A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C21

Black Hole 1


I’m Not a Siscon





I instantly killed the hero that entered Secret Crystal Tower.
To the guy who defeated Shesta, and while they didn’t know that happened the moment they were transferred, a Final Strike that allowed no questions.

Not understanding what happened, not even understanding that I was the one who did it.
With such a swift attack, I defeated the hero.

“Ahh, as expected Onii-chan is amazing……an opponent that climbed up to here uninjured, without letting them do anything something like defeating them in one blow.”

Having seen that––––no, Yui who was purposely shown that spoke with an ecstatic expression.
As one would expect she saw.

Recently, I haven’t understood what Yui is thinking & she’s awfully spoiled, but even if she’s spoiled she’s a dragon.
Yui who inherits the lineage of the Legendary Golden Dragon as the daughter of Mother Dragon, seems to appreciate what I did with just a glance.

If she can appreciate it then I’m thankful, the reason is this is something I simply did advised by Karen and Yurie.
In order to get rid of Yui’s rampaging I defeat a hero once a day every day.
And adding in my circumstances, the moment they enter Secret Crystal Tower before they can recognize that I’m here I defeat them in one blow with a swift attack.

The result of doing that, Yui seemed to be in a good mood.

[Is it fine with this?]
[Yes. I believe Imouto-sama is also satisfied.]
[Or rather what on earth is that? Although both you and Karen seem to understand.]
[……being said from me is. In time please hear it being said directly from Imouto-sama.]

Yurie didn’t answer me.
Well, hearing it from the person in question makes sense.

That’s why I didn’t ask more than that.
Rather than that, that Yui’s mood is good means that it’s already fine for me to relax as well.

I decided to relax, I made a pseudo sun and tried to lay back.

“Ooi, Ryu you there?”
“Ryu, repair our weapons.”

From the surface arrived Terry and Lily.
The two held battered weapons, and headed to my place.

Terry’s club was fractured and Lily’s trident as well, one of the prongs of the spear head was broken.

“You broke them, huh.”
“I mean, today’s hero was strong you know.”
“When I noticed I was done in.”

Today’s hero is the one just now, huh.
Was he that strong?

“As such please repair them quickly Ryu.”
“Please Ryu.”
“Ahh, wait a bit.”

As usual I melted a piece of my body.
With my melted body I covered the weapons the two were holding, and like clay I remolded the shape.
Immediately, the two’s slime weapons returned to their original form.

“Thank you Ryu. Alright, wait for me virgin onee-chan.”
“Thank you Ryu.”

Terry and Lily, the two returned to the surface Crystal Tower full of motivation.
Well then, with this I’ll rest, when I thought that.

“Onii-chan! What was that just now.”

Yui with her face burning red, and an intense tone came to demand an answer.

“Just now you say……you should know about Terry and Lily right Yui.”

They’re my childhood friends after all, they’ve always been around up to now as well.

“Not that, the weapons those two are holding. That, Onii-chan made it?”
“Ahh. For the two of them.”
“Why you ask……lets see, those two are weak, I feel anxious looking, that’s why?”

While recalling the reason, I speak to Yui.
The lowest class goblin and imp, if they acted normally then they would just be killed one lopsidedly by heroes.
In order to cover that I gave them weapons made with my body.

……by no means was it a dishonest motive such as if those two get stronger, then I can slack off or something.

“T-that’s true huh……they’re a goblin and imp after all. If Onii-chan didn’t do anything, they would be weak and couldn’t be helped.”

Yui spoke in a grumbling tone, and showed a cramped smile.
What is it again? When I thought that.
The figure of Chris who was staring intently at the flower at a distance came into view.

That ominous aura wasn’t going overhead, it was leaking a bit.
I ordered Yurie and approached Chris.

“Give me the club, I’ll reinforce it.”

