The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C19

Alistair’s Identity





I snuck up behind the gatekeepers and dealt them sword hand to their necks.

It’s a common scene in movies and manga, but if you put in magic power, then it’s easy to make an opponent faint.

––––conversely, even if it’s not particularly a hand sword, it would be fine but.
On the other hand, the succubus Lilith was splendidly hitting their heads hard.

The gatekeepers foam, and collapse.
They are pitiable.

Though I did sympathize, I had no time to care for them.

Afterwards if there’s leeway I can at least cast recovery magic, but right now, what’s necessary was the White Rose Knights’ commander Alistair themselves.

We left the gates open and entered within the tower.

The tower’s first floor, as I thought that became the sentinel’s station.

A number of tables and chairs were set up, there the sentinel were chatting.

As one would expect their on duty, there wasn’t a human drinking sake, but there were one’s amusing themselves with cards games or laying on a table and sleeping.

In other words there was absolutely no feeling of tension.

“Well, that’s natural right……”

I let out a mutter.
The ones incarcerated here are nobles.

As long as nothing unusual happens, there’s no concern of escaping from within, and there’s also no worry about being attacked from outside.

Rather maintaining their feeling of tension is an impossible discussion.
To say nothing of something like a [Demon]’s attack, I’m sure they didn’t even expect it.
Despite reaching this point and seeing our figures, they were starring in puzzlement.

Incidentally I’m a strange looking skeleton masked magician.
Lilith is a tanned skin Lilin succubus.

Whichever way you look at us, we’re demons, but the soldiers,


required several seconds to raise a shout.

Faster than that shout went up, I finished a spell’s aria.

Deep Hypnosis

This magic, though it requires a little time to chant, it’s a hypnotism magic that has an effect over a wide range. In the case of humans with no magic power, then they’ll no doubt fall asleep without being able to even resist.

In reality, except for the humans that had been sleeping from the start, they all crumbled down on the spot.

Why I smiled a bit was surely that the ones that had been dozing awoke with the sounds of the falling humans I guess.

“Fumu, it appears that that this magic has no effect on those already sleeping, huh.”

It became a good sample.

When I muttered that, I dealt a hand sword to the just risen soldiers.

“Foolish soldiers aren’t they. If they had just pretended to sleep, then they wouldn’t have had to get hurt.”

As Lilith says so, she turns towards here, and “Kusukusu” laughs.

“What’s funny?”

I ask her.

Lilith further relaxes her cheeks and replies.

“I mean, Ike-sama, although you told me to hold back you didn’t hold back at all.”


I reply by means of silence.

“……even like this I planned to hold back though.”

If seen from the side, my holding back seems to be seen as outrageous power.
Apparently I don’t have the qualifications to find fault with others either.

––––from now on lets take care.

Setting that aside we have to secure Alistair.

Forcibly waking one of the sleeping soldiers, when I put the screws on them, I got info on the place where the White Rose Knights’ commander, Alistair, is being confined.

He was apparently being confined at the top floor.

“It seems the White Rose Knights’ Commander-sama is a VIP, huh.”
“Even among nobles they’re rank is high I assume.”

Whether an other world or modern day, it seems as rich as they are that they prefer high places is the same.

“Now then, we grasped the location as well, is it fine even if I quickly kill this guy?”

Lilith asked me.

“Oi, Lilith, to not spill blood pointlessly, I told you that much……”

“Mou, I’m kidding. A stylish demon joke. If I threaten them like this then perhaps they’ll hand over the top floor’s key, is what I was thinking is all. Wait, are? This guy, they fainted right?”

When I looked, the pitiable solider was unconscious.

Should we splash water on them and wake them, is what Lilith proposed, but I shook my head.

Since I thought it useless.

When I ascended to the top floor, I walked until before the room where Alistair was likely confined.

Sure enough, although that room was locked, it wasn’t a significant lock.

To the extent that if it were a demon then they could kick it in with sheer strength, even humans if it was someone with skillful fingers, then they would be able to easily unlock it.

“Well, even without doing those kinds of things, it’ll be over with Unlockmagic.

As if making good on my word, I chant magic.


together with that sound, the door opens.

When I entered the room, I respectfully bowed my head.

I’m a demon, the other party a human, there’s no need to show every courtesy, but if just with paying respect human relations will proceed smoothly, then there’s nothing as cheap as this.

When I raised my head, I send my gaze to the personage I believe to be the White Rose Knights’ commander.


––––wait are?

At that place there wasn’t the knight order’s commander.

