A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C22

A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing





“Ne ne Shesta-san”

To the Shesta surrounded by female monsters I began to talk to him.
Right now, at this time that flatterers are in exactly in his surroundings is a chance.

“What is boy, do you this one’s sign?”
“Thank you, I’ll get that after”

In truth I don’t need it though.

“More importantly, to Shesta-san I have something I want to ask”
“This one’s trade secret to becoming strong?”

I’m sure you yourself don’t even know though.

“Not that, Shesta-san why aren’t you independent?”

For an instant, Shesta makes a face like he was attacked in an unguarded moment.
The surrounding followers also became silent.

Everyone, “I didn’t think of that”, made a face like that.

“Independent, I see independent huh. Un, for someone of my level becoming independent and making a new dungeon is acceptable”
“Shesta-sama will become independent”
“I’ll follow!”
“Me too me too”

With Shesta in the center, the monsters got excited.
I’ve thrown in the live coal, now I just have to wait for it to burst into flames–.

“Fuha-hahahaha. Ok, now that I’ve decided, it’s immediate preparations for becoming independent”
“Let me help Shesta-sama”
“I’ll go ask for applicants from my family”

Oil was poured after the live coal, instantly flaring up.
Good good, like this I’ll tailor him as a independent leader, next is following after, as well as stealthily guiding him only.

I, together with Yurie, left from that place quietly.

Night, after finishing preparations I went out of the house.
Opening the door and going out I jumped down from Yurie.

“Just I will go, Yurie go ahead and rest”
“Is that fine?”
“Ahh, in exchange, until I return absolutely don’t leave the house, stay on the bed always”
“I understand”

Yurie obediently nodded, she accepted the order.
Even if I leave her training won’t be interrupted.
I cast magic on the bed. In order to forge her mental aspect it was a magic to make her see a extremely bad dream.
I’m not really being malicious.
If her force of will gets strong, then as strong as she is, her magic’s effect will stabilize. She’ll probably see an extremely bad dream I’m sure, but she’ll be tempered with that.

I leave the house, and hoppingly advance within the night forest while.

“What’s wrong Hime”
“I heard the story, the one who instigated Shesta was Ryu right”
“That’s underhanded right~, cunning right~, that’s the best♪”

Is she praising me or not, I don’t really understand, Hime’s high tension expression.

“That, I’ll go along with it as well”
“Ahh it’s fine–wait a minute, last time I asked you you said you didn’t want to so you wouldn’t go? Since Deep Forest’s water is good the blood I can suck is delicious so I won’t leave from here is what you said”
“Un, that’s why my main body won’t go. In exchange”

Hime snapped her fingers.
A single bat came flying, plopped down in front of us, and changed its form.

Miniature size, a doll size Hime.
Overall it looks just like her, but the modeling is deformed. With the appearance like a overjoyed human child.

“My double will go together with you”
“Nice to meet you, Ryu-sama. Please call me MiniHime”
“She lacks linguistic ability huh, in addition she has strangely good manners”
“Well of course, she’s a double made from extracting unnecessary parts from within me after all”
“No she’s not praising you. That her intelligence is lacking means that that’s necessary surely, but are good manners unnecessary”
“Of cours~e”

Hime who made a peace sign, MiniHime seeing that she hurriedly made a peace sign herself.

“I’m fine with that, but why are you coming along?”
“There’s a small chance that the new land will instead have delicious blood right? And even if it’s bad, once in a while for a change of pace, stocking it wouldn’t be bad right”
“I see, got it”
“Then please treat me well”

Hime snapped her fingers, and together with the bats left.
It’s good that another monster is coming along.
The more people that come along the more I’ll be able to disappear within them and end up not standing out.

Deep Forest Central Part.
I arrived at where Kaa-san, Mother Dragon lies sprawled year long.

That I’m using Shesta to become independent is something Hime understood, so in any case even Kaa-san found out as well.
I came to obtain permission to go out of Deep Forest.


I stood in front of Kaa-san and called out.
She opened her closed eyes, and with a glance looked at me.
I slightly shivered, I haven’t said anything, even though I haven’t said anything yet.

I shivered just with being watched by Kaa-san.

“What business do you have while I rest”
“I, will leave the forest. I came to say that”

A low, intimidatingly crisp voice.
My body is ingrained with long years of being scolded. I want to immediately make a U turn and run away.
With an effort I endure and say to Kaa-san.

“Arganse triggered me, in a new place I want to make a new life.
“……a child leaving their parent and becoming independent is every living beings fate, no instinct”

It’s not that exaggerated a story though.

“Ryu leaving me and the nest is extremely natural, but”
“Ahh, that’s why–”
“I won’t permit it”
“–I, ehh?”

What won’t you permit? Up til just before you said it was a living being’s instinct, an understanding parent’s flow right.
Saying you won’t permit it is what? That you reject it?