Chris obediently said her thanks. Since she noticed her own aura.
Just as before I melted a part of my body and sent it out, and repaired Chris’s club.
The next moment, Chris’s aura that was leaking out sideways once again came to head overhead.

“Alright, it’s complete––––”
“She’s strong isn’t she!”

Yui raised her voice and retorted.

“What’s wrong Yui.”
“S-she’s strong right! Even amongst ogres, she’s top class powerful right.”
“Un? Ahh, she’s powerful, huh.”

What’s wrong with that, I stared back at Yui with that kind of expression.
Yui trembled all over, tears accumulated at the corners of her eyes.

Really, what’s wrong I wonder, when I thought that.
Karen appeared from out of nowhere, approached Yui and whispered into her ear.

At first Yui made an expression of, “What is it, this woman.”

“Thank you! You’re a good person, huh!”
“Ahaha, best regards after this as well ok.”

I don’t understand what was said, but the two reconciled––––or rather Yui became friendly.
The next moment, Yui.


Like that, like some macho boasting their strength the dress she came in became tattered.
Did she practically apply returning to her dragon form, Yui who swelled up for an instant had her dress become tattered.

……eh? For what reason, or rather why?
If it’s Yui then she’s capable of reverting without tearing her dress right, or rather if it’s a monster that transforms into a person then anyone can.
Why didn’t she do that.

“Kyaa, it is terriblee.”
“My clothes were torn, oh no what should I doo.”

Yui was speaking in extreme monotone, and glancing at me.

“If I stay like this, I might catch a coold.”

No, you won’t catch one right. The Legendary Golden Dragon won’t catch a cold from something on the level of having their clothes ripped.

“What shouuld I doo.”

Yui glanced even more at me.
I didn’t understand what’s what, and what I should do when.

[Slime-sama, make and give clothes to Imouto-sama.]
[No, I don’t mind making them, but……]

It’s not a considerable effort, compared to Yui’s selfishness until now, it’s a easy like task but.

……even if I think, I’ll make no progress.

“Do you need something Onii-chan!”
“C-calm down. Clothes, shall I fix them.”
“––––! I-if Onii-chan insists, then it’s fine to let you though?”
“Then, stay standing like that.”

Insisting is, well I insist.
Since it’s not really good for someone young and beautiful girl like Yui to remain in that kind of tattered appearance after all.

Clothes that are genuinely high exposure are fine, but tattered are no good.

I melt my body, and after thinking for just a bit I covered Yui’s body.

Clinging to the tattered dress, I repair it.

“Onii-chan’s clothes……Onii-chan’s clothes haahaa……”

For some reason Yui’s breathing got rough, and her eyes bloodshot.
Bluntly speaking, looking is a bit scary.

“Are you ok Yui, if that’s unpleasant then––––”
“F-fun! Something like Onii-chan’s clothes are not worrying about, but if you insist I’ll wear them.”

No, rather than insisting……well it’s fine.
More importantly.

“For the time being I attached a charm effect ok.”

Just like that I thought a bit.

“Charm? What do you mean?”
“Since Yui is strong, there’s no need to endow something with strength right. Though, since you’re an adolescent girl I thought it was better to be seen as beautiful and cute, see.”
“The effect is simple, an appearance charm, it has the effect of your strong points being seen even more charming. Since Yui is generally cute, I thought this kind of thing was good.”

After finishing the explanation, I noticed that for some reason Yui was teary eyed.
Teary eyed, she looked at me with passionate eyes.
Up til now that hadn’t happened, a reaction I saw for the first time.


That was lovely, and it made my heat skip a beat.
Why did it skip a beat?


Ahh I see, it’s the charm effect, huh.
Fuu, I was panicked. Think my little sister is “Cute” and my heart skipping a beat is dangerous right.
Well, but that the charm effect seems to be properly appearing is best.

“Somehow, it seems like he took out an incorrect conclusion riight.”
“Lets give up already Karen-san.”

Karen and Yurie communicated something with each other.


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