A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C1

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Crystal Tower

With Shesta in the vanguard position, the monster procession advanced.
When thinking of what what we’ll be doing from here on it’s almost like pioneers, while thinking that I who was being carried by Yurie was right in the middle of the file.

Not in front, nor in the rear, right in the center.
As a simple slime, I mixed in among the small fry monsters.

“I’m tired already, we’ve been walking for around three days already now haven’t we?”
“It’s only been half a day Terry”

Next to me are the two familiar, the goblin Terry and the imp Lily.
Along with these two and I the slime we form “Dragon Knight”. I have absolutely no interest, but these two seem to have a dream of forming a party, steadily defeating heroes, and eventually just by hearing the name cause the heroes to tremble violently, rising to become big monsters.

“It has still only that long? I’m tired already, I want to go back to Deep Forest”
“Giving up is no good Terry. Perhaps where we’re going now there’s a white elf village nearby after all”
“Really! I wonder if there might also be a lolibaba virgin queen that’s lived for a hundred years”

Oi oi, there’s too many attribute crammed in aren’t there?

“I’m sure there is, that’s why do your best Terry”
“Alright, I’ll do my best”

Being encouraged by Lily, Terry recovers his willpower to walk.
Though the degree varies, Goblins basically fond of woman they especially like woman who are “pure”.
Whether that be a virgin, a cleric, or a child of nature elf.
They’re a race that tremendously like those sorts.

Just now even though he was exhausted, with Lily’s encouragement with no basis that “there might be one” he recovered his motivation and stamina.
A simple, and in a certain meaning an amazing race.

“Are you an idiot? There shouldn’t be something like many elf queen. Moreover a virgin. Ahh gross”
“Is there none? Queen-sama”
“There’s not that many, I mean. Rather, you’re Hime’s double right, can’t you do something about that way of speaking?”
“Ehehe……since it’s the unnecessary parts of the original, my head’s a bit weak”

A little distance away my little sister Yui and Hime’s body double MiniHime are walking together.
Yui, transformed from a dragon to human, is walking in her human form, and MiniHime in a form that looks like a doll is floating next to her.

“……naa Yui”
“What is it Onii-chan”
“Why did even you come?”
“It’s fine isn’t coming here. That is……I-I was bored after all.”
“Bored you say……”
“Even I……that’s right, sooner or later I’ll leave Kaa-san’s side and make a new dungeon after all, so I wanted to actually see a dungeon starting up with this eyes!”

Being told that, it’s might surely be so.
I also questioned why even Hime came along, but this one as well will become an independent person as well, so I understand that it’s better for her to witness the start up.

“……a forest where Onii-chan isn’t there has no meaning”
“Un? Did you something just now?”
“—! Nothing!”

Yui for some reason suddenly lost her temper, briskly walking went towards the front of the line.
U~n, I made her angry again.
I have a feeling that recently I’ve randomly made Yui angry.
Well, I understand.
It was like during my time as human as well, girls at that age dislike their opposite sex relatives without any reason.

My body being a slime is asexual, but due to my soul bringing over my previous existence’s sense I’m a man.
Yui as well calls me “Onii-chan”, there’s enough disliked elements.


*Hmph* leaving angry is Yui and MiniHime chases after her, after I follow them out of sight Yurie, who is holding me, talks to me via telepathy.

The sole human within this line of pioneers.
She was once a sacrifice that was sent to Mother Dragon, but for some reason Kaa-san pushed her onto me.
Having a coweringly introspective character, and in inverse proportion a human girl holding the nature of high magic.
In exchange for forging her strongly, I, who retired from troublesome things and wants to relax, made her be my legs until then.

There are few, people who know that I am actually strong.
That Yurie is talking using the direct connection that I connected.

[We’ve already walked half a day, but what are we going to do from now on?]
[I see, since Yurie is human you don’t know]
[That is correct]
[Then lets teach you. From now on we are heading towards the Dragon Vein]
[The Dragon Vein you say, a place similar to Deep Forest]
[You have good judgment. That’s right. a place similar to Deep Forest. Land, sea, and air; magic flows to all places in this world. It’s scattered just like the veins of a leaf, but at the same time the thin veins head towards one point and become a gathered form. Monster dungeons are mostly raised up on those gathered points]
[I see]
[Gathering points like the Deep Forest are scare, but the place where going to now until a few decades ago had a dungeon, a good site]
[That’s where the dungeon will be made right]
[It’s like that]

Walking the whole day the pioneer line monster arrived at a lake.
The lake surface reflecting the evening sun is sparkling and beautiful, a place humans, particularly young men and woman, would seem to like.

On the other hand.

“This is amazing, the magic power is incredibly dense”
“Un! There’s about half as much as Deep Forest right”
“So-so, right. If it’s not at least this much then it’s suitable for a dragon”

Everyone who arrived seemed to be pleased with the place.
That’s right, different from appearances, here is a point where due to the Dragon Vein magic power gathers, a place monster also like.

Dragon Knight’s two, Yui and MiniHime.
Every goblin, ogre, lizardman that came along.
The entire nearly 100 monsters were in high spirits due to this place and became cheerful.

“Shesta-san, please do the ritual immediately”
“Ou! Leave it to this Big Mouse Shesta”

This pioneering group’s leader Shesta of the big mouse struck his chest and laughed heartily.
As confident as ever huh……while thinking that I watched attentively.
Shesta with the cooperation of his followers made a magic circle, and started the ritual.
After a wave considerably different from normal magic spread to the surroundings, Shesta’s figure completely disappeared without warning.

