The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C35

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Smile and Black Tea





The duel with Basteo ended in complete victory, but it’s not like there were no problems.

Due to me winning, two problems arose.

The first problem was Basteo’s punishment.

Not long ago, Basteo and the zombie soldiers were scattered away by my magic, but actually Basteo is alive.

To be exact just his head is going strong.

Thinking taking as far as his life was pitiable, I left just the head, but even so, “Curse you, damn youngster!” telling him whatever he wanted.

Well, as a head he can no longer cause mischief I’m sure.

Most likely, he’s sure to continue to complain about me, his whole life in Maou Castle’s Dungeon.

It’s pitiable, but I didn’t sympathize.

He’s paying for his mistakes, and in the first place the side that lost this duel was to be executed. Allowing even just his head to live on is nothing but Maou-sama’s benevolence.

Continuing, I send my gaze towards the second problem.
If you look, there was a large hole in Maou Castle’s duel space.

“Will this become my responsibility?”

I involuntarily sigh.

I wonder how much time it would take to repair this.
In addition when I think about the cost, my head hurts.
As one would expect it would come to having to pay it personally I think.

––––no, it’s possible huh.

“Bear the responsibility of things you broke yourself at least.”

If it’s our 7th Army Corps’ Corps Commander, then I have a feeling she’ll declare as such.
Well, who will take the cost?

While thinking like that, I look up at the duel space’s noble seats.
What was unfolding there was an unexpected scene.

The Maou Army’s Supreme Commander Dairokuten-sama’s and our 7th Army Corps’ Sefiro’s quarrel.

Their claim is as follows.

First is Maou-sama’s claim.

“He defeated the 3rd Army Corps’ Commander. He should become the 3rd Army Corps’ Corps Commander that became vacant.”

In the world of demons that is common sense.
In the battle just now my capability as a commanding officer.
My military prowess as an individual as well was judged to have exceeded Basteo.
A stronger person, a more capable person, stands on top, that is the demon’s principle.

Nevertheless, Sefiro fiercely opposes.
Her claim is as follows.

“Ike is my subordinate. Authority over him lie with me his superior.”

That might also be a proper claim.
At this moment, I’m the 7th Army Corps’ Brigade Commander.
It’ll be a trouble to have that arbitrarily poached, I understand that claim.
In short the situation is that a struggle over has occurred with Maou-sama and Sefiro.

“Ike is mine!”
“Ike is mine!”

Being sought by two beauties wasn’t a bad feeling, but either way I couldn’t stay as a brigade commander.

Currently, the 7th Army Corps’ Vice-Commander’s position is vacant.

The achievement until now, if I think about after this, the one to take that position is me probably.

In other words, it’s a situation to choose whether to become the 7th Army Corps’ Vice-Commander that’s become vacant, or become the 3rd Army Corps’ Commander.

“Which should I choose I wonder?”

I’m lost in my decision.
As for moral obligation I should choose Sefiro’s side I think.
She’s a person who’s looked after me since around my youth.
After all this time I’m reluctant to leave this person’s side.
On the other hand, the choice to become a corps commander isn’t bad either.
To stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Sefiro, lead the Maou Army together with Maou-sama.

If I do, my desired world,
“Demons and Humans”
a world where they coexist might be possible to obtain faster.

Being stuck between a debt of gratitude and empathy.

Should I pick Sefiro who has looked after me since around my youth.
Or else should I pick Maou-sama who has shown me favor.

The answer I put out is––––

I return to Ivalice, sit in my usual chair in my usual office as I ask Sati for tea as always

“What shall the brand be?”

Sati asks me in a humble tone.
Naturally, Ivalice produced of course.

The best stuff is said to be Jacrrotto produced that’s in the northwest of the continent, but I don’t think that’s right.

After becoming the lord of Ivalice, I might be seeing things in a favorable light, but I liked the black tea produced in this region.

When I ask Sati for, “The usual”, she, “Certainly”, respectfully bows her head.

A few minutes later she places on my desk black tea poured and brewed in the best way.

As I was enjoying that black tea’s fragrance for a period, Sati as if choosing a good time calls out to me.

“––––congratulations, on your promotion. Goshujin-sama.”

While smiling, she once again bows.

For the time being I respond with, “Thanks”, but just how, and where did she learn that news from I wonder.

When I try asking, it turns out the source is Jiron.
That damn pig, despite warning him not to tell anyone that much––––.
I cursed him like so within my mind, but there’s no helping what’s been leaked.
Besides this is an auspicious event.
It’s not something to especially keep secret right.

“However, Goshujin-sama, why weren’t you permitted to become a corps commander?”

I answer, “Now then”

It’s not something particularly hard to answer, but even in the Maou Army there are various circumstances.
It’s grown up things, it’s also possible to rephrase it as politics.

First Maou-sama the supreme commander of the Maou Army endorsed that I should be a corps commander, but Sefiro strongly opposed.

I was crucial fighting power. It would be painful to lose him here, I’m sure there were such feelings as well, but that she still had to guide me, like so there might have been consciousness as a guardian.

Even now that person had her stock phrase, “I have changed your diapers.”
A neighborhood aun––––, no, she’s exactly an elder sister.
I want her to treat me as an adult already.

“Since Sefiro opposed, you couldn’t become a commander?”

Sati asks me disapointedly.
No, I shake my head.

“It wasn’t just that. In any event, I’m still too young, is how the other corps commanders opposed.”

When I think about it, since becoming a brigade commander 3 years haven’t passed.

Even if I made achievenments, suddenly promoting from brigade commander to corps commander is too fast I suppose.

That opposing views came out is also reasonable.
Even so Maou-sama recommended me as a “Corps Commander”, but I declined myself.
Similar to Basteo’s case the other day, the Maou Army isn’t a monolith.

Pushing the impossible here, it isn’t necessarily true that disturbing elements like Basteo rise once again.

I also don’t wish for that, it’s not a good thing for the Maou Army either I suppose.

Beside, right now, if I were to become a commander, it might end with me leaving this Ivalice.

If I were to become a corps commander, it might become difficult to place Sati as a servant near me as well.

That isn’t my desire.

One way or another, I like this town called Ivalice.

While drinking the black tea brewed by the girl called Sati, the overlooking view of the town from my office, is my favorite.

I don’t know how long I can remain in this town, but I felt like it was too good to let go of it myself.

As I turn toward Sati, I said with the same tone as usual.

“Another cup of black tea, Sati.”

Sati with her usual smile, spoke her usual line.

“Yes, Goshujin-sama.”

Her smile, and the aroma of the second cup of black tea were the best.


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