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Puppet Regime





I separated with the two of Dragon Knight, being carried by Yurie I was on my way back home.
On the roadside from within the thicket I found a faint shining thing.

“Eh? Ah yes”

Leaving side Yurie who was bewildered, I jumped down from her within her arms.
Hopping I headed towards the thicket, I confirmed the identity of the thing I found.

“This is, real. Pretty rare huh”
“What is Slime-sama”
“Ahh, mandragora. Have you not heard of it?”1

Yurie shook her head. Until just a while ago she was a simple village girl, that’s how it it.

“A plant whose root is humanoid. It’s extremely rare, that root is magic item’s material”
“Is that so”
“Since it’s special let’s take it. Yurie, block your ears. You’ll die if you hear it’s shriek”

Yurie paled, and flusteredly cover her ears.
I gathered the leaves of the mandragora above ground, and pulled will all my strength.


A girl’s shrill shriek arose.
The pulled out mandragora had a small humanoid appearance.
The extracted and thrown onto the ground mandragora began taking off the clothes it was wearing.

“W-w-w-w-wwhat is that”
“It’s fine so watch”

Leaving aside Yurie who was blushing and in a panic, I viewed the mandragora‘s strip show.
It took off one piece at a time and before long took off it’s underwear becoming stark naked.


At that time my magic struck there.
At the moment it became stark naked it was struck by magic and was defeated.

“Mandragora require special processing. Although the most effective ones are the completely bare ones, they’re weak against heat and cold, so immediately after they become stark naked they begin deteriorating. You have to immediately wrap them the moment they become bare”
“Like fish huh”
“They’re similar right, well then–”

Facing the fallen, nude mandragora, I deformed my slime body and in order to wrap it I engulfed it.
First I engulf the mandragora, and then within my body I melt it.
After melting it until it was syrupy, a large amount of magic power–as much as 80% of my entire magic power is poured in.

Using magic it’s crushed from all 360 degrees. While crushing it, the magic power permeates into it.
A short while later that was completed.

I tore a piece of my body, after making a cup with the capacity of earthenware, I breathed out flames and dried it in an instant.
Applying of the time I made the house, I made an impromptu cup.
I poured the magic potion into the cup I made just now, and handed it to Yurie.

“Hey, drink this”
“W-what is this? A laxative?”
“Why would I make a laxative in this situation! This is……it has no name, it’s my original magic potion. If you drink it, then your physical power and magical power ability will raise a little”
“If people persevere then they can break through the limits any number of times, but it’s possible to breakthrough lightly like this with this medicine. Look drink it down”
“This, perhaps it’s something incredibaly amazing no? I heard it that way though”
“It might be, from the bare proportions of the mandragora just now it matured underground for more than 100 years, a rare one. 80% of my magic is soaked in it as well”
“I-I can’t drink that kind of thing”
“It’s fine so drink. Come on”

I leaped at Yurie and made her drink the magic potion forcibly.
This kind of thing has no meaning for me anymore, since I took the trouble to make it, if you don’t drink it it will become pointless though.

It went down Yurie’s throat until the last drop, I confirmed that I could sense that her ability’s upper limit rose a bit.

“Good, it looks like it was properly effective”
“I don’t feel anything though”
“Something like the upper limit is something you can’t understand while you’re weak, eventually you’ll become able to sense it”
“Is that so……um, thank you very much Slime-sama”
“Don’t mind it. More importantly, I’m tired from using magic too much so carry me”

Yurie held me up, and began walking like before while carrying me.
While heading home, I considered about what I thought up before.

Going out of this forest, separating from Kaa-san and making a place where I can laze around.
When should I become independent, what kind of place should I make. Thinking this and that about it.

If you were to say where monsters could easily live, mountains, forests, and dungeons, places that are unpopular.
There are also undead who occupy ruined cities, but I can’t leisurely relax in that kind of place.
A place where there is moderate sunlight, where this slime body can half melt is good.
Concretely what kind of place would be good, when I was thinking that.


From a distance away I heard a monster’s death cry.

“Slime-sama! The direction where we just came from”
“I know!”

Casting Distance View magic I look at the place where the screams occurred.
When I did so, where we were just before, exactly the place where the mandragora was a battle had ended.
On the ground were 3 lizardmen collapsed, they were no longer breathing.
The one who did that was a male hero.


A man I knew very well, within my students he’s the strongest.

[As I thought it smells like Ryu. Today for sure I will rescue you Ryu]

Alex who was obsessed with me, encountering him after a long time, some kind of misunderstanding was accelerating.

My magic power has decreased, the “smell” or such getting weakened was a good thing, we properly went past Alex and returned home.

On the bed, to Yurie “Sleep while holding me” after giving training instructions, I used my head on today’s events.

