, I occasionally see Chris’s situation.
That kind of time flowed by.

“What’s wrong Slime-sama.”
“Something’s coming.”

It was caught in the line of vigilance I put out in order to go to Chris’s location, and continued putting out, out of habit.
A hero is coming.

The number is one, their strength……dangerous, this is!

Before devising a countermeasure, the hero rushed into the dungeon.

A young man, bristled hair, and carrying a sword with plenty of presence on his back.
Uniformed in light armor and an elegant blue mantle.

As if his appearance wasn’t enough, that kind of hero appeared.

That guy glaringly looked around.
His eyes were drawn to Chris who was outside the altar.
He unsheathed the sword on his back, and assumed a stance.

Chris noticed that as well.
She slowly stood up, and together with the slime club and enshrouding aura she faced the hero.

The hero casually swung down the sword, Chris tried to counterattack.

“Avoid it Chris!”

When I noticed, I had screamed.
Chris became startled. She stepped on the ground and was about to jump aside.


But, she didn’t move.
Despite being able to react enough and dodge, Chris didn’t avoid it and on the contrary she crossed her arms and guarded.

The slash the hero fired cut Chris with the space.

[W-why didn’t she avoid it?]

Since there were flowers.
There were flowers on the back of Chris. If she avoided the hero’s slash the flowers would have been cut.
Chris risked her life and protected the flowers.

Chris who was cut, she spouted large quantity of blood and crumbled down.

“What’s––––y-you are.”

Lucia who heard the uproar and suddenly appeared from the altar she was in charge of saw the opponent and widened her eyes.
She noticed huh, the identity of the opponent.

I know about that guy, Lucia as well knows.

“You are……certainly Ryu’s disciple……what are you doing in this kind of place.”

Lucia didn’t answer.
Since I’mRyu here, since she can’t say something like that.

Alistar Mars.
The man teased as the eternal second rank hero.

He’s called by that nickname, but his true strength is outstanding among heroes.
At any rate, “For more than twenty years he’s always been the second strongest in the world”, is how he’s recognized after all.

“What’s more……you’re assisting in something strange.”

Exasperation and contempt, while carrying those two sentiments he alternatingly looked at Lucia and the egg.
As expected of Alistar, he saw through it in a glance.
There’s no meaning to the altar that Lucia is protecting, that as long as your power if enough you can directly attack the egg in the center. That the egg itself is fake.
The impression that he saw through that in an instant.

“Sorry, however this is my way.”

Lucia unsheathed her galient sword and assumed a stance.

“What is it, what’s happening……wait Chris!?”
“Despite being a human you’re brazen huh.”

Karen and Yui who overheard the uproar came out.
The both of them instantly guessed the situation, the atmosphere in the place froze over.

“Well it’s fine, at any rate the defeated can’t get in the way.”

When Alistar touched the sword on his back Lucia’s expression stiffened even more.
You could say she was prepared for death.


I jumped down from Yurie, and I canceled the fake and showed my figure.

“There was another huh……mu?”

The moment he saw me, Alistar changed his expression as well.
Since the moment I revealed my figure, I released my power.
I released my power in a way that could be understood as long as they’re not a great idiot.

“I see, you’re this place’s boss huh.”
“Ahh. Everyone fall back. I undertake this place.”
“I hope you do your best to be tortured to death by Onii-chan.”CHECK

The three left their respective lines, and took their distance from me and Alistar.

Within combat range me and Alistar glared at each other.
How many years has it been since I’ve faced this guy like this I wonder……as the same hero, there’s been a connection since before.

Since Alistar is inflexible in a different sense from Alex, we had conflicts with various things.
It will be the same this time as well.

“Listen, do you know? The nature of the fire ant.”
“What do you mean.”
“That’s called by the alias All Eater. They’ll eat anything, if they learn the taste, then they’ll even eat the same monster, a dangerous living being.”
“Those guys learned the taste of humans, that’s why the subjugation. If you protect them, then the next to be eaten might be you guys.”
“That’s why I should let you annihilate them, huh.”
“That’s right. If you understand, then move out of the way from there, this time I’ll only destroy the fire ant––––”
“If they’re that kind of living being, then it can’t be helped because of that.”
“……what did you say?”

