The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C22

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This Time I’ll Transfer from Here





When I invited the Orc staff officer Jiron to the mansion, I had him sample the [Rice] Sati made.

First is white rice.

Though he made an expression of half interest half unease towards the food he was eating for the first time, when he brought it to his mouth timidly, “Delicious!” he leaked such a reaction.

“Ike-sama, it’s delicious. This food called rice.”
“……I see, it’s delicious huh.”

I, “Uun” tilt my head.
Honestly, orcs eat poor food so it’s not helpful.
Well, I understood that, so I only tried it on a whim is all.

“The rice I ate in Japan was even more delicious.”
“Nihon? What is it? That.”

Opps, my bad. I let my true colors slip.

That I’m [Human] is something that should never be happen, but just the same, it’s not a good plan for it to be exposed that I possess [Previous] memories.

If they grasp that I’m a maverick, then they’ll start pursuing from there, and it might be exposed that I’m human.

Even if not spreading around that, “I have memories from a previous life” is stupid.

That’s just cringey.
In order to somehow deceive them I vaguely boast.

“It’s in the south. The name of a small island. No one knows even it’s name.”
“I see, Ike-sama has gone as far south as that huh.”

“Yea. By the way, the rice I ate there was even more delicious. It was called, [Short grain rice], even eating it alone is delicious. It has a bit of sweetness, it’s springy, and not dried out.”

“……haa, though I think this is plenty delicious.”

Jiron laughs, “Boss is a gourmet huh.”

Well, that’s right.

I’m Japanese so my love for rice accidentally came out, but for the present this might be sufficient.

In the first place Japan’s tasty rice is the end result of spending a long time repeating selective breeding. It might be wrong to lump it in with other world rice.

“Well, for now I’ll tolerate the taste. In addition this is the south’s long grain rice. It’s a plant suited to the south’s climate, so it’s not possible to cultivate this in Ivalice.”

“I see, in that case, we can grow [Short grain rice] right?”

“Ahh, tentatively. The [Short grain rice] type has the merit of being, somewhat, strong to coldness. If selective breeding is repeated, then it might become tasty, even the harvest amount will increase. Well, anyway, first we have to start from making a paddy field.”

“Padifield? What is it? That.”

Jiron raised a disarrayed voice.

“You can’t grow rice simply by sowing seeds in a field. No, to be exact it’s possible grow, but the same as wheat, if you grow the same crop every year, replant failure will occur, and the soil will wither away.”

“If we make that padifield, then it’ll be settled right?”

“Ahh, as long if we make a paddy field, then it won’t be like four crop rotation method. It’s possible grow in large quantity the same crop every year.”

“Ohh! That’s amazing. Lets make that padifield or whatever at once.”

“Umu, let’s do that. Just, to make a paddy field a large amount of water is necessary after all. Assemble the humans again, I don’t mind if the trolls work as heavy machinery.”


“……I don’t mind if the trolls take the initiative and join in the construction, is what I mean.”

Forcibly making him submit, I ordered Jiron to construct a waterway that the paddy field will draw from.

“Yes, will we use that rotation systemShift like last time?”

“No, this time we’re not that hurried. But well, properly pay them wages with the humans as well.”

As I said that I told Jiron I was heading out a bit.

“Where to?”
“The commander’s place.”

I respond with few words.

By now she should have perceived at least the objective of the demon that handed over that map.
She has a playful personality, but her work is quick.

She might suddenly summon me with her bad habit again, she might be in the middle of chanting Transfermagic.

Occasionally going from here and surprising her is also amusing.


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