A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C20

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“Ne ne, Ryu, you guided Blue Mountain’s prince around the forest right”

The next day, when Dragon Knight gathered, suddenly asked that.
I who was asked answered Lily after making eye contact with Yurie who was holding me.

“Ahh, Kaa-san’s order, the first day only. What about it”
“Spirit prince-sama, what kind of person is he?”
“What kind you say……”

I thought about how to answer, the eyes of Lily, who threw that question out, I noticed were sparkling.
She’s anticipating something–no, the place of the prince, is she admiring it?

“……he was strong. He’s living up to expectations as the Great Spirit’s son, his magic power was unbelievably strong”
“Was he that strong?”
“Ahh, if it’s purely magic then he may be stronger than Hime or Yui”

However it’s a situation of being nothing to talk about if it doesn’t hit.

“Ama~zing. As expected he was strong huh”
“Was he really that strong. ……naa Ryu”

This time Terry spoke up.

“That prince, let’s go meet him”
“Un, Lily, wants to meet the prince”
“Since the Great Spirit’s son has come here, it’ll be a waste if we don’t observe that strength”
“Right, right”
“Let’s go. The Northern Forest right”
“Let’s go”

Terry and Lily left me behind and only the two of them got excited.
They faced each other and raised their fists in the air, and began walking towards the Northern Forest with the feeling of an excursion.

“Oi you guys!”

I called so that they would stop, they didn’t stop.
The two of them were completely in an excited mood and headed out, while sighing I could only follow along after them.

Deep Forest Strongest Forest.
It’s not only directly above the Dragon Vein, with numerous strong monsters and heroes scattered around the Northern Forest is filled with magic power much more thick than other places.
Although inside I’m a slime who reincarnated from slime, right now my body is a slime.
Just by setting foot here power begins to overflow from my entire body, that kind of place.

In that kind of forest I, being carried by Yurie, advanced along with Terry and Lily.

“Listen up, we’re just going to watch a little from afar ok. If we approach and become a nuisance to Ar–the prince then the accompanying four spirits will get angry”
“Amazing, as expected those are the four spirits huh”
“Lily knows, fire, water and earth right!”
“That’s right, that’s why–”
“It’s fine. Ryu is with us aren’t you. After all Ryu guided the prince right”
“In Mother Dragon’s place was it. In the case it’s fine”

The optimistic two, so carefree to the degree that I instinctively want to press my hand to my temple and sigh.
Slime’s have no hands to press their temple though.

Like that three monsters and one human advanced in the forest.
I stealthily cast Perception magic, today as well the heroes were reasonably invading. Battles are taking place all over but there seem to be none nearby.

Just in case, I cast another Perception magic as well.
Recently, driven by necessity a magic I devised.

Alex came here, Lucia came here as well.
To this Deep Forest my former students successively arrived.
With Alex first on the list, I don’t want to meet those 12 as much as possible, as such it’s a magic to catch only them.

I spread the range to the entire forest and searched.
There was that way I trained them as well, so my students wavelengths were comparatively unique. It was a magic to find that, but it only caught one person.

One considerably weak person–Yurie only.

The magic properly demonstrated its effects, I properly confirmed that none of 12 had come.
I advanced along with the other two.

After a while Arganse figure came into view.
Arganse who was in the middle of combat short his secret technique Phantom Disaster. As usual it’s a sluggish beam, the four spirits drove the opponent so that it would it.
The hero with a strong body, along with a section of the forest, was hit and erased.

“Amazing! That’s the prince huh”
“That’s really amazing magic power”

Terry and Lily marveled in astonishment at the blow that Aragnse shot.
When seen from the side it’s appearance is good, it’s the truth that the power is high so I understand why they became like that.

“Who is it there”

Oops we were noticed.
Though we stealthily peeked, Terry and Lily were more than expected in high tension letting out their voices so were immediately discovered.

Arganse came this way, the four spirits, while guarding all directions, came along together.

“What, it’s a slime, imp, and goblin. Merely low rank monsters isn’t it”
“U,um! We came to see prince-sama”
“We heard you were incredibly strong after all, we came to observe that”
“Fuhahahaha, I see I see, yea, that’s good dedication small ones. If that’s the case then burn my strength into your memory to your heart’s content”

Arganse who became cheerful and Terry and Lily who answered vigorously.
On the other side I saw the four spirits make vaguely troubled faces.

I understand their feelings, it’s like the number of wards has increased.
It not good to trouble the four spirits to much so……I know.

I released magic, it covered Terry and Lily’s bodies.
In doing so I attached “Conceal” to the characteristic of the magic power.
The characteristic that the magic itself will be made unseeable.

I adjust the strength.
Of course Terry and Lily, but I do so in way that Arganse won’t see as well.
However, I do so that only the four spirits will see it.

Like threading a thread through the eye of a needle I adjust the strength of the magic power and envelop Terry and Lily.
This magic itself has no meaning, it doesn’t have some sort of effect.
It’s simply an appeal.

