A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C4

Thanks to the Drunkard





Crystal Tower Eighth Floor.
Being called out by Yui, I ascended by myself.

“Yui~, are you there~?”
“I’m here”

The human transformed Yui came before me.
Horns on her head, wings on her back, below her skirt a tail.
While dragon features were left here and there, her dress clad figure was beautiful.

Around 15-16 years old beautiful girl impression, coupled with her standing form of placing her hands at her waist, a sense of a confident Ojousama appearance.
Her dragon form is a considerably beautiful form as well, but this form in it own way is capable of driving a great number young men life’s mad.

“You’re slow, I told you to come immediately right”

……if only she didn’t have this thorniness.

“I can’t help it right, as a normal slime ascending from the first floor through the seventh floor it can’t be helped after all. The one who told me to leave Yurie behind and come was you”
“The person always pretending to be weak is the bad one”

That has some truth, but even if you tell me that now, that kind of feeling.

“And then, the reason you called me was?”
“Yesterday, I cooperated with Onii-chan right”
“Ahh, for holding back various things on the eighth floor, thank you”
“The return favour to the extent that I cooperated please”

It’s suitably tiresome, but as for this Yui is correct.
Since I asked her to cooperate in order to hide my true colors, it would not make sense if I don’t repay the favor.

“I understand. What would be fine to do, to the extent that I can do it”
“Fill this room with breath”
“That huh”

The thing called Breath is the aggressionless breath dragons breathe out.
Dragons can live even in human air, but air filled with magically generated breath is more comfortable to live in.
Of course there’s also fighting ability, but air filled with breath is the same as being underwater for fish, it will become an advantageous terrain for dragons.

“In exchange for cooperation, improvement of living space huh”

Well it’s reasonable.

“Just this floor is fine right”
“That’s fine, I don’t go to other floors after all”
“I got it”

Yui made a small guts pose.
If you wanted a room of breath that much then it would have been fine if you had made one yourself and yet.
Speaking bluntly, rather than me who was raised forcibly as a dragon, Yui who was born as well as raised as a dragon would surely be more capable at making it with ease and high purity.

Well, she did help me, it’s no good if I don’t properly return favour.

I convert the magic power inside of my body into breath, and slowly breathe it out of my mouth.
Since there’s a little time until there’s a whole one floor’s fill, while refining I thought about something different.

Skill point.
After defeating yesterday’s hero, the dungeon skill point I got, with that I can make another dungeon skill.
I thought about what kind of skill to make.

There’s only 1 skill point, because of that there’s a limit on what is possible to create, as well as a considerable restriction on the effect’s size.
Even so I thought I should make it.
Although if you think of it now, Deep Forest seemed to contain various ones, I want to add various ones to this Crystal Tower as well, and it’s no good if it isn’t advantageous to hero repulsion.

Rather than leave the point idle, using it and making something able to improve advantageousness making points easier to accumulate is better.

What would be good, like that I thought about this and that but.
Suddenly, I noticed that the room doesn’t become full with breath no mater how long.

Even though I used considerable magic power and breathed out refined breath, the concentration doesn’t go up at all?
What on earth is––––uoh!


Yui is beside me sitting like a girl, holding her hand against her cheek her eyes were drowsy.

“Suu,haa……. Suu, haa……”

Almost like taking a deep breath, as soon as I breathed out she inhaled the breath.

“sniff sniff”
“Eei! Don’t directly sniff me!”
“Mohre……Onii-chan mohre……”
“It’s not more, ahh mou! It’s because you inhaled that much without stopping that you became drunk and are slurring you know”
“Ihm nat druhnk!”
“No, no matter how you look at it you’re drunk right”
“Ihm nat druhnk!!!”

*Light hitting*
Yui beats my body.
Hitting like a spoiled child is……I can’t get coaxed by this.


She passes through my body, and the floor of the tower cracks.
A drunk dragon’s strike not acting with moderation, if there were monsters around there then right about now they would have become worse than mince meat.

“Oi Yui, if you breathe in that much no matter how much time passes the floor––––”

Pressured by Yui’s angry look, I reflexively answered.

