The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C21

Sati’s Monologue ††





†† (Maid Sati Point of View)

As always Goshujin-sama is amazing.

What’s amazing I can’t exactly explain well, but I understand at least that he’s amazing.

Four crop rotation method?

He initiated farming methods I hadn’t heard of before, and increased the amount of food many times after all.

From Goshujin-sama’s experimental farm, almost daily crops like corn and turnip are delivered.

Since I do my best and cook those, Goshujin-sama, Jiron the orc, also the other members of the brigade eat them, and it seems the taste is generally popular.

Though I can’t be of help to Goshujin-sama’s work, like this just with having my meals eaten by Goshujin-sama I’m very happy.

Since everyone says, “It’s delicious, it’s delicious” and praises the dishes I made.

It’s something unimaginable when I was in the previous Goshujin-sama’s, Arsenum’s feudal lord-sama’s mansion. The previous Goshujin-sama employed a personal chef, and wouldn’t even taste the likes of the food someone like me made.

Though I was put in charge of making meals for the employees, I wonder if that’s why, even without really expensive ingredients I was able to make reasonable meals.

Of course, the current Goshujin-sama, Ike-sama uses the best ingredients to cook, but it seems this Undead Brigade doesn’t have that much money.

It’s necessary to cook by economizing as much as possible.

—wait, on second thought, even though it’s the Maou Army money is a strange word right.

At first I was also puzzled when I was handed money from Ike-sama.

I mean, the Maou Army is paying money and buying things, that, don’t you think that’s somewhat strange?

Is it just me?

However, all the merchants who came to come and go into this Ivalice too, at first they made strange faces, so these thoughts should be something that’s just mine.

Goshujin-sama, he doesn’t just pay money properly to merchants, if the town’s people work, then he’ll properly hand over money as well that corresponds to that.

Just it feels like he’s being watched from a distance thinking that he’s a slightly scary person.
……even though he’s really not scary at all.

Since his appearance is similar to a skeleton wearing a robe, he’s frightening, but I know that heart’s kindness more than anyone.

Even though there’s no way there’s a compassionate person like Goshujin-sama—.

Though at every opportunity I advertize to the town’s people as such, even now there are people that cringe in fear when they see Goshujin-sama’s appearance.

Uun, I have to change this situation somehow.
What should I do I wonder?

Ah, I know. Next time, it might be good to invite everyone of the town to the mansion and hold a tea party.

While drinking tea with everyone, if amity deepens, then they might be able to get along naturally.
I have to consult with Ike-sama at once.


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