In exchange in that place was Alistair’s maid I assume.
A just a little over 20 year old blonde woman was there.
Her hair was tidily put together, and she was wearing negligee.

Possibly a lover that the personage Alistair brought along or a sweetheart, are the possibilities I considered.

While being confined, he’s energetic, slight sarcasm came to mind, but she brought out a short sword from the chest placed beside the bed, and thrust that this way.

“Insolent fellow! Is this a violence knowing that I’m the White Rose Knights commander, Alistair Rottenmeier!”


With those words, I noticed that the White Rose Knights’ commander was a woman.

“……good grief.”

A sign didn’t come out either.

At the Maou-sama’s time as well I bore a similar impression, but apparently I might have ill fortune concerning woman.

––––naturally, different from the time with Maou-sama, there’s not a single reason to fear this woman but.

I remade my expression within the mask, lower my head once more and spoke as such.

“For the sudden visit, please excuse me. White Rose Knights Commander, Alistair Rottenmeier-dono. I am, Maou Army 7th Army Corps Undead Brigade brigade commander Ike.”

“Undead Brigade!?”

She who heard those words plainly changed her expression.
That’s natural.

Since having knocked down her own knight order plenty, the perpetrator that made her taste defeat appeared before her eyes, no doubt she immediately wants to stab that short sword into my heart.

However, as soon as she heard my words, her legs trembled.
The previous day’s battle’s dread might still be remaining.
No, or perhaps is she trembling with fear at this grotesque appearance.

However, even so without her voice trembling, that she demands as explanation can be summed up as expected of the knight order commander. She’s not filling the position of knight order commander that unsuited for woman for nothing.

“You bastards, are of the Maou Army!? Why, have you appeared in this kind of place! I won’t say such things. The previous day’s debt, right now, in this place I’ll have you return it!”

As soon as she said that, packing in all her power, she came stabbing the short sword.
As expected she seems to know the handing method of weapons.

If she were able to stab that short sword in me, I wouldn’t escape a fatal wound.

––––if she were to stab me, that is.

She seems to be the knight order’s commander, but that short sword doesn’t seem to be a big deal.

Most likely her family are great nobles, or perhaps there’s some kind of circumstance.
In any case, it seems at least that she wasn’t chosen by her swordsmanship skills.

When I concentrate magic power on my palm I grip the short sword bare handed and break it.

Alistair who saw that,


showed a shocked expression.

Is it since her lost hope was cut off, she falls down on the spot and hangs her head.

A beauty stricken with despair, that scene was made an excellent picture.
I wanted to watch that scene for short while, but unfortunately I didn’t have that time.

There’s also the possibility that someone went to the town to ask for reinforcement.
I wanted to pull out information from her as soon as possible.

(……dear me.)

Uttering so within my mind, I decided to behave like a demon after a long time.

When I grabbed Alistair’s jaw, I forcibly made her stand.
Just like that as soon as I pushed her until the wall, I spoke with a low voice.

“The other day, the one who came to attack the town I look after was you, correct?”

She tried resisting, but immediately gave up.

In the first place she herself introduced herself as the White Rose Knights’ commander, at this point she has no mind to play dumb or such I’m sure.

“……what about that, this damn monster!”

“Courageous young lady. I don’t particularly mean to find fault with having come to attack.”

After a short pause, “There’s simply something I wish to confirm” I continued.

“That time, at the same time you guys came attacking, human soldiers appeared from the escape route I created. Who was it that taught you that escape route?”


She answered by means of silence.

That’s natural I guess. I didn’t think that this girl who seemed highly proud would confess so easily.
Lilith who waited beside me gave a proposal.

“Ike-sama, if we’re torturing then leave it to this me. While breaking her fingers one by one, lets see a human’s appearance of suffering in agony after a long time.”

It was a tone that was undecided whether joking or serious, but if I gave permission then without any hesitation she’ll surely perform it. This girl is that kind of girl.

I’ve said it numerous times, but my heart is exactly human.
I want to abstain from that kind of violent stuff.

That’s why towards the wall next to the girl called Alistair,


I placed my hand.
The so called kabedon thing.

However, it wasn’t an ordinary one, it was demon style.
Together with the roaring sound, there was a hole bored out in the wall under her arm.

She who saw that, first,



However, even so that she didn’t confess was something considerable.

Just, the instant she made a grimace, I didn’t overlook that she concentrated her awareness that way.

Mind Reading

I chant that magic without delay.

Those who have this magic cast on them will have their own mind’s interior exposed to the practitioner.