“Sit in seiza right there!”
“No, a slime can’t seiza––––”

I can’t seiza, but for the moment I adjust my attitude.

“Onii-chan, waht do yuu think of Yui?”
“What you say? Little sister––––”
“Yui hates Onii-chan! You’re a blockhead, dull, the worst Onii-chan!”
“No, I’m not particularly dull right––––”
“Don’t retort!”

This is no good, she’s completely drunk.
Because she’s drunk no matter what I say it’s useless, lets overcome this situation suitably.

“What is it”
“Get on my lap”
“Why on your lap––––”
“Get on!”
“Yes yes”

I get on Yui’s lap who is sitting on the bare ground.
Yui tightly embraces me close, and rubs her cheeks against mine.

“rub rub rub……snif sniff……isht’s a good smell……”
“Well it’s immediately after I breathed out breath after all, 100% density undiluted”
“Onii-chan’s smell……”
“It’s the breath’s smell”
“rub rub rub……”

She once again rubs our cheeks together and tightly embraces me close.
Skinship is intense huh.
What can I say, the feeling of having become silver vine caught by a cat. No silver vine doesn’t have something like feelings I’m sure but.

However, going on indefinitely is a little severe.

Yui’s skinship as well, I’m letting her do it normally but if it was a common slime then they’d “splat” that level of strength.

“Naa Yui, it’s about time to let me go”

Yui casually waved her hand.
Since it was directly after having inhaled highly concentrated breath, just waving her hand partially destroyed the floor.
Even though she was originally strong, because of the breath her destructive power went up even more.
What’s more she’s drunk, she can’t use moderation.

“Onii-chan will sit on my lap!”
“I get it! I get it so stop waving your hand”

*THUD!* *THUD!* *THUD!!!*

Struggling like a spoiled child Yui. After the first blow, when she unleashed an attack I immediately defended with a barrier.
I defended against all the attacks, but due to the shock waves the tower shook greatly.
If the barrier wasn’t there then due to the current rampage the tower might have collapsed.

I stop the behavior that seemed to part, and after I sit more deeply in her lap the struggle settles.

“That ish good……rub rub rub”
“Good grief, even if your appearance is cute you’re still a dragon huh”
“Ufufu……Onii-chan’s smell……supii……” すぴぃ……」

Simply rampaging, the drunkard goes to sleep just like that.
Good grief, what was that.
I quietly let Yui sleep, and after restoring the floor I breathe breath and fill the room.

“Thank you, Yui”

And then I say yesterday’s gratitude to the sleeping Yui, and with hops, I descended the stairs.

Thanks to the drunkard I was made to suffer, but thanks to that I hit on a good idea.
The way to use the skill point.

I ponder it within my mind, the appearance of Yui just before.
Making that a skill, I strongly imagined it.

––––Dungeon Skill Terrain Support Level 1 has been created.

––––––––Dungeon Skill––––––––

Turning Back Prohibition

Terrain Support Level 1 NEW



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11 thoughts on “A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C4

    1. KiritoSAO15

      How it will end:
      SCENARIO NR.1: Unnoticed Love + shyness
      YUI-> Stalker-> Yandere
      SCENARIO NR.2: Unnoticed Love + agrissivness
      Yui-> Deppresion -> Rapist(who rapes her brother)
      SCENARIO NR.3: Normal Love/Harem
      Yui-> Wife (+concubines?)


  1. kirinashbell

    Thanks for chapter
    ryu and drunk yui skinship is so cute,minihime should be watching this in the shadows so she can tease ryu later on or do the same after he leaves drunken yui , NEED pictures to satisfy my curiosity

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  2. Sphy

    Ryui OTP XD

    And wondering if ryu will ever get the monster respawn / resurrection skill since it would totally suck if the characters I like can’t revive…well I doubt ryu will let anything happen to yui or yurie anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Xiose Post author

      True I don’t think he’ll let any of the major characters die. Well I’m sure as he collects more skill points he’ll get it. If only to avoid saving random monsters all the time.
      Ryui OTP~ haha nice, I like it, didnt even notice how easy it was to put their names together



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