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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C3

Skill Point





Crystal Tower First Floor, fighting with the invading heroes.
Terry, Lily, and, being held by Yurie, me.

Dragon Knight was fighting hard.
The heroes were a low level party. Novices I wonder, anyway they were a recklessly plunging, two young men, two young girls, party of four.

“Nuts, restore me”
“I-I’m a little busy here so use a potion”

The heroes were flustered.
At a glance, rather than heroes, they gave a feeling of a friendly group of four.
Even at this Crystal Tower First Floor they were having a hard fight.

All nine floors composing Crystal Tower are, by guiding Shesta skillfully, from the bottom floor gradually getting stronger, is how the monsters were arranged.
The top floor is Shesta and his followers. Saying it’s the boss floor so it’s a natural layout, the monsters consented. Continue reading