Alistar’s expression changed.
Even angrier––––his anger is burning up, even now it seems like fire emit from his eyes.

“That’s acceptable, you say.”
“If they’re that kind of living being, yea.”
“You, do you understand what you’re saying?”
“I intend to understand. A goblin who relentlessly repeats virgin, a big mouse that puts on airs, a succubus that toys with dreams, and an ogre that stakes her life and loves flowers.”
“Don’t place those things on the same level!”
“Humans as well, at their own convenience massively kill monsters right. It’s mutual.”
“……it’s out of the question.”
“That’s right.”

It’s been like that since before, Alistar is stubborn in a different sense from Alex.
Once recognized as justice, he’ll absolutely never bend. No matter what kind of circumstances the other party has he won’t recognize it.

What’s annoying is, though it might be one-sided he’ll take it as the unmistakable righteousness, and.

“I’ll defeat you and destroy the egg.”

That he holds power enough to be worth calling the eternal second rank.
The long sword on his back makes a screech after he unsheathes it.
Vast energy swirls.

“W-what is that……”

Lucia, Karen, and Yui, enough to overwhelm those three.
Strong as always, no even stronger.
More than the last time I fought him.

I have no choice but to do it.

I released even more power.
The enshrouding power, dragon power.

“A slime holding the power of the golden dragon. Were you born in it’s nest?”

As expected of Alister, he saw through it in one shot.
I can’t be stingy, I have to decide it in one shot.


I raised a roar, and concentrated the power in a single point.
I swung down the full power blow.

The dragon’s forefoot.Final Strike

Alistar did not avoid it, having said that he didn’t side step it either.
He exchanged blows with the dragon’s forefoot from head on.
An explosion occurred, an explosion enough to scatter away a single small village without leaving a trace.

An explosion enough that even Karen, Lucia, Yui screamed and couldn’t directly stand up.

At the center of the explosion Alistar stood.
Remaining in the form of having exchanged a blow with the long sword, he stood without injury.

“Is it that much dragon! This time it’s my turn.”
“Sorry, but there’s no next time……”
“What!? ––––mu.”

Alistar who was shocked, he was shocked at my voice without power and tired to jump back but.

“It’s useless……”

The Final Strike he defended against, that scattered magic power gathered and wrapped up Alistar.
Almost like a prison, it captured Alistar.

“This is––––you, it can’t be!”
“It’s like that.”
“Uohhh! This kind of thingggg!”

Alistar put strength into his sword and tried to smash the magic power prison, but it was meaningless.
Before long the magic power taking in Alistar became thin, and together with him disappeared.


Lightheadedness, I who looked like I could collapse.

“Are you ok Slime-sama!”

Yurie panicked and came running, and held me up.

“I’m fine, I literally used up all my power, so I’m tired is all. In order to trick Alistar it was no good if it wasn’t literally a blow to the limits after all.”
“What did you do?”

The other three arrived, and Karen asked.

“Even if I defeat him, he’ll still come. That’s why I sealed him.”
“Sealed? However what if the seal is broken?”

Lucia points out her doubt.

“Ahh, I didn’t teach you, huh. If you set the time rather short, then in proportion to that shortness it’s possible to make a seal that can’t be broken no matter what. In this case, 5 days.”
“I-I see. If it’s about five days then “Sealing” is mostly meaningfull.”
“That’s why he can’t break it. This time this is enough.”

When I finished the explanation, I became increasingly tired.
My consciousness went far away, it became pitch black before my eyes.

I guess I’ll sleep like this for an entire day but.

“O-onii-chan are you ok?”
“Master said he used up his full power. In that case, if he rests he’ll get better.”
“During that we have to protect Ryu-sama right.”
“It’s fine if I protect Onii-chan from the inferior humans right!”

Thanks to the reliable voices, I let go of my consciousness with relief.


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