I will protect Terry and Lily, I won’t increase your trouble, that kind of appeal.
The four spirits’ wave motion increased for an instant, towards that the fire spirit with a short pause and turned to me and vaguely nodded.

The other side understood my intention, and I understood the other side’s intention.
Like adults having a secret talk above the head of children, it felt like that.

I once again cast perception magic.
I searched the heroes in the Northern Forest and chose a safe opponent.

“Ne ne, let’s go this way this way”
“Fuhahaha, don’t be in a rush small one. I want to go this way”
“Ehh, there’s always strong heroes this way”
“I see, fumu, only this point I can’t win against someone familiar with the land huh”

Strong heroes, when Arganse heard that his eyes shone clearly.
Just as expected from understanding him from these few days of keeping him company, he thinks himself the strongest and he has feelings of wanting to demonstrate his power defeating strong heroes.
When using magic to search for a place where relatively weak heroes are, and saying that strong heroes are there it was possible to induce him as expected.

After walking for a while we were confronted with a hero.
At first look, it’s a young hero carrying a large sword on his back.

Alright. Take a look small ones”
“This is the ultimate blow that surpasses father. Phantom……Disaster!”

While shouting his technique, he made a pose that was strangely conceited! Arganse fired Phantom Disaster.
At the same time the four spirits moved sneakily, and stopped the hero’s feet as usual.
But, a faint “*crack*” sound let out.
Immediately after, the hero jumped overhead, grandly avoiding the spirit light beam.

This is bad, if they avoid it like this it’ll become a pain.

I release magic power, arrange the shape, and attaching a concealment attribute I fired it at the hero overhead.
They were knocked down just like that, like swatting a fly I knocked down the hero.
While, due to the sudden impact, the hero made a surprised face he was dropped into the direction of the Phantom Disaster.
And then, he received the blow who’s power was the only thing impressive, and evaporated.

“Amaz~ing, another hit”
“Prince is amazing”
“Fuhahahaha, that’s natural small ones. I inherited the magnificent Great Spirit’s blood, the future Great Spirit after all”

Terry and Lily were innocently moved, and Arganse was bragging.
On the other hand, the four spirits while making complicated faces, bowed lightly to me.

It’s fine since I followed up on the spur of the moment but……these guys’ babysitting will become increasingly difficult I’m sure, so I thought.

We roughly defeated heroes and it became the time when the day begins to grow dark.
Arganse was faintly looking a the evening sun and said.

“This will suffice”
“What will suffice?”

I who wondered asked.

“Umu. I came here to this forest for a trial. Separating from father’s side, a trial of becoming independent”
“Becoming independent?”

To those words I felt a faint uneasiness.
This guy is, becoming independent?

“That’s right. Leaving father’s Blue Mountain, a trial for becoming independent and forming a new monster’s nest. When informed father I wanted to do that, I was told to got demonstrate my power at Deep Forest”
“Etto……in other words?”

I who didn’t quite understand the significance, half in puzzlement I asked again.

“Is that so, prince-sama is leaving home”
“Fuhahaha, small ones, don’t say it in that manner. Well, the essence isn’t mistaken though”

“Hee, leaving home……home?”

In an instant, various scenes ran through my head.

Like guiding Arganse, Kaa-san working me hard every day.
Having said, leaving home and making a new dungeon, Arganse.
Only sleeping in Deep Forest’s center, Kaa-san.

I, perhaps.
If I make a new dungeon, then without being worked by anyone, I’ll be able to relax won’t I?


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  1. ranpha

    The time for MC to escape Mom-Dragon, Yui, Hime, Lily, his former disciples and the heroes’ world has come.

    In the next arc, follow the adventures of MC and Terry as they went to the elves’ dominion in search of peace and quiet (and of course, busty virgin female high elves).

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    1. Asf

      And after waking up from losing conciousness terry will go..
      “woohooo fresh elves!!!”
      And he will dissapear for 3 days in the next arc.


  2. mshendra

    First, Thanks for the chapter.

    Second, What the real mc body? Slime or Dragon? (Since dragon and slime can use shapeshifting)

    Third, Thanks for the answer lol


    1. Xiose Post author

      Thanks for reading~

      From the description and text he was born as a normal slime, but due to his mother’s crazy training he ended up gaining the abilities of a dragon. So while he has the body of a slime, he is essentially a dragon/has their abilities.

      As for dragons, I believe it’s more along the lines that they and other high ranking monsters are able to take human form. While Ryu, along with his natural slime abilities, uses magic to transform into other forms.


  3. kirinashbell

    Thanks for chapter
    ryu goes to mother dragon and declares to go independant only to get stomped on and revive repeatedly till he stops thinking of it is a scene that i can imagine XD.
    ryu’s new dungeon(if he ever make 1) will be invaded daily by his 12 disciples + yurie(apprentice ATM) especially alex the dog nose hero ^^and his monster friends/stalker (yui, hime,terry, lily,the lil lizardmen child etc)

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