A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C22

Cooking Slime





Secret Crystal Tower.
I was basking with the pseudo sun when Lucia returned from outside.

When I thought where did she go, she held two rabbits in her hand.

“What’s the matter, that.”
“Master. Will Master join me as well?”
“After this it’s lunch.”

It was that kind of thing, huh.
There are many heroes with high survival skills.
This place exactly Crystal Tower is a “Tower” but, many of the dungeons monsters live are Deep “Forest” or Silent “Sea” or Blue “Mountain” or such.
From the point of view of humans at any rate many are outdoors.

Since they visit there frequently, that besides combat ability they acquire survival abilities is a natural flow.
Hunting animals that live outdoors to secure protein is something done often. The two rabbits she’s holding are for that purpose I’m sure.

Incidentally, monsters for the most part don’t do that, since their energy source is different from humans.

Though among them there is a vampire that keeps brainwashed humans as “Juice ServerBlood Tank“, most have no need for that.

“I’m fine, slime’s have no need for that after all.”
“I’ve heard slimes are carnivorous though.”
“That’s a misunderstanding, slimes are purely herbivorous. It might look liking predation of humans, but that’s just melting the fibers of clothes and eating them. It makes them stark naked, but not kill them.”
“Was that how it was.”
“Well, goblins aiming after that will come swarming like hyenas though.”

Goblins and slimes, either one is a small and weak monster, but exceeding that is a coexistence like relation.
After a slime melts the clothes, goblins (in a different sense) enjoy eating the women.
That relation was practical.

Although recently from the goblins side voices have gone up like, “Completely stripping them lacks elegance” and the coexistence relation is one the verge of failure though.

“Well then, if Master doesn’t need it then I––––”

Lucia sits, and tried to bite into the rabbit just like that.

“Wait a second Lucia.”
“What’s wrong Master.”
“Are you going to bite into it just like that? Somewhat is fine, so cook it. You’ll upset your stomach.”

Rather visually speaking it’s unpleasant.
Watching the scene of the queen and hero clad in knight armor Lucia biting into wild rabbit without cooking it isn’t enjoyable.

“C-cooking, is it.”
“Ahh, you can do it right.”
“U-umu. Somewhat.”
“In that case, do so.”
“……got it.”

Lucia reluctantly nods.
Why reluctantly?

Lucia took out various utensils from her luggage.
A simple kitchen knife and chopping board, a pot and a stand to place it on.
A set of tools for use in outdoor cooking.

A fire was created with magic……up til here was good.

I was watching from within Yurie’s arms in a miracle fit, but I wonder what I overlooked, Lucia’s cuisine she made was dangerous.
Up til she cut the rabbit’s meat and put it in the pot was fine, but that pot somehow became like a witch’s cauldron.

The viscous liquid burbled and foamed, that color was midway between purple and black and was indeed dangerous.

“……Lucia, that is?”
“R-rabbit sashimi.”
“Why did you simmer it!?”

I spontaneously rose a loud voice, dust sprinkled down from the shaking tower’s ceiling.

“I-I’m bad at cooking. The one thing I can make is sashimi––––”
“Like I said, why did you simmer it!?”
“In the first place, is it fine to make rabbit into sashimi……”

Yurie mutters, she also looked at the viscous soup and knit her brows.

“I-it’s fine Master. This much I can normally eat.”
“That’s a lie right, oi……”
“Occasionally I’m afflicted though.”
“You’ll get afflicted won’t you!”
“The likelihood is about 17%, there’s no problem.”
“The numbers are lifelike! Or rather eating this, you’re fine 83% of the time you!”
“Since it’s my own cooking I’ve trained. I can’t waste ingredients.”
“Though it’s already ruined right, by this point!”

It was unexpected, I didn’t think that Lucia was that bad at cooking.
Rather, there’s no way I can let her eat that. There’s no way I who heard the likelihood is 17% can let her eat this kind of thing in front of me.

“Haa, wait for a bit.”

I jumped down from Yurie, expanded my slime body, and engulf the pot.


I felt nauseated for an instant, I thought my soul would be eroded.

“A-are you ok, Master.”
“It was the 17% side……”

I took a deep breath, it completely took all my endurance, but I it barely ended without dying.
I focused on the thing taken inside my body.
First of all I reconstructed the rabbit’s meat, after that rushed out of the tower, and I took in the herbs near there and pebbles.
I mixed that within my body, and shot fire magic inside my body.

While I adjusted the degree of heating, I returned to Secret Crystal Tower.

“It’s finished.”
“Finished, which means?”

Before Yurie who was tilting her head, I “Pe” spit out.
Stone grilled herbs and rabbit.
The aroma of the rabbit meat and herbs coupled together, and a sweet-smelling fragrance spread within the tower.
Since there’s some salt on the rocks, I also disassembled that and spread it thickly, so the taste should properly be included.

“There, eat this. The likelihood of affliction should be 0%.”
“What’s wrong, aren’t you going to eat?”
“As one would expect……this is……”

What’s wrong I wonder.
Lucia is extremely hesitating, and it doesn’t seem like she’ll try to extend her hand out.

“Slime-sama, as one would expect that’s difficult.”
“Why Yurie.”
“Why you ask……that was taken within your body and spit out after all……”

So what does that mean?

“It’s the same as the things I’ve given to you all until now? Weapons, armor, and clothes as well, all their ways of making are the same?”
“T-that’s true, but……”

Yui made a troubled expression and looked at Lucia, Lucia was also extremely troubled.

“Ah. Dragon-sama.”

Yurie almost as if recalling Yui is on the opposite, she looked towards Yui who for some was secretly hiding.

“Come here––––”
“I-it’s not like I have interest in Onii-chan’s cooling ok!”
“I haven’t said anything yet.”

Yurie bore an exasperated expression, and spoke once more to Yui.

“Will Dragon-sama eat this cooking? I think most likely it’s impossible for us to digest it. We’re not as strong as Dragon-sama after all.”
“T-that’s true. If it’s a human’s poor stomach then digesting Onii-chan’s cooking is impossible right.”
“Yes, that’s why––––”
“F-fun. For Onii-chan it’s reasonably skillful huh.”

Yui instantly ate up the whole roast rabbit I made.
It was an extremely quick feeling, even I failed to notice.

Or rather.
What on earth is it?

“Onee-san, I think it’s better not to cook or such and eat it like that.”
“That’s right, I’ll do that.”

Lucia tried to lay her hands on the remaining rabbit.

From Yurie and Lucia’s conversation I guessed, and furthermore from the cuisine Lucia tried to make I thought.
……I see, it was that kind of thing, huh.

“Well then, itadakima––––”


As if snatching the rabbit Lucia tried to bite into I engulfed it.
I transformed my body’s insides like cutlery, skillfully handled it, cut it up, and finally using the same slime body I made plates and since I would place the rabbit meat there I spit out.

Rabbit sashimi placed on the plate.
Was it this kind of thing I wonder?
What Lucia tried to make was sashimi, and then though it was heated she hesitated and tried to bite into it just like that.
She wanted to eat it raw huh, Lucia did.

I judged as such and made rabbit sashimi, so I did but.

“As expected of Onii-chan, the way of handling meat is perfect right.”

Lucia bore an expression that seemed to cry, and for some reason Yurie looked at me with eyes blaming eyes.
Yui in Yui’s own way was unusually impressed.

What on earth shouldn’t I have done are you saying?


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  1. hecate

    :v looks like ryuu’s common sense is already broke a bit :v he forget that he forced his disciple to eat something that he just puke from his body :v

    Well yui would gladly eat it XD coz that mean she got to eat her brother’s essence



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