A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C20

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Thickheaded Slime and Oversensitive Dragon





Well then, as for Yui’s retraining, what should I do I wonder.
I look at the one in question Yui. She for some reason is making a happy looking expression, and for some reason looking at me with an excited expression.

For some reason.
After reincarnating, regarding this little sister, since before there have been many things I couldn’t understand.
Right now it’s like that as well.

In addition, I have plenty experience with training someone from the beginning up to now having done it with thirteen people. However, retraining a party who was strong since the beginning––––that is to say correcting them is something I haven’t done.
What’s fine to do, I don’t understand at all.

What should I do, when I thought that I caught sight of everyone’s figure.
Somehow or another, having gathered at Crystal Tower Chris, Lucia, Karen, and Yurie, these four.

Since I don’t understand, I decided to ask them.

“What do you think would be good to do.”
“Be quiet a bit please.”
“It’s for Yui’s sake. I want to know the best method.”
“For my sake……?”
“Ahh, for Yui’s sake.”
“For my sake……Onii-chan is for my sake……”

Yui once again made a small guts pose.
Really what is it, this little sister.

Well, but since she consented lets consider it a good thing for the time being.
Putting Yui aside, I ask the four again.

“What do you think?”
“I think the same as now is fine. The flesh and mind are inseparable sides, if they’re retrained thoroughly and diligently by Master then they’ll naturally head towards correction.

Lucia’s view was simple.
The same as now huh, since I thought it was no good if it’s that is why I asked though.

“Chris what do you think.”
“The same as flowers, it’s fine to just watch over.”
“No no.”

Chris’s reply really was like her, but it’s become like this since that’s no good after all.
Surely, even if I ask more than this nothing will come out, so I spoke to the next person.

“Ryu-sama, can you make a smug face?”
“Smug face?”
“Un. A smug face. A smug face after having done something.”
“……like this?”

For the slime me changing my appearance……my facial expression is an easy thing.
I haven’t really made a smug face, but for the time being I imagined Shesta’s expression and tried it.

“Is this fine?”
“That’s a bit no good. It’s too low status.”
“Is low status something you can understand……”

The model wasn’t good, huh.
Since Shesta was no good……then Hime.

Deep Forest’s great executive, the vampire Hime.
Even if she’s usually joking around, her intimidating air when it counts is impressive.

A smug face was it……then the face when Hime defeats a strong hero, and then takes the opportunity to intimidate the remaining bunch.
I imagine that, and knead and remold my slime body.

“How’s that.”

For some reason Karen sunk into silence.

“What are you going to do if you get captivated?”

Having been silent and watching until then Yurie unusually spoke up, and retorted Karen.
When she did Karen came to her senses.

“I-I can’t help it. Ryu-sama’s coolness just now was amazing.”
“That’s true, but if you get captivated the conversation won’t advance.”
“T-that’s true, too huh.”

Karen cleared her throat, and started again.

“Next is……lets see, that just now. The dragon attack.”
“Final Strike?”
“Un, after appropriately firing that try making that expression just now.”
“I don’t understand the meaning. What meaning is there in that.”
“It’s fine, Ryu-sama probably doesn’t understand, but that’s fine.”
“Even if you tell me that……”
“Slime-sama, please.”
“Even Yurie.”

Yurie who gave the impression of being exasperated in some respects, but more than that considering her it was a surprise that she was unusually meddling a lot.
Yurie who gave an atmosphere like “I can’t just watch, and it can’t be helped I’ll intervene” somewhere.
I don’t understand well, but for the time being I decided to abide.

And then when I tried to shoot the technique, Yurie gently lowered me onto the ground.

“What’s wrong.”
“It’s more effective doing it with all your power.”

I understood that somehow or another.
If it was talking about shooting as far as Final Strike, then I could understand the reason of shooting it with all my power being more effective. Thus Yurie having lowered me as well.

I hopped a little, took a distance so that the aftermath wouldn’t reach, and faced a direction where there was no one.
I unleashed my power, dragon power.
I materialized that into a dragon’s forefoot.

I condense the power, *Shriek*, like that the space shook.

Final Strike!

A full power strike, I faced a direction where there was no one and swung down.
The tower shook, Secret Crystal Tower shook as if a natural disaster occurred.

Whoops, I almost forgot.
If it can’t be seen after doing it there’s no meaning, so I turned around and made the best smug face.


I heard some kind of strange sound. Yurie, Karen, Lucia, those three blushed. Only Chris had an oni mask on, so I didn’t see.

Even more than those three, having had an even more intense reaction was.

“Ahh, ahhhhh……”

Yui, for some reason she’s turning her arms and in a posture like she’s hugging herself. She’s showing an ecstatic expression and quivering her body.


Yui who doesn’t answer, she’s still entranced.
What’s up? She should be used to seeing something like Final Strike, and if she feels like it even the golden dragon Yui can do it right (In the first place it’s something Kaa-san did).
And yet why is she quivering––––trembling?

“Oi Karen, and Yurie. I’m asking you so please explain.”
“If you do that everyday once a day, then just about everything should be settled Ryu-sama.”
“If it’s not in vain, and if take on some one hero it will be more effective.”
“That’s right, if it’s that, then it will be perfect I think.”
“No, I don’t understand the meaning. Why is it fine with this? In order for Yui not to rampage is the objective you know.”
“……coming this far and not understanding, what is it?”
“……it’s Slime-sama so he doesn’t understand a person’s heart, lets say that.”

Karen and Yurie stared at each other with exasperated expressions.
For some reason they also sighed.

“Onii-chan……ahh……like I thought Onii-chan……”

Yui was in Yui’s own way still quivering her body.
Really, what on earth is it.


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  1. ranpha

    Do you know why the astronomers has not found the elusive dark matter yet? It is because all of them are stored within MC’s body. Cannot find something you want if you are not looking at the right place.



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