However, that doesn’t mean that everything within the mind is overheard.
If one doesn’t guide the conversation well, then they won’t get out the information they want to hear.
I began the conversation with the assumption that she wouldn’t speak out.
First is a harmless question, testing her reaction.

“It seems like you’ve become the knight order’s commander with that youth, but how did it become like that? Did you curry favor with a an influential person or something with that beautiful face?”


She furiously scowls.
Apparently that’s wrong.
From the bottom of her heart, she’s denying it.

“Then, riding on your parent’s coat-tails?”


Apparently that’s right.

“I see, the White Rose Knights’ commander is traditionally filled by a count or higher noble’s innocent young woman. In other words it’s a mere decoration is what it means right.”

Alistair who heard those words, “……na” raised such a voice, it seems she’s shaking at having had her mind read.

“––––damn, strange magician! You’re reading a person’s thoughts are you!”

She seems to have recalled that I’m a high ranking magician.
She frantically attempts to put up resistance.

However, the more she resists, the more frantic she becomes, the more it’s just as my expectations.

The more you think don’t think, the other party’s voice gets louder and is conveyed this way.

“Shall we get back to the subject. Is the one who taught you the escape route, someone from the demons? Or else a human?”

Her answer is, would my glorious White Rose Knights borrow the likes of demons’ power! So it seemed.

Well, that’s true huh.

No matter what kind of fool, I don’t think they would go teach a plan to humans in demon form.
They would set up a proxy, or use transformation magic, either one I’m sure.
I changed the inquiry’s method.

“On the occasion when you attacked, you should have received the escape route’s map right? Are you holding that even now?”


“Hou, it seems like you’re holding it even now right.”


Alistair warps her expression.

It seems like it’s unnecessary to use Mind Readingmagic.
That expression is proof that the map remains even now.

However, it seems she’s really honest to a fault.
That line of sight goes towards the drawers of the chest placed at the bedside.

When I release Alistair, I walk to front of that chest, and open the chest drawers one by one.

That map was stored in the third drawer.
The important documents type, it seems all of them are stored there.
I don’t know if they will be of use, but I decided to get all of them.

Alistair watched over that silently and frustratingly so.

There’s also that I plainly displayed the difference in ability, but Lilith is waiting beside her. She there unable to move like a frog stared at by a snake.

When I finished collecting the map, I told Lilith to come this way.

“What is it? Are we going display our lovey-doveyness or something in front of the human?”

I completely ignore Lilith’s joke.

We’re returning. Since we’ve never come here even once we weren’t able to use transition magic, but returning is different. There’s no need to expressly return walking.

“That in itself would have been fun though.”

“I dislike walking.”

Despite having reincarnated as a magician, for what sad reason would I have to walk.

Lilith was disappointed but place her hand on my shoulder.

Now then, afterwards is just returning to Ivalice, but the problem was Alistair who was absentminded.

Completely defeated in the battlefield, because of that she was incarcerated, moreover she was threatened by that enemy general, and had even important documents snatched away.

Tentatively, I’ve picked up that broken short sword so that she would suicide, but should I say something to her.

––––I should call out right.

From now on, there will won’t be a possibility to meet with this girl I assume, but that’s why if she dies I would be troubled.
My dreams will become bad.

Before transitioning I, carefully picking my words, address her back.

“……un, what……, as that enemy I hate to say this, but don’t brood over having lost very much. There isn’t something like a general that will have 100 wins in a 100 battles after all. The vital point is the ending moment, it’s fine if you’re standing. It’s fine if you win at the critical moment.”

Even in my previous world, there are plenty of men that beyond continuously losing, won at the critical moment and obtained the whole country.

In the case of Japan, a person called Oda Nobunaga lost considerably continuously, but won at every important point and obtained the country.

Other famous ones are, Records of the Three Kingdoms––––, the previous generation’s Han dynasty’s Liu Bang was famous. He as well since losing as much as 72 times, with merely a single win took the whole country didn’t he.

––––even if I explain as such, it won’t pass for an otherworlder right.

Well, but, if it’s someone who enters into battle, something like victory or defeat not just ability, they’ll understand at least that luck is also related.

I repeated,

“Don’t think about stupid things. Rather than die, make those feelings into a source of encouragement and try to return a blow at me.”

Leaving such words behind, we transitioned.

I didn’t see if those words got through to Alistair, but after transition, Lilith floated a wry smile.

“Ike-sama is truly a kind person, huh. Almost like a human.”

She expressed such thoughts.

I have self-awareness, is what wanted to say to her, but that I could only reply with silence was due to my current position.


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