A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C23

Hero’s Mode of Life





A kill a day, recently this is my motto.

In order to not let Yui rampage, once a day I show my full power, and instantly kill a hero that just invaded.
Today as well, I smashed up a miko of the eastern country that went past Shesta with a dragon forefootFinal Strike.
The hero’s corpse with no trace of it’s original form spread on the tower’s ground, and the floor cracked until the wall.

Seeing that, for some reason Yui seemed satisfied.
Even now I still don’t understand well, but if Yui doesn’t rampage then there’s no problem.
Though a full power blow is considerably exhausting, but since after doing that once a day even if slack off she doesn’t say anything to me, rather after showing my full power I’m able to relax with the moderate sense of fatigue.

Karen and co. who proposed this form are amazing huh, later I have to say my thanks.

With those kinds of feelings, today as well in Secret Crystal Tower I tried to make a pseudo sun and relax when.


Yui who was at a distanced place suddenly called me with a voice at her wit’s end.
When I thought what’s wrong, I saw that a magi circle had expanded underfoot before I noticed.
Faster than I could comprehend, I was taken in by the magic circle.

“So you’ve come.”

The next moment, I was in the land god’s other dimension.
The acquainted Jii-san looked at me and smiled broadly.

Behind him were the handsome youth sacrifices I had previously sent, the handsome youths wore rubber suits, and refrained themselves behind the land god with flushed expressions.
What happened with them is……probably something better off not imagining.

I looked at just the land god and inquired.

“Jii-san called me?”
“Exactly so. I had a matter to request of you and called ya.”
“A request?”
“My old friend you see, for the sake of the monsters that live in their own dungeon, wants to protect a certain thing. However, humans are directly interfering with that thing, the dungeon’s monsters suffered damaged from humans and are on the verge of annihilation.”
“……I should protect that, is what you’re saying?”
“Amazing discernment.”

It’s not an amazing discernment, if you say that much then it’s pretty much like saying everything right, but.

“What, it won’t take time. For about ten days without it being stolen by humans––––of course without it being broken, as long as you protect it, it’s fine. It’s the same as what you’re usually doing right?”
“Well yea……without breaking the dungeon I repulse the heroes, so it’s the same but.”
“Then you have leeway right?”
“……by the way what will happen if I refuse.”
“I confiscate the current dungeon.”
“No room for choice, huh.”

I sighed.
I didn’t think I had room for choice since the beginning.
I had previously experienced the land god Jii-san’s unreasonableness, since he summoned me in this way I sensed it was considerably serious.
Though saying that a raising a threat this straightforward was unforeseen then it was unforeseen, but well, shall I say it’s alright just with understanding Jii-san’s seriousness.


Somewhat more than just now, it was a serious tone.
If I observed carefully, Jii-san was staring at me. Although his expression didn’t change much, he looks at me with eyes similar to petition.

“I only have you to ask.”
“……there’ helping it, huh.”

Apparently it truly seems that way.
Well, land gods are in a certain sense tied to that land, even if they’re asked for help from a land god from another place they can’t go.
Speaking of things they can do, they’re own land, they can only ask the monsters in the dungeon standing there after all.
Only being able to ask me is the truth surely.

“And, what should I protect?”
“Umu. A fire ant’s egg.”

What Jii-san told me was a story that wasn’t completely unrelated to me.

“……why is everyone coming along?”

I went out of Crystal Tower, and when I was moving towards the destination designated by Jii-san while being carried by Yurie, behind everyone was following in succession.
Karen, Lucia, Chris, Yui.
The four who settled down in Secret Crystal Tower followed in succession.

“I-it’s not like I particularly want to go, but if I don’t watch Onii-chan will slack off again, so it can’t be helped.”
“No, this time I have no plans to slack off.”

*Glint*, like that I was glared at by Yui.
No, like I said it’s really fine even if you don’t follow along, this time. After all if I don’t properly work, Crystal Tower will be taken up.

“It’s not for that though riight. Ah, if Ryu is there then I’ll follow anywhere okk.”
“No, you’re fine.”

