The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C1

Screw Making





7th Army Corps Brigade Commander Ike––––

Until a few days ago, a familiar title, but now “Brigade” has disappeared from brigade commander and changed into “Assistant”.

I am in a position to be called assistant commander from my subordinates, but what I did didn’t differ much from what I have done until now.

At most it’s coming to sit next to Sefiro at the periodic army corps meeting.
Also it’s come to be that the other brigade commanders acknowledge my superiority.

Even Beio who until now had been overflowing with hostility until now, as one would expect came to recognize my strength.

When we pass by each other in the corridors of Sefiro’s castle Barencelle as well, that guy started making way for me.

Though a demon’s nature is ingrained until his root.
In his eyes I could see, “I’ll surpass you one day” that ambition.
Those glaring eyes weren’t unpleasant.
I understood that demons were that kind of being, and I also wished for that.
Besides, guys with a competitive spirit would move beneficially in regards to the organization.

“Just to that guy, I won’t lose!”, if they were to work hard like so, then as a result it’ll be the 7th Army Corps’ benefit.

Now that I’ve been promoted to assistant commander, the other brigade commanders are rivals and at the same time they are subordinates.

If I make them work well and have them become the Maou Army’s power, then just as much we’ll approach “MY” dream as well.

A world where demons and humans coexist, that is the world that I aim at.
Now, in order to head for that world, first I have to fight with the humans.

In order to realize a world where humans and demons coexist, demons have to control this continent.

While Dairokuten-sama is in the position of Maou, if we don’t unify this world, then that dream won’t come true.

If another Maou controls the world, then the humans would be slaughtered, or used as slaves.

Or if the humans defeat the demons, then the demons might be massacred.

In order to realize a cooperation of demons and humans, while Dairokuten-sama is going strong, while my life span remains, we have to unify this world.

When cladding myself in this grotesque mask and robe, there are times I seem to forget, but I myself, my insides are human.

I can’t live some hundreds of years.
If I think of my lifespan as a human, there’s not that much time.
There’s no leisure to set things up slowly.

(If I don’t finish things as early as possible)

As I think like that, I could hear a knock on the office’s door.
That way of knocking is Jiron.
If it’s Sati, she would knock more quietly.

When I give permission to enter the room with ReleaseUnlock magic, Jiron enters the room in a great fluster.

“Boss! Boss! Boss Ike! It’s terrible!”

What in the world is terrible I wonder.
This man is a timid person, and even mere trivial things will cause his face to color.
I can’t grasp the severity of the situation from that expression.

“What are you that in a fluster about?”

In order to calm Jiron, I pour water from the pitcher into a cup.
When Jiron drains that in a gulp, “Puhaa” he wipes the edges of his mouth with his sleeve.

Then taking a short pause, he makes a grave report.

“T-that is, at last the Multiple King Alliance has finally been established.”
“You spoke to me of that before right.”
“However, this time, it seems the negotiations have been completed.”

I see, it’s no wonder Jiron’s frightened.
I understand.

“Boss isn’t surprised?”
“Ahh, I’m not particularly surprised.”

There’s the information I gained at the time I observed the market with Sati previously.
At that time it was not yet information on having been settled.
It was a story of disputing over conditions between Rosaria and other various countries.

It’s likely that after that, Rosaria’s troops being completely knocked down is what contributed to this time’s alliance establishment.

I understood that it would become like this, but I purposely didn’t convey that to Jiron.

Since it’s as I have said many times, this small orc is a timid person.

If he knew that the humans would come to attack as one, it being this man, he might become insomniac and it might interfere with his duties.

He’s my brigade’s staff officer that I can’t assert that he’s capable, but I would be troubled if his work efficiency fell any more than this.

Therefore, I was silent, but since he’s heard of it, it can’t be helped.
I decided to frankly speak of the outlook from now on.

“I knew of the establishment of the Multiple King Alliance beforehand. There’s no need to panic.”
“Eh? Boss predicted it?”
“Well yea.”
“That’s once again amazing. How?”
“Prior intelligence gathering. That and intuition.”

The Maou Army has already placed half of the country known as Rosaria under it’s control.
It has cornered this country, known as a great power even in the continent, up to here.
In addition the other day’s latest opposition of the Rosaria Army was also splendidly routed.
It was sufficiently possible to predict the establishment of the “Multiple King Alliance”.

The Multiple King Alliance is, from time immemorial, one of the oaths exchanged between the humans.

At times, uniting as one, in order to oppose the Maou Army that has gained powerful strength, wisdom that has been thoroughly thought out by humans.

In short, on an occasion when it has been concluded that the Maou Army’s strength is unmanageable by a single country, the various countries assembled on this continent will band together and fight, it was that kind of oath.

Before this oath was established three times, but each time, with great vigour the invading Maou Army was repulsed.

Won’t it turn out like that this time as well?
Looking at Jiron’s way of panicking, it will turn out like that, he seems to think as such.
Because this man is a timid person, it’s not good to decide it like that.

In reality, as previously mentioned, the Maou Army has been repulsed by that “Multiple King Alliance”.

What happens twice, will happen three times.
Third times the charm.
There’s those kinds of expressions as well.

This time is the fourth establishment of the Multiple King Alliance, so if it goes properly, then this time they should not lose.

Jiron being frightened is something reasonable.

“Boss, what shall we do? At this rate, the humans large army will come attacking all the way here?”

“Naturally, they’ll come attacking won’t they.”

I say it as if it was someone else’s problem.

“I-is it ok. The humans coming this time won’t match the previous time. Some thousand humans might come.”

