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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C20

Ike’s Paddy Field Making





When we arrived at Ivalice, I sent all other documents I obtained to my superior Sefiro.

Tentatively, I took a copy of everything with Copying, but particularly the map, they were in a domain beyond me.

If I had to say, then my forte is attack magic, and I’m not good at that kind of detection magic.

From the just the little traces of magic power left on that map, I’m unable to infer the one who wrote that map.

That kind of work is the field of the mad alchemistMad・Scientist commander.

That’s why I decided to devote myself to another work that I was assigned to.

When I called the maid Sati, a handed over a certain thing. Continue reading

A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C20

Another surprise release! Enjoy~

run cat






“Ne ne, Ryu, you guided Blue Mountain’s prince around the forest right”

The next day, when Dragon Knight gathered, suddenly asked that.
I who was asked answered Lily after making eye contact with Yurie who was holding me.

“Ahh, Kaa-san’s order, the first day only. What about it”
“Spirit prince-sama, what kind of person is he?”
“What kind you say……”

I thought about how to answer, the eyes of Lily, who threw that question out, I noticed were sparkling.
She’s anticipating something–no, the place of the prince, is she admiring it?

“……he was strong. He’s living up to expectations as the Great Spirit’s son, his magic power was unbelievably strong”
“Was he that strong?”
“Ahh, if it’s purely magic then he may be stronger than Hime or Yui” Continue reading