Wanting to leave this Deep Forest, leaving and becoming independent, wanting to relax as I please.
Due to Alex, I realized that was a difficult thing.

If I leave here, make something similar to this forest, and reign as the Dungeon Master like Kaa-san, then this time for sure I may be discovered by Alex.
That’s absolutely no good, the bothersome will be double and squared, becoming a super troublesome thing.

If I become the master of a new dungeon it will be no good.

Noon the next day, Deep Forest Central Part.
Even though it’s noon in a dimly place I came to visit where Hime lives.

“No way”

Hime easily refused.
Come along with me, and become the master of a new dungeon, such an appeal for cooperation was easily dismissed.

“No matter what?”

“I won’t leave here~. The blood of the humans who drink the water of this land is the most delicious you know? So far I’ve wandered all over, but depending on the water the blood it was either too strong or spoiled, there was none that was just right”
“Here’s the best huh……”
“Un! That’s why I won’t leave here”

When Hime who said so snapped her fingers, a human who had a bat on their head came, and cut their wrist in front of Hime.
Fresh blood gushingly poured into the glass, and then Hime drained that deliciously.

Yurie who saw that.

“Even thinking about the water, almost like cows”
“She’s the owner of a human farm after all”
“She won’t drink your blood so it’s fine to be relieved”

Yurie clung to me, and stared at me with teary eyes.
However if Hime’s no good, then what should I do.

Thinking of that I left Hime’s side and walked when I encountered Yui.
Yui was in her human form with both hands on her waist, and standing in an intimidating pose in the direction where we were advancing.

“What’s wrong Yui, some message from Kaa-san?”

Yui unusually hesitating to speak opened her mouth.

“S-since I’m a dragon, sooner or later I’ll have to go out of the forest and become independent right”
“? Well that’s true. Arganse was like that as well”

When thinking about Disaster and Kaa-san, Yui will have to go outside and make her own dungeon just like Arganse.
……what about that?

“But I’m troubled, I haven’t thought of anything”
“In addition I don’t have anyone to help me–”

Saying that, Yui looks at me with a glance.

“Somebody, I wonder if there’s someone who will come with me”

Yui had a unusual tone stretching the end of her sentences, her atmosphere is different from usual what’s wrong I wonder.
Well even so.

“If it’s Yui then you’ll be fine by yourself. You’re Kaa-san’s daughter and the Legendary Golden Dragon”
“! Onii-chan you idiot!”

For some reason Yui yelled at me, and vigorously stomped away.

“What was that just now”
“What’s wrong Yurie”
“……no it’s nothing”
“Is that so”
“No matter how you look at it seemed like Imouto-sama wanted to go together with Slime-sama but……it’s Slime-sama so he’s surely thinking of something”

Yurie, while holding me, in a small voice to the degree that it couldn’t be heard by others muttered that.

I together with Yurie once again began walking.
Hime’s no good, next is, I know, only that guy huh.

“Kyaa, lovely”
“Shesta-sama, look over here”
“Aaan, it’s fine even if I die now”

“Ha-hahahahaha. Clamoring kittens. This Big Mouse Shesta will properly be everyone’s partner”

When I arrived together with Yurie at that place, Shesta was surrounded by female monsters. The monsters were letting out shrill screams, and giggling at Shesta.

“Shesta-sama. Supposing that it’s alright with you, will you show us Shesta-sama’s strong point”
“Oh leave it to me. I know, from here I’ll split that rock right in half”

Shesta said that, and quickly headed towards a huge rock bigger than himself.


The big mouse psyched himself up, faced the rock and charged at it.
An ordinary charge, the rock didn’t even budge.
Rather Shesta who rammed hit his head severely, “Owowowowow” and became dizzy.

“Kyaaa, a-are you alright Shesta-sama”
“Are you not feeling well today?”
“There’s no way that’s the case. I know, surely if it’s not battle it’s no good”

While being disappointed the monsters surrounding Shesta desperately searched for excuses, in order to maintain the “Cool image of Shesta” inside them.

Stealthily, with concealment attribute attached magic power I aimed and shot at the huge rock.
The magic power hit and–.

“Look! The rock is”
“It broke into fragments”
“I see, a time delay. As expected of Shesta-sama huh”
“Eh? Ahh……t-that’s right”

Shesta was staring in puzzlement, but he immediately returned to usual attitude.

“Well, when facing this me, it’s this kind of walk in the park”

Like so, he started bragging.
Matching that, the female monsters giggled.

Un, that’s right.
It’s fine if I make Shesta a new dungeon’s master.

1. It’s マンドラコラ while Mandragora would be マンドラゴラ but should I leave it as is or change it to Mandorakora

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