“I understand becoming independent, however using others and making that a cover, that spirit is something I do not like”
“That’s there’s no other way to do it is why”

My purpose is to quietly act as a small fry.
Quietly relax, running away with all my might from things that feel troublesome and leisurely passing the time.
I who am thinking like that becoming a leader and being independent is an unlikely story, so I can only stick it on to someone else.

“I won’t permit it, leaving with that nature is something I refuse to allow”
“I-I’m leaving ok”
“No matter what is what you’re saying”
“……I see”

Kaa-san closes her eyes.
Did she understand–the moment I thought that.
A chill went up my spine, a fear I’d never felt before now.

Opening her eyelids once again Kaa-san’s eyes were full of blood lust.

“Die for around a month and cool your head”

Saying so, she swung her foreleg down.
Her leg approached, my view narrowed, and I was attacked by dread.
This is bad, if I’m done in then just as she said die for a month, then I’ll miss this special story.

This is bad, this is bad, this is very bad.


The earth shook, my head spinning shook as well.
An impact pierces through to the core of my body, my thinking unsettles, my vision is distorted.

My entire body hurts to death, this kind of pain is the first time in my life.

First time, in my life?

Why does it hurt? From Kaa-san’s scolding why does it hurt?
Up until now I was killed every time due to the blow, and was resurrected by Kaa-san’s power afterwards.
That’s why, I’ve never actually experienced a painful time.

Despite that, pain.

My thinking slowly returns and my vision gradually returns to normal.
What I saw was my tattered scattered body and my own never before seen sorrowful self in the center of a spread out crater.

Kaa-san’s blow, that she came with the intent to kill isn’t wrong, because it was the most powerful until now.
Yet I endured it. At the moment of impact I released magic, I hardened my body at once, I piled on 10 of each Anti Physical Anti Magic barriers.
That desperate resistance ended without me being scolded.

It’s the first time, not dying from Kaa-san’s scolding is the first time.

“……you endured it huh”
“It’s the first time you haven’t died from my blow. After this full power blow, it’s necessary to wait for about half a day”
“Was that so?”
“If there was someone capable of enduring my full power blow, then I would be hunted by that person. I become so. You’ve unmistakably surpassed me. I can no longer stop you. Wherever, it’s fine if you go where you like”
“I-is it really ok?”
“If you can’t believe it then you can even take my life?”

Kaa-san laughed cynically.
Her appearance that has no change from up til now is Kaa-san, however it seems she really has exhausted her power with that blow.

“That’s true……”

I close my eyes, and concentrate.
I enclose my entire body with magic power, and unleash that.
My slime flesh almost like a emerging chrysalis, from within the husk is broken and I emerge.

In an instant, I transformed into a dragon.
I unleashed all the power I gained thanks to being forged by Kaa-san until now.

Mother who opens a single eye lazily loos up at me.
I, raise my foreleg overhead–.

Shesta who became independent, as well as the monsters who accompanied him left the forest in succession.
That line was long, almost like the daimyo’s procession. It speaks to how much popularity Shesta has gained.
While gazing at Ryu and his companions inside that line, Hime said to Mother Dragon.

“They left huh”
“The child has left the nest. This is fine”

Mother Dragon said so and didn’t look at the line.
Her dragon eyes were on the opposite side, gazing at the two footprints in front of her, at the two carters.

Both are big, but the new crater made after is bigger, becoming a form that engulfs the previous one.

“You’re satisfied”
“Parents are such that they are surpassed by their child”
“Hee, being a vampire that can’t give birth, it’s a feeling I don’t understand”

While smiling Hime said so. Mother Dragon as well lifted the corners of her mouth slightly.

“By any chance, is the usual scolding not just simple spitefulness, but something as a parent”

Mother Dragon didn’t answer, she didn’t feel a need to answer after all.

“But it’s a shame. Even though I came to drink plenty if Macchi was feeling sad”
“I won’t join you. I don’t have a nature to drink human blood and such”
“It’s just normal wine though”

What Hime, who said that, took out was not blood but just as she said, human brewed normal wine.

“Considering you that’s rare”
“We’ve had a long association after all”
“I’m not sad, but if it’s a congratulatory cup then I’ll join you”

Hime enjoyably said.

“That Macchi is toasting in celebration due to her young leaving the nest nee. That’s good that’s good, then let’s raise a toast”

Hime removed the wine’s stopper, and poured it into two glasses.
Holding one of her own, and placing the other before Mother Dragon.

“Then let’s make a toast. What should we toast to?”
“It’s decided”

Mother Dragon lifted the glass with magic power, and brought it in front of Hime.

“To my great son’s, promised selfish future”
“An Over-doting parent appeared huh. Ok, then let’s toast to that”

The two who toasted were at the same time turned to the direction of the line.
And then, they toasted once more.

Blessing a dragon wearing a slime’s clothing’s promised future.

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  1. Nematoda

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