A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C24


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Paying Back Double





“I found it! Isn’t it that?”
“Really! Ohh, certainly it’s the fire ant’s egg.”

Within the 10 day dungeon, the two heroes that arrived stopped before the egg.
One side was carrying a bow gun on his back, using that and fighting, an archer type hero I’m sure.
The other side held a large shield that completely covers the body and a somewhat short one handed sword, this one is a close combat and one who fights orthodoxically I’m sure.
From what the two are carrying and their weapons I’ve confirmed their main fighting style and strength, the danger is almost zero I’m sure.

“Lets break it immediately.”
“Wait don’t rush, can’t you see the magic power’s flow?”
“Magic power……? Mu, it’s connected with those alters?”
“Exactly. Most likely if we don’t start working from there, breaking the egg will be impossible I guess.”
“Lets try, if it’s no good it’s no good––––”
“That’s a trap. Look, the egg is flauntingly put on top of a slime. It’s a scheme to make it see frail.”
“……a trap.”

Even though I didn’t do anything, the two heroes arbitrarily caused a misunderstanding.
Nothing having done anything is wrong as well, I induced them to misunderstand like that.

After making it clear that a changed would occur in the center after clearing the four altars, I placed the egg in the center on top of a slime––––my body.
An appearance of a slime made into a pedestal and enshrining the egg.

It’s the same with how humans if a fly flies past them they’ll instinctively swat it, from a hero’s point a view the weakest slime is a monster they defeat with a on the way feeling.
I utilized that.

“Umu, can’t break it, if it was a waste of time it would still be fine. In the worst case if it’s a attack absorption pattern, then if we thoughtlessly attack it then it’s quite possible we ‘ll hasten their hatching.”
“Ku, cunning behavior.”

The two heroes annoyingly glared this way.
It seems they fell well into the ulterior motive.

While the two were looking hereat the egg regretfully, deciding to seriously clear this they headed towards one of the altars.
That one is Chris, the altar the ogre Chris is protecting.
Just as they entered, I heard their death agony.

Good work Chris.
The stronger the monster protecting the altar, heroes will think that they have to clear it from there.
They’re convinced that if they don’t clear the four alters they won’t be able to destroy the egg in the center.
That’s the heroes’ way of life, they’re that type of people.

I slacked off. I was in the center with the pretense of protecting the egg the most important target, and slacked off.
Heroes coming to eradicate the fire ants came one after another, suicide attacked each of the four alters, and were instantly killed by Chris and the rest.

I was able to slack off, and leisurely laid back.
Even Yui didn’t come and say anything to me.
With this time’s case as I was protecting the most important egg, she didn’t say anything.
Yui only hates that I slack of, slothfulness unbecoming of Mother Dragon’s son––––is what makes her angry.
Since protecting the egg is the most important job, despite actually slacking off, Yui didn’t come say anything and was happy.

“Damm thing! This thing’s a bluff isn’t it!”

When I was relaxing a hooligan like hero stood before the egg and glared at me.
Hair sticking up every which way and punk clothing. A hero but with an appearance that it reasonable even if you called them a hooligan.

With an furious expression that guy chanted a spell.
A spear of light appeared in his right hand, the moment that appeared a high-pitched tone reverberated throughout the room.
Something like this isn’t a bluff, a blow that shows the height of power.


The hero threw the spear this way.
The spear hit the egg––––the next moment.

The spear became twice as large and went back to the direction it came, and pierced the hero in two.


As the hero continued cursing until the end, he collapsed and died.
That guy will continue coming I’m sure, when I thought that.

[That’s amazing, Slime-sama.]

The egg spoke.
To be accurate, “Yurie who was pretending to be the egg” spoke.

Seen by an outsider it’s a slime that’s a pedestal and the egg placed on top of it.
That’s incorrect. In reality I’m on top of Yurie’s lap, and the appearance is only made to look like the egg and a pedestal.

The real egg is somewhere else……it’s hidden somewhere where the heroes won’t even imagine.

It’s hidden for the sake of an emergency.

[How did you do that just now? Reflection magic?]
[No, if it was reflection magic then it could only be returned as is. In order to make a phenomenon that it’s useless to attack this way, that which is shot this way is precisely returned in double.]
[Double? How’s that done?]
[First receiving and invalidating––––is irrelevant huh. The received attack is immediately analyzed, and the same one is fired back with twice the power is all.]
[That in just that instant?]
[It wasn’t in an instant though.]

From analyzing until the return blow it took 1/100 of a second. If it was a real reflection then it could be returned immediately.

[With this they’ll no longer attack here I’m sure.]

Just as I guessed, from then on I––––there were no heroes that attacked towards the egg.
From the conversations the heroes exchanged it seems that it was properly spread that the hooligan hero received twice the damage.

The agreed ten days, the first five days.
I was able to pass it just by slacking off.


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