When Karen said that kind of thing, for some reason Yui raised a voice like a shriek.
With a sulking expression she pouted and glares at me, for some reason she’s a bit teary eyed.

“What’s wrong Yui.”
“N-nothing? Even if it’s no good, in order to observe you I’m simply following you.”

You declared that just before as well right.
Well it’s fine, that behavior of Yui’s isn’t something that started today or yesterday, so for the time being I let it pass.

Faster than I asked, Lucia answered.

“Where Master goes, I’ll go along. I’m in the middle of retraining myself, I’m troubled if I can’t have Master watch.”
“Well yea……if I leave you alone, you’ll make some unneeded effort with some strange interpretation after all, you will.”

If I think about things until now, it’s like that.
I think it was better to tell her to come along normally.

“Chris is……”
“This, I’ll be troubled if it breaks on the way.”

Saying that she hoists the club.
The slime club I remodeled, the club that made it so that Chris could see flowers at point blank range.


Chris mutters the same line.
The atmosphere became heavy in an instant, *Gloom*, heavy to the point that it seemed you could hear such a sound effect.
Well, if that’s the case it can’t be helped, huh.

Everyone besides Yui has a reason huh, then it can’t be helped.

“Dragon-sama is considerably pitiable.”
“Right now it’s her turn to endure, so it can’t be helped.”

Yurie and Karen were communicating with each other.
Since before, these two have awfully hit it off. That they get along is nice, but I’m troubled that I don’t understand half what they’re talking about.

I walked together with those four.
Since everyone was a considerably powerful person, there was no problem even walking directly there.

We walked an entire night and day, and arrived at the place designated by Jii-san.
That place was a devastated land with nothing there. It a kind of ground fallen into ruin where even vegetation doesn’t grow.

“We’ve arrived.”
“Is it really here, Ryu-sama? Though there’s nothing.”
“I’ll make that from here on out.”
“Making a dungeon, huh……it’s my first time seeing it.”

Lucia muttered that, and made an expression full of curiosity.
She’s a former hero, so though she has invaded a dungeon she hasn’t see it being made.

I look at that kind of Lucia, and Karen, Chris, and Yui, these four.
Since there’s four of them……shall we go with that type?

I jumped down from Yurie, closed my eyes and sought a presence.
Immediately the earth’s magic flow––––I sensed the dragon vein.
I sent magic there, and stimulated it.

The same way as with Crystal Tower, I tried to make a dungeon.

I imagined, and made a dungeon.
In the middle of the wasteland there are four temple like things, a single pedestal like thing is binding those crosswise in the center.
Outside the pedestal a barrier like thing could be lightly seen.

“This is?”
“I’ll have one person in each of the outside four respectively. A mechanism to defeat the four people, and the center barrier will be undone.
“Why did you do that kind of thing?”
“This time I have to protect the egg, if I just do that then heroes will come swarming for the egg in full force, there––––”
“––––the center barrier, if there are four temples outside, in order to undo the barrier the heroes will clear from the temples.”

Former hero Lucia took over and explains.

“That’s right, it’s a mechanism utilizing a hero’s ecology.”
“I see.”
“As such, since you came along, can I have you protect each temple?”

The four of them nodded at me.
Well then, it’s the opening of the fight for 10 days.

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      1. Xiose Post author

        Nah, she’s there~ I guess Ryu just left something to observe/contact him if there’s trouble. I mean with Distant View and teleportation magic he can get there quickly right? Or like Sage said, everyone’s paying attention here so they’re ignoring Crystal Tower for the time being.


  1. sage yomeri

    Oh, this is the start of the “Four Heavenly Whatchamacallits” in the Crystal Dungeon eh?
    Interesting, Interesting.
    This is apparently your standard “Boss Rush” Dungeon > fight the four, seal goes undone, fight the final boss.
    Hero’s senses of justice rising through the roof of their pants for this one then. Oh yes, a lot of ego stroking. I suppose with this layout, Crystal Dungeon won’t be worth the Hero’s time. No wonder Ryu is able to leave it.

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