A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C2

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Dungeon Skill





Inside a space with nothing in it, and without color a three-dimensional vision emerges.
What’s projected is the lake where monsters that are waiting.
In the middle of that lake a small island was made, on that island stood a tower that rose to the heavens.

“This is Crystal Tower, huh”
“That’s right, your dungeon”
“Not mine, this tower’s boss will be Shesta”
“Either way is fine. From now on this tower’s management, I only plan to talk about it with you”
“……I understand”

The Land God accepted that.
Rather than leave it to Shesta, it might be more convenient for me to do thing from behind the scenes.

“Well then, I made a new dungeon, following the established practice I’ll gift you a single dungeon skill”
“Dungeon skill?”

What is that, it’s a term I’ve heard for the first time.

“Dungeon skill is exactly as it’s name says, a skill that the dungeon possesses. Humans and monsters both have skills as well right? The dungeon version of that”
“What can it do?”
“It can do anything. From the standard disabling magic to level restriction or gender restriction, a rare one would be the resurrection of monsters or such are there as well”
“The resurrection of monsters?”

*Twitch*, my non-existent eyebrows jumped.

“Is that, inside the dungeon no matter how many times you die it’s possible to resurrect, like that?”
“Exactly that”

I see……so it was like that.
When I reincarnated it had already happened so I accepted it as a natural phenomenon, but Deep Forest’s no matter how many times you die, if it’s inside the forest resurrection is possible, was a dungeon skill’s effect, huh.

“……those dungeon skills, how many can you attach?”
“You’ve noticed a good point”

The Land God broadly grinned and laughed.

“In the dungeon there’s something called a dungeon core. If you offer up defeated human’s life force and magic power there then you’ll be awarded new dungeon skills”
“I see, if we continue defeating heroes then new skills will be attached”

Hearing that, I arrived at something else I knew.
There are four precisely divided regions in Deep Forest, and that the the invading heroes become suitable to the corresponding strength is something that happens often.
Of course there are exceptions, but it’s largely like that.

Because this was like that immediately after reincarnating as well, I never thought it mysterious. If I think about it now, this was a dungeon skill as well.

“That’s the case so, I’ll give you a single dungeon skill”
“What kind are there?”
“Imagine it, then I’ll create it. In this land there is magic power that has accumulated for a long time, if you strongly wish for it, and are able to clearly imagine it, then most things can be realized”
“I see”

I pondered, this dungeon––––what I hoped for Crystal Tower.
Without fighting enemies often, I will leisurely take comfort.
For that reason, I made a tower type dungeon where heroes would continuously head up.

Naturally, the dungeon skill became like that as well.

I closed my eyes, and imagined strongly.
What I wished for the dungeon, that skill’s effect.

––––Dungeon Skill Turning Back Prohibition is acquired1

I head a neutral and monotonous voice.

“What is it, that Turning Back Prohibition being called”
“Though you can go to an upper floor from below, you can’t go to a lower floor from above, that kind of skill. Of course, it’s applied only to the invading heroes, it isn’t applied to those living in the tower”
“I see”

At first I planned to make it distinguish between human and monster, but then I remembered Human Yurie and changed the condition.
This way if I’m on the first floor, then since the heroes will steadily head up eventually I should be able to relax.

“With this, the dungeon’s initial configuration are complete, if you got out from there, then you’ll return to your former place”

The Land God said as such, and pointed behind me. There was a vortex of light, it’s fine if I jump through there right.
I pick up Shesta, and dragged him who was still fainted with his eye spinning along.

“My handsome youth, don’t forget it”
“Yea yea”
I bid farewell to the Land God or rather to the homosexual dirty old man, and along with Shesta I jumped through the vortex of light.

Shesta and I who returned to the former world were transferred to different places.
We both returned to the place we were just before we went to the different dimension, Shesta was in the middle of the monsters, and I returned to a place where I wouldn’t be seen a little distance away.

Shesta was still unconscious, so I hurled a ball of magic attached with the attribute of concealment.
A fist outline hit Shesta’s face.

“Oww! What are doing!”
“Are you ok Shesta-sama”
“Eh? Here is……uwa! some amazing like big tower is here”

Shesta who regained consciousness looked around restlessly, and finding the tower he was greatly surprised.

“That isn’t the dungeon Shesta-sama made?”
“It was incredibly splendid so I had thought so but……”

A single one of Shesta’s followers asked.

“Eh? A-ahh……”

Shesta was a little perplexed, so after taking a glance at the tower––––Crystal Tower, *cough*, he purposely coughed.

“Of course, it’ what I said to the Land God to make. Originally it was about half as tall, but after persuading him it was doubled”
“As expected of Shesta-sama”

Oi oi, even though you don’t remember anything don’t go blowing smoke.

“Shesta-sama, is it fine if we go inside?”
“Ou, come and follow this one”

While being enthusiastic Shesta took along the monsters and entered the tower.
The inside of the tower was extremely wide, and other than the stairs there was nothing.

It was dreary with nothing there, but there’s also the meaning of being able to remodel however from here on.
Dungeon skills, it’s necessary to attach various others.
Magic Prohibition would be fine, even MP Absorption would be fine.
The Level Difference Restriction that I thought considerably troublesome when during my human days would be fine as well. If I attach that then since it will become such that not even a single strong hero will be able to enter, defeating them will become easy.

