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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C22

Sorry about the late update, I was having some computer issues, so I couldn’t translate or post until just now. I finished this one real quick so make sure to point out any mistakes I might have made.


This Time I’ll Transfer from Here





When I invited the Orc staff officer Jiron to the mansion, I had him sample the [Rice] Sati made.

First is white rice.

Though he made an expression of half interest half unease towards the food he was eating for the first time, when he brought it to his mouth timidly, “Delicious!” he leaked such a reaction.

“Ike-sama, it’s delicious. This food called rice.”
“……I see, it’s delicious huh.”

I, “Uun” tilt my head.
Honestly, orcs eat poor food so it’s not helpful.
Well, I understood that, so I only tried it on a whim is all.

“The rice I ate in Japan was even more delicious.”
“Nihon? What is it? That.”
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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C22

A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing





“Ne ne Shesta-san”

To the Shesta surrounded by female monsters I began to talk to him.
Right now, at this time that flatterers are in exactly in his surroundings is a chance.

“What is boy, do you this one’s sign?”
“Thank you, I’ll get that after”

In truth I don’t need it though.

“More importantly, to Shesta-san I have something I want to ask”
“This one’s trade secret to becoming strong?”

I’m sure you yourself don’t even know though.

“Not that, Shesta-san why aren’t you independent?”
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