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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C1

Screw Making





7th Army Corps Brigade Commander Ike––––

Until a few days ago, a familiar title, but now “Brigade” has disappeared from brigade commander and changed into “Assistant”.

I am in a position to be called assistant commander from my subordinates, but what I did didn’t differ much from what I have done until now.

At most it’s coming to sit next to Sefiro at the periodic army corps meeting.
Also it’s come to be that the other brigade commanders acknowledge my superiority.

Even Beio who until now had been overflowing with hostility until now, as one would expect came to recognize my strength.

When we pass by each other in the corridors of Sefiro’s castle Barencelle as well, that guy started making way for me. Continue reading

A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C1

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Enjoy~ Also New Chapter/Arc Start!~

Crystal Tower

With Shesta in the vanguard position, the monster procession advanced.
When thinking of what what we’ll be doing from here on it’s almost like pioneers, while thinking that I who was being carried by Yurie was right in the middle of the file.

Not in front, nor in the rear, right in the center.
As a simple slime, I mixed in among the small fry monsters.

“I’m tired already, we’ve been walking for around three days already now haven’t we?”
“It’s only been half a day Terry”

Next to me are the two familiar, the goblin Terry and the imp Lily.
Along with these two and I the slime we form “Dragon Knight”. I have absolutely no interest, but these two seem to have a dream of forming a party, steadily defeating heroes, and eventually just by hearing the name cause the heroes to tremble violently, rising to become big monsters.

“It has still only that long? I’m tired already, I want to go back to Deep Forest”
“Giving up is no good Terry. Perhaps where we’re going now there’s a white elf village nearby after all”
“Really! I wonder if there might also be a lolibaba virgin queen that’s lived for a hundred years” Continue reading