A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C3

Skill Point





Crystal Tower First Floor, fighting with the invading heroes.
Terry, Lily, and, being held by Yurie, me.

Dragon Knight was fighting hard.
The heroes were a low level party. Novices I wonder, anyway they were a recklessly plunging, two young men, two young girls, party of four.

“Nuts, restore me”
“I-I’m a little busy here so use a potion”

The heroes were flustered.
At a glance, rather than heroes, they gave a feeling of a friendly group of four.
Even at this Crystal Tower First Floor they were having a hard fight.

All nine floors composing Crystal Tower are, by guiding Shesta skillfully, from the bottom floor gradually getting stronger, is how the monsters were arranged.
The top floor is Shesta and his followers. Saying it’s the boss floor so it’s a natural layout, the monsters consented.

The Eighth Floor below that is Yui alone.
She’s Mother Dragon’s daughter and the Golden Dragon, so the monsters were unanimous on this as again, but for some reason Yui was dissatisfied.

From the seventh floor to the first floor several monsters are stationed, going as how I had guided Shesta, it became that weak monsters were stationed below.

I was a slime, the weakest class of monsters, so I was stationed on the first floor. Right now, Dragon Knight and the other monsters, such as goblins or imps, together with low class monsters we were fighting with heroes.

Being held by Yurie, and then jumping and ramming the heroes style had completely become familiar.
Ei! Ya! While making such yells I jumped and rammed, but of course I wasn’t seriously fighting.
If I were to compare it to my time as a human, then it would be rolling up newspapers and swinging them with all your heart, an adult playing make believe sword fighting with a child, that kind of feeling fighting.

The power is minimum, the yells and appearance are with all one’s might.
Like that I acted as the “Weakest Slime” and fought.

The fight ended immediately.

Three goblins, and two imps wounded came out, the heroes were able to be driven away.

After the heroes disappeared, Crystal Tower First Floor.
I was basking in the sun rays shining in from the window.

Yurie was in seiza placing me on her lap.
I who had half melted with the sun rays felt extremely comfortable in Yurie’s miracle fit sofa.

“Ne ne, Terry just now you fought normally right. Did you not have any interest in those two human girls?”
“Damn straight. I don’t have any interest in those who have done it like crazy. You see”
“Is that so”
“That’s so. Don’t look down on goblins”

Terry and Lily were talking about something or another, and I at any rate was basking in the sun.

Ahh……it feels nice.
In addition, it’s nice that no obstructions enter.

The time I was in the forest, I was always being called by Kaa-san, I was worried whether I would be wrapped up in something troublesome, but here was nice.
After all––––.


A new hero arrived, this time it was one.
I quickly scrutinized them. A feeling of a mid 20 year female hero, her strength was nearly no different from the previous lot.

This this, this is it.
This is good about a new dungeon, since it’s nameless, the only heroes that come are small fries as well.

Bustling the goblins begin to move.
Seeing that, I stopped getting up.

My investigation wasn’t able to sound it out, but including Terry, that the goblins started to move is that their ero sense caught something I’m sure.

“Old man, that”
“I got it. That’s the daughter of a village head”
“It was like that after all”
“Uhe, uhehehe”

The goblins floated a lewd smile and became motivated.
……where are the elements of a village head’s daughter in that hero, rather what village?

Before that, were village head’s daughters a strike for goblins?
A considerable amount of time had passed since I reincarnated into a monster, but other than slime things I was still full of things I didn’t understand.

“I made you wait, everyone!”

Suddenly Shesta’s voice was let out.
When turning to the direction of the voice, Shesta who came down from the second floor struck his signature pose on the stairs.

“This, Big Mouse Shesta has come, so you can be relieved already. It’s fine to leave everything to this one”

“Your the best!!!”

From the monsters cheers and Shesta chants broke out.
Seemingly the female hero who came to invade was perplexed as well.

Shesta slowly descended the stairs and stood before the female hero.

“Having entered here your lucks run out hero. Normally I would let you capture somewhat, but today is the dungeon’s first day, this one will fight specially”

The tower’s boss purposely coming down from the top floor, the monsters gushed even more with those lines.
Theatre type huh.

“Alright, come at me from wherever”

The female hero jumped at Shesta.
Her weapon was an ordinary long sword, she swung the long sword she unsheathed at Shesta.

Slice! The sword cut up Shesta’s big belly.


The monsters as well, Shesta as well, on top of that the female hero who attacked as well.
All of them were astounded by the situation before their eyes.
Shesta who appeared boasting, without any build up was cut.

That idiot––––.

I who thought that she was about as strong as the previous heroes and left it to Shesta am an idiot as well. I never thought he’d be done in with one blow or such.
Shesta receiving damage is no good. In order for me to live in this dungeon peacefully like a small fry, I have to have Shesta reign as an “absolute boss”.