[Slime-sama, just now was?]
[He went to the Land God’s location]
[Land God?]
[At places where magic power gathers like this there are existences called Land God. Shesta went to go meet with that. If negotiations with the Land God go well, then he’ll use the accumulated magic power and make a dungeon]
[I see]

While explaining to Yurie, I waited at that place.
Yurie sat in seiza on the ground, and place the slime me on top of her lap.

The other monsters as well relaxed and waited.
For Shesta’s return.

However he hadn’t returned.
Even though the sun fell and the moon rose high in the sky, Shesta did not return.
There is no sign of him returning.

The surroundings began making noise, I wonder what happened to Shesta is what they began to say.
With a hop, I jumped down from Yurie’s lap.


Yurie was surprised, but even then in front of people she talked to me via telepathy.
I had told her who knew various secrets to do so.

[I’m going to see for a bit]
[Going to see for a bit you say, can you go, how will you do it]
[Because of Kaa-san you see, I can usually use magic I’ve seen once. I became such that if I receive it I can 100% learn it]

A technique formed from survival instinct perhaps.

I left that place, and confirmed that the monsters were all watching the place Shesta disappeared.
I recalled the circumstances a while ago. The circumstance the moment Shesta disappeared, I pondered the wave motion I felt.

I reproduced that.
That was, a magic to connect to another world—.

[Dimension Slicer]

In the space before my eyes a a blade of magic power pierces.
When it does, the space was cut up, and I saw the other side.

[Then I’m off]

I jumped through the dimensional tear.
The destination I jumped to was a pitch black space.

For convenience’s sake I expressed it as pitch black, but it was different from something like black.
It’s difficult to explain it sense wise, “A space with that has no color” saying it that way is more correct.

Shesta was collapsed there. The big mouse was flattened there in the shape of the character.

“Good grief, someone came again”
“Who is it”

I turned towards the direction of the voice, at that place a single old person was there.
The old person was dressed almost like a sage.
Shifted round glasses, white haired scraggly beard, and then a loose robe.

An outfit that if you were to show it before humans, 99 out 100 people would answer “Sage”.

“I am a god, I don’t a name as yet”
“Land God huh……did that uncle Shesta fail the examination?”

I look at Shesta with a glance, I ask while guessing.

“Umu, I told him if he want’s me to make a dungeon here to show me his power, but he ended up in that sorry state you see”
“Haa……pitiful, uncle Shesta is”
“Rather, why didn’t you come?”
“That magic power, you’re the leader right?”
“Magic power? I’m restraining that uoh!”

Being told that by the Land God the moment I looked at myself I was surprised.
From my slime body the magic power was dense, like the time when the battle race transform a golden aura was densely enveloping me.
The same king of aura as Kaa-san and Yui.
The two Golden Dragons were innate since birth, for me it was driven in posteriori by Kaa-san.

“Even though I’m restraining it, why……”
“In this space concealment has no meaning”
“Is that so”

I was a bit relieved.
It’s good that it was only in this space, if even outside I unrestrainedly leaked like this then my wish to live secretly would be eradicated.

Being relieved I once again turned to the Land God.

“I’ll do it in exchange. It’s fine to just show my power?”
“There’s no need for that. If you have that much power”
“Is it fine?”
“If it’s just pure power then you’ve already surpassed me. That mouse was done in is, even without power, with knowledge or courage, he might do some other something or another kind of scheme is what I thought”

Something or another you say that’s vague oi.

“If it’s someone who has surpassed a Land God in power then there’s no problem. Afterwards as long as you accept my conditions then I’ll make a dungeon”
“What is it, that condition”

When I asked, the Land God laughed with a uehehe kind of feeling.
The solemn sage like atmosphere until then collapsed, in an instant it become simply dirty old man like.

“It’s fine if it’s only occasionally, it will be alright if you send human offerings to my place”
“Ero huh”

Just in case I confirm it.
The Land God once again obscenely laughed uehehe.

“Just like that”

Good grief, this lewd old man.
But, it’s easy to understand. I like things that are easy to understand.

“I understand, I’ll persuade uncle Shesta afterwards, to capture heroes periodically, the beautiful women—”
“No no that’s different, not beautiful women”
“God desires handsome youths”

Becoming speechless, is exactly this huh.
This old man, unexpectedly homosexual—.

“Boys love is what I’d like you to say.
“In spite of being an old man you’re cheeky”
“I’m just telling you but I won’t back down from this condition”
“I got it I got it, handsome youths right? Is it fine with normal handsome youths”
“Umu. From age 14 to 16, so to speak rosy handsome youths”
“The order is big huh, but I got it”

That’s still easy to understand so I consented.

“Well then, the contract is established”
“What would be good to do from after this”
“Touching this is fine”

The old man extended his hand, and released a ball of light.
I understand with a glance, a ball of condensed magic power.

A ball filled with enormous magic power at the level not possible for living beings on earth to release at all.
The homosexual old man Land God once said even more.

“The dungeon you want to make, as well as the name, imagining them is fine”
“Just that is fine”

The nodding Land God, I stood before the ball of light.
I gently touched the ball, the enormous magic power—pressure attacks me.
With an effort I endure, and close my eyes.

I imagined it.
The image of the dungeon where I can live quietly.
The heroes run through the first place, a dungeon where everyone makes light of that place thinking it’s just a checkpoint.

In the case of being on a low level it’s not necessary to pay attention, that kind of high tower is what I imagined.
The name is, the meaning of once you’ve climbed up you’re unable to descend is included.

Crystal Tower, is what I named it.

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