“Will it finish will a thousand I wonder. At minimum ten thousand, if the humans give all their effort, then won’t a one hundred thousand unit of soldiers come attacking. Previously, when the Maou Army was cornered to the east, they were done in by that overwhelming amount.”


Jiron paled his face, lost for words.
Incidentally my brigade’s scale was about 600 soldiers.
As a result of being promoted to assistant commander, personnel was increased.

The other day, the traitor Jace’s army corps were absorbed, new monsters and demons were replaced.

This Ivalice is a strong fortress town, but as expected before the violence of numbers it’s helpless.

––––if this town’s ruler was someone other than me, that is.

For the current me there’s the experience of getting through numerous battlefields, and the “Ultimate Weapon” I obtained the other day.

In addition, there comrades that would fight to the bitter end.
As long as I have those, no matter how large an army, I have nothing to fear.


Muttering so, I decided to inquire about the mass production of that ultimate weapon, the matchlock guns.

The other day, I handed over the matchlock gun to Sefiro.

It’s that mad alchemist. About this time piling analysis after analysis, she might have reached at least the prospect of a mass production system.

If the matchlock gun’s mass production is a success, then the war situation will do a complete change I’m sure.

If I make them lose their fighting spirit in just a single battle, there may be an end to this meaningless war.

While anticipating that, I head toward the location of my superior Sefiro.

7th Army Corps Corps Commander, The Witch of Black Calamity, Sefiro.
Her castle is within Maou Army’s territory.

In the case of magicians it’s possible to transfer in an instant, so it’s possible to forget but traveling to a place some hundred kilometers aways is a curious sensation.

However, there are cases where the advantages change into disadvantages.

The woman called Sefiro is mischievous, and often without meaning summons me, uses me in an experiment, and makes me accompany her in worthless talks endlessly.

Since I honestly keep her company each time she’s probably become conceited, but as she’s looked after me since I was young I can’t bluntly refuse her.

This time as well, after making me listen to her meaningless girl talk forever, we finally get down to business.

“––––starting from the conclusion it’s impossible to mass produce the matchlock guns.”

That was the conclusion she made.

“As expected it’s impossible even for commander?”

Sefiro vexingly nods.

“I tried making some similar ones see. However, counterfeit goods are after all counterfeit. Just with firing once, the base comes loose.”

As she says that, she places a mass of metal that’s stuffed into the base of matchlock onto the desk.
I stare at that object.

“This is?”

“……don’t know. If I at least knew how to make that then. It would be possible to mass produce this iron cylinder.”


I unconsciously become completely quiet.
Since the object placed on top of the desk is something I’m familiar with.
This is just a simple screw right?
On the metal T’s pole part there’s a helical line.
––––I see, there’s no screws in this world huh.

Since I hold memory of my previous world where something like a screw is a commonplace existence, I didn’t pay it any mind, but if I think about it, if I show a screw to someone without any knowledge of it and tell them to make it they’re sure to be perplexed.

However, if it’s people skilled with their hands, then, one by one, they might be able to make a carved screw.

Still, even then if they carve them by hand, then something like mass production will be impossible.

A few guns a day would be the limit I’m sure.
In which case there won’t be enough.
Mass producing bow guns would still be more efficient.
Here I should plan anew, and should give up on mass producing the matchlock guns I suppose.

––––no, it’s too soon to give up.

As expected, if we have the powerful weapon known as a matchlock gun, then from here on we will be able to advance advantageously.

After all this time, I don’t want to see blood spilled, I don’t want to say superficial things, but even then if we end the war as quickly as possible, then it should result in the amount of spilt blood being less.

I who thought that, make a proposal to the commander.

“––––Commander, if I should I had a clue about the method of mass production of this metal, what would you do?”

Sefiro makes a surprised expression.
No way, she must feel like that I’m sure.

“It’s not possible for me, but you say you can accomplish it?”

“No, well, I do have a clue about the method though. Just, for that I want to receive permission to move the troops.”

“What do you mean?”

“In regards to magic you’re the best, but in regards to machines you can’t declare that you’re top class right.”

Tentatively I take care and call her “Best” to flatter her, but in things regarding machines there are numerous superior beings.

For example famous in the fantasy world, “Dwarf”.

“I will discuss with the Dwarf King, and plan to request his cooperation.”

Hearing that Sefiro makes a surprised expression and at the same time seems to consent./

“……Dwarf King Gunther huh.”

Sefiro speaks his name.
As expected, with those few words she seems to have understood my aim.

“Certainly, if it’s him then, he might be able to make something similar to this easily.”

“Eeh, probably.”

As one would expect is might be impossible if I just show him, but I have my previous world’s knowledge.
If I convey that to him, then he’ll easily reproduce it I’m sure.

Dwarf King, Gunther.
The king of the well-known demi-humans in the fantasy world, dwarfs.
The dwarfs had a country in the west of this continent, but that country doesn’t exist anymore.
It was destroyed by humans.
Henceforth, the dwarfs wander about various places, becoming nomadic people.

The humans, so that the dwarf country wouldn’t revive, have imprisoned the Dwarf King.
That they didn’t execute him, but imprisoned him is cunning.

If they were to execute him, then with that as the genesis the dwarfs of various places might revolt all at once.
If they keep him alive and place him close by, then in the worst case they can use him as a hostage.

In a certain sense, the humans might be more devious than demons.

I understand both sides feelings, I don’t intend to defend either side, but the humans occasionally carry out acts like the devil.

I want to be sure not to forget that.
By humans and demons, you monster!
Even if I’m cursed at like that, I don’t want my “Heart” at least to become the devil.


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