“Are? Ne Shesta-sama, somehow aren’t these stairs strange?”
“Hm? There’s nothing particularly strange right”

Calling me back from my thoughts was the speaking voices of Shesta and co that went up to the second floor.
One of the followers who went up the stairs said that, and Shesta frowned.

Certainly, at the stairs’ place there was a thin membrane there.
A membrane of magic power, I intuitively understood that that was “Turning Back Prohibition”.

“That’s one of the dungeon skills, Turning Back Prohibition”

Hopping out ahead, I explained.

“It’s something I heard from Kaa-san, in dungeons with that, heroes are able to go up but can’t come down is what they become”
“Is that so!”
“If Mother Dragon-sama said that then it’s surely so”
“Dungeon skill, I know”

The monsters became noisy, bringing out Kaa-san’s name was correct, they were able to accept it in one try.
There were monsters who knew about things called dungeon skills as well, understanding rapidly spreads.
I showered even more answers on them.

“The dungeon’s first skill is seemingly what that person strongly wishes for. Kaa-san’s was that even if monsters die in the forest they’re able to resurrect, exactly that”

“Mother Dragon-sama is kind after all”
“Umu, she’s always worried about us”
“But, Shesta-sama why something like Turning Back Prohibition?”

The monster paid attention to Shesta.

“Eh? T-that’s……”

Shesta faltered, that’s natural, it’s not something he himself wished for after all.
That’s not a problem either.

“Shesta-san surely thought like this. Heroes who have come to the dungeon come on up, without doing something underhanded behavior like going back, head straight up to my place. That’s why it became like this”

When I said that, the monsters fell silent for an instant, but immediately after an explosive cheer went up.

“As expected of Shesta-sama”
“He’s reliable right”
“Lovely! Embrace me!”

The monsters unanimously praised Shesta.
That Shesta was bewildered at first as well but.

“Fu, I planned to keep it a secret but……Ryu, from now even if you realize stuff like that, don’t say it”

Like that, he turned to me and said smug lines to me.
Amazing huh, even without remembering a single thing and with no basis he’s able to get this carried away.

Well, even so.

“We have to do our best as well!”
“Ahh, we have to become suitable monsters for this dungeon”
“Ahh, Shesta-samaa”

The other monsters are in high spirits as well, so it’s fine with this.

––––––––Dungeon Skill––––––––

Turning Back Prohibition NEW


1.This is means that going back is prohibited or not allowed. I could also write it as Turning Back Ban and Magic Ban, but which sounds better/conveys it better?

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    1. Xiose Post author

      Seriously, gotta hand it to the guy. He does not miss a beat when it comes to making himself look better~

      I wonder how much he believes it himself though


  2. thatguy572

    Preference of ban or prohibition should be left to your discretion as I could go either way. I would like more info on that skill that prevents you from going down. Doesn’t that mean that any invader who enters it will die since they can never go back down again? Or are there ways around it, such as it only applies to the stairs and you could use a rope to shimmy down the central tower portion. Or would some kind of teleportation or inexpensive escape scroll be used, or jumping out a window and using any number of means to survive the fall and impact. So many possible implications.

    P.S.This may be too little too late, but when monsters are revived, is their corpse left behind and they have a new body that is made in front of the user (Mother Dragon in this case)? If not, then that makes Deep Forest rather unprofitable if you can’t at least harvest materials (even if monsters respawn, while it’s disheartening it isn’t fatal from making a living).

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    1. Xiose Post author

      Thanks for reading~

      You bring up a good point, it’s not explicitly stated so this is just my thoughts. Since Ryu’s intent was to deal with less heroes by stopping then from coming back down and facing his floor again, most likely there’s a way around it so long as they dont return. So like transfer magic might work, but only if the destination was outside. Also I’m assuming if the dungeon is cleared they can leave too.

      B/c of that I think I’ll lean towards prohibition~

      I don’t remember if it was ever stated if their corpses remained. However, it was stated that they can be kidnapped and used for material. It seems they’re bodies are reconstructed from magic power if I remember right, so they may very well leave corpses.


      1. Arkus86

        I would think it affects only using stairs to go down, or at most prevents you from entering lower floors than where you stand, but otherwise leaving the tower by other means is still possible.
        If I recall correctly, Ryu was seeing the remnants of his body splattered about after his mother “scolded” him, so I think they do leave corpses.

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    Thanks for chapter
    wonder wot ryu is gonna pick next for his dungeon skill later on the story? i personally thought ryu will pick climate control or something like that so he can have his perfect sunlight area and ideal living place for yui and minihime.wonder if he can have a dungeon battle with other dungeons and gain dungeon skills that way, i bet the dungeon core has a humanoid/slime form so it can pester ryu XD

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    I was meant to put this comment in the previous chapter but I forgot and I can’t be bothered to go back so I’m putting it here…

    Ryu-Kun is an idiot, no, not an idiot, but oblivious, he’s oblivious, and it looks like Yui’s actually your typical tsundere sister, that’s nice =)



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