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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C23

Hero’s Mode of Life





A kill a day, recently this is my motto.

In order to not let Yui rampage, once a day I show my full power, and instantly kill a hero that just invaded.
Today as well, I smashed up a miko of the eastern country that went past Shesta with a dragon forefootFinal Strike.
The hero’s corpse with no trace of it’s original form spread on the tower’s ground, and the floor cracked until the wall.

Seeing that, for some reason Yui seemed satisfied.
Even now I still don’t understand well, but if Yui doesn’t rampage then there’s no problem.
Though a full power blow is considerably exhausting, but since after doing that once a day even if slack off she doesn’t say anything to me, rather after showing my full power I’m able to relax with the moderate sense of fatigue. Continue reading