The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C20

Ike’s Paddy Field Making





When we arrived at Ivalice, I sent all other documents I obtained to my superior Sefiro.

Tentatively, I took a copy of everything with Copying, but particularly the map, they were in a domain beyond me.

If I had to say, then my forte is attack magic, and I’m not good at that kind of detection magic.

From the just the little traces of magic power left on that map, I’m unable to infer the one who wrote that map.

That kind of work is the field of the mad alchemistMad・Scientist commander.

That’s why I decided to devote myself to another work that I was assigned to.

When I called the maid Sati, a handed over a certain thing.

“What is it? This small white one.”

Sati was perplexed at the object she saw for the first time.

“Goshujin-sama, what is this?”

“This is something called rice.”

“……rice is it?”

It seems it’s not something she’s heard of.
In this this world it isn’t popular I guess.

That’s obvious right, I as well until recently, until I went to the royal capital Leazas I didn’t notice that existence. Until I found it in the corner of a shop of a certain merchant, I didn’t such things like that rice is in this world.

“You remember that previously I spoke that I would double the revenue of this town right.”

“Yes, such things as that you would test four crop rotation method.”

“Ahh, behind the scenes magic was used and the experiment was quickly done, but this world’s soil and climate seem to be compatible with four crop rotation method.”

“In that case, we’ll be able to eat turnip everyday right!”

Sati was innocently delighted like a child.

“Well, everyday is impossible, but you should be able to eat it enough to get tired of.”

“I which case, the revenue doubling work is a success correct.”

“The general aim is I guess. Agriculture takes time, so it’s not like results will come out immediately next year though.”

“In that case, Commander-sama will no doubt be pleased right.”

“Yea, though I haven’t reported yet.”

“Eh? Why is that?”

“No, if I easily accomplish it, then that person will force an even more unreasonable demand on me after all. By piling hardship on top of hardships, I somehow succeedd, it’s just right to a pathetic report on that level.”

“I see, she’s that kind of lady correct.”

“Though she’s not a bad person……, no, she’s a scoundrel I guess. She’s a witch that’s lived for some hundred years, and she’s spiteful.”

“……is it fine? bad mouthing your superior.”

“This room is endowed with Anti-Eavesdroppingmagic. And no matter what kind of despotism, subordinates have the right to bad mouth their superior.”

—in a place where the superior isn’t, that is.

Now then, even if I complain it’s useless, so let’s get down to business I guess.

“Getting back on topic, this is rice, that is, it’s a unusual grain ordered from an island country in the south.”

“……is it expensive?”

Sati timidly asks me.

“Reasonably so.”

I respond with only a few words.

The reason I don’t frankly state the price is that if I say it, this girl will faint after all.

Besides from now on I’ll have her cook this rice, being cooked with trembling hands is unbearable.

No matter how much of an expert cook shes is, if she were to hear the price of that ingredient, there’s no way she would be able to cook with a calm mind.

“……it’s reasonably high priced, but if I were to say that, then usually what I eat are also high class items.”

So I start off with.

Incidentally the value of rice in this world is about the same value as copper of the same mass.

It’s a noble’s luxury grocery item.

If we’re able to mass produce this, then revenue will drastically go UP!

—is not how it’ll it become, I believe.

A luxury grocery item is a luxury grocery item, if it comes to appear on the market in large quantities, then the price will also droop appropriately.

However, even so there’s added value as an unusual grain, and there’s also an advantage in the crop called rice.

[Rice compared to wheat, productivity is many times more.]

The amount of rice taken from the same area is overwhelmingly more than wheat.

If I were to put things bluntly, if seen from the point of view of efficiency, then whether the modern world or other world, producing wheat is ludicrous.

For rice it’s fine even if the fertilizer is little.

If everyone eats rice, then it’ll be possible to support many times more people than now.
When I explained that to Sati, she stared in wonder.

“In other words, that means that it’ll be possible to eat meal many times more than until now right? Sati isn’t able to eat that much.”

Like that she says something off point.

For the uneducated Sati it might be too difficult.
Shall I try lowering the level and explaining.

“A Sati like way of thinking. However, that’s wrong. If many times more production is possible, then it’ll come to be that we’ll be able to provide for many times more people than now.”

“Does that mean the population will increase proportionally to that?”

“If you think about it simply. Well, in reality it won’t increase that much, there’s also no need to increase it. If it reaches the point that a large amount of people are able to be supported by small number of people, then people who don’t have to do farm work will appear right?”

“Haa, certainly, but not working, something like that is almost like nobles right.”

“It’s not like they’ll literally not work. The people involved in farm work will do other work is all. Becoming weapon craftsman, brick layers, among them there might be people who perform street shows to eat.”

“Even now there are those kinds of people though……?”

“That will increase more, is what it means.”

Even if I use terms like primary industry, secondary industry, and tertiary industry, Sati won’t be able to understand.

“……well, the farmers released from farm work will assume work manufacturing something, and then people who offer services to the people who assume those jobs will increase. For example, a cook, or a stage actor or actress, or an author, if so the region will naturally become affluent.”

“……Sati doesn’t quite understand, but, that Goshujin-sama is working hard for the sake of the populace I’ve understood.”

After saying that she, “I’m unworthy, this Sati will support Goshujin-sama with all my might”, and rolled up her maid clothes’ sleeves.

“It’s a relief to hear that.”

I say that and ask Sati to cook the rice.

Though my previous knowledge is abundant, when it comes to cuisine I’m an amateur. Furthermore if it’s about cooking then I no longer know what’s fine to do.

Here, leaving everything to an expert is something reasonable.
Tentatively, there’s one thing remaining in my previous memories.

“When cooking rice, first simmer then blast, even if the baby cries don’t take off the lid, there’s that kind of proverb.”

I tell her those words in advance.

“……hajimechrochronakapapaakagonaitemofutatoruna, is it. ……somehow it’s like a magic spell right.”

She bewilderingly repeated it.
It seems she didn’t understand it at all.

I might have told her something unnecessary.
While thinking that, I watched the retreating figure of Sati who began preparing the rice.


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