Right away I cast restoration magic on Shesta, and at the same time I cast corrosion magic on the female hero’s long sword.
Of course I attached concealment attribute to both.

When I did, appearance wise it became an entirely opposite scene.
Shesta who was sliced was completely unhurt, and in exchange the hero’s long sword was melted.

With this, if this phenomenon if there then, if it’s Shesta––––.

“Fufufu……I did it, is what you thought huh. That’s naive, I purposely let you do that”

Really Shesta is a valuable thing, even though he doesn’t understand why the phenomenon in front of his eyes occurred, like that he immediately forces a bluff and shows it like it was something he himself had done.

“Oops I won’t let you run”

The female hero who lost her weapon tried to escape, but Shesta anticipated that and blocked her escape route.
From monsters where confusion spread for a moment, cheers were revived.
This time for sure it’s fine surely.


A chill ran up my spine in an instant.
It’s dangerous, something is coming.

“Everyone hide!”

I let out a loud voice.

“What is it small one, it’s a good place so don’t obstruct––––”
“Never mind that and hide! Shesta as well go up––––”


The door of the tower opens.
A single man appears.
The man was if said in a single word……a macho grandfather.

His face was a simple dispirited old man, however his lower body bulged out four times more, a macho and his naked upper half was ogre like.
His strength––––his pressure far exceeded an ogre.

“Fumu, this is fortuitous. I came to see since a new dungeon was made, the monsters are a disorderly crowd, the boss is a mere show. Like this I can gain the power of the land without working”

The muttering man, his line of sight concentrated on Shesta.
This is bad, he seems to be aiming at Shesta.

“Shesta-san! Hurry up and escape”
“What are you––––”
“Hurry up!”

Shesta seemed to want to say something, but being overcome by my resistance, he ran away to the floor above.

Crystal Tower, Top Floor.
The old man who ascended and arrived stopped his feet.
Both of his hands were dyed in blood, but that blood was far from annihilation.
Chasing Shesta, the feeling of opening the bare minimum way out and ascending to arrive here.

“Slime? Where did the mouse go”
“If it’s Shesta then he’s on a lower floor, he fainted and was placed in Yui’s custody”
“That girl, I thought she made a docile face and made way, like I thought it was a trap. Well it’s fine, from now I’ll chase––––mu”

The old man tried to descend the stairs, but he noticed he couldn’t descend and frowned.

“It’s useless, this tower doesn’t allow you to descend to a lower floor, it’s like that”
“Then I’ll defeat you and once again climb up from the first floor”
“I won’t allow that”
“Don’t prattle slime, what can a weak living being like you do”
“Tranquility, if it’s to protect that”

The two “what”, the first was suspicious, but immediately following one changed into astonishment.
He saw the power I released and was surprised.

“Golden magic power……that form––––Golden Dragon!?”

Does he understand.
Un, like I thought leaving him alone would be bad.

Seeing through the boss of the group in an instant, ascending here to the top floor alone, in addition seeing the power I released and guessing in an instant.

My students, though he doesn’t reach the 12 apostles, even then he’s a hero that surpasses the current Crystal Tower.
His aim was attached to Shesta, even if we drove him away he would surely come again.
I can only kill him here.

“I see, you are the real boss. Very well!”

The aged macho psyched himself up even more, and his upper half’s muscles bulged one step more.
Then he brandished his fist, and came flying in a straight line.

“I’ll kill you and the dungeon’s power––––”

I unleashed my power as well.
I materialized my magic power, the image was a dragon’s fore foot.
With that, I, with a counterattacking feeling, swung it down on the aged macho.


A blow to the extent that it shook the tower, the blow that I received numerous times and I learned with my body, the sure kill blow.
The aged macho sunk into the ground, he became squashed.

“Sorry ok, if I spend time it will be risky for me as well”

I defeated him in one blow.
I offered his power. With the eighth floor interposing, Yui is stopping all the monsters coming up, but I quickly concealed my power.

Etto, since the hero was defeated, afterwards I’ll bring along Shesta and like always push my achievements onto him––––when I was thinking those kind of things.

––––A formidable enemy has been defeated, 1 Skill Point has been obtained.

Like the time when the dungeon skill was attached, I heard the same voice.


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9 thoughts on “A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C3

  1. Nematoda

    macho old man ~!!
    so that old man already meet Golden Dragon like Yui in the past… since he familiar with its aura…

    heee…. then there’s Golden Dragon out there that will come to meet Yui and ask her to mate with him…


    1. KiritoSAO15

      U misunderstood something
      Ryu(human) entered the forest to reincarnete as a slime with some special magic.
      Accidently he reincarneted in the nest of the mother dragon.
      I dont know if the mother dragon nows the truth?!



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