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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C21

Sati’s Monologue ††





†† (Maid Sati Point of View)

As always Goshujin-sama is amazing.

What’s amazing I can’t exactly explain well, but I understand at least that he’s amazing.

Four crop rotation method?

He initiated farming methods I hadn’t heard of before, and increased the amount of food many times after all.

From Goshujin-sama’s experimental farm, almost daily crops like corn and turnip are delivered.

Since I do my best and cook those, Goshujin-sama, Jiron the orc, also the other members of the brigade eat them, and it seems the taste is generally popular. Continue reading

A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C21


Chinatsu 2

We finished!!!~

Well the first chapter/arc anyway, make sure to click next for the final chapter~

Some news:

I go back to Uni next week, so unfortunately that means the schedule’s going to change. I’m moving back to my apartment near the university and I have no internet there(killing me already) so other than when I’m actually at the university I can’t get online. Hopefully I’ll be able to get internet, but I’m tight on money since expenses add up~ I’ve applied this site for WordAds to see if I can get any revenue there, but I’m not too hopeful.

Well enough rambling about that~ I’ll still be able to get three chapters out next week, but after that I’ll release twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday. Sorry for the long preface, just wanted to make sure that anyone who cared knew what was going on.

Well then enjoy~

tl;dr : Going back to Uni; Schedule Change: Tuesday & Thursday

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Puppet Regime





I separated with the two of Dragon Knight, being carried by Yurie I was on my way back home.
On the roadside from within the thicket I found a faint shining thing.

“Eh? Ah yes”

Leaving side Yurie who was bewildered, I jumped down from her within her arms.
Hopping I headed towards the thicket, I confirmed the identity of the thing I found.

“This is, real. Pretty rare huh”
“What is Slime-sama”
“Ahh, mandragora. Have you not heard of it?”1

Yurie shook her head. Until just a while ago she was a simple village girl, that’s how it it.

“A plant whose root is humanoid. It’s extremely rare, that root is magic item’s material”
“Is that so”
“Since it’s special let’s take it. Yurie, block your ears. You’ll die if you hear it’s shriek”
“O-ok!” Continue reading