The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C2

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The Undead Brigade’s Council of War





As I return to the town of Ivalice I gather the top brass and set up a council of war.
The top brass gather around the round table in my mansion.

Sati pours black tea to each of the executives and distributes cake.
A pleasant fragrance covers the round table.
When I see that Sati has finished distributing black tea and tea cakes I gaze at the executives.

First I glance at the orc staff officer Jiron.
Even though he’s a staff officer he doesn’t look like one at all.
In the first place I don’t ask this guy about strategy and tactics.

No, there are times I ask when I hesitate occasionally, but on those occasions I always adopt that opposite of Jiron’s opinion.

Since if I do that it’ll definitely succeed.
In that sense, he’s an indispensable personnel for this undead brigade.
In addition, though this man is incompetent he has charm and loyalty.
In a battlefield some time ago, in order to protect me he took an arrow.
Even now that arrow wound should be left.

Though I told him I would completely erase the scar with magic, Jiron stubbornly refused.

“This arrow wound is proof that I protected boss see. I won’t erase it for my entire life.”

Like that he rolled up his sleeve and showed the scar to me.

I’m sure he’s aiming to butter me up, but I can trust him a great deal more than a demon who just says flattery and runs away at a crucial time.

The next one I look at is the dragon race demon Jigan.
The dragon race means dragonewts.
A demi-human that takes the form halfway between human and dragon.

When it comes to high ranking ones it’s possible to transform into a real dragon, but unfortunately Jigan can’t transform into a dragon.

However, his personal military prowess is quite impressive, in things regarding spear techniques it’s fine to call him our brigades best.

Just, that he’s taciturn and has no amiability are his shortcomings I suppose.

A tenth of Jiron is fine, I wish he had charm and friendliness.

He’s has been a subordinate since the formation of this brigade, but 70% of the words he speaks are, “Acknowledged” and “Understood”.

A loyal retainer of the complete opposite type of Jiron.

The last one I look at is the Lilin succubus Lilith.
A beautiful woman with tan skin.
It seems she’s reached adult age, but I don’t know that age.
There’s nothing as stupid as asking woman about age, it’s not meaningless.
What’s important is that she’s excellent.
If it’s personal military prowess, then she should be our brigade’s foremost.

However, there are a few problems, that she’s a little slow, comes to hasty conclusions and gets the wrong idea, and that she’s deeply jealous.

Also, that she’s deeply in love with me is a problem.
If she sees an opening, she always draws close.
Having the that fact that I’m human exposed at some moment would be the worst.

Sefiro the corps commander knew from the start, so there’s no problem.
Even Maou-sama the supreme commander of the Maou Army has already found out, so there’s no problem.

However, if it’s exposed to this girl, she’ll start acting like a Lilin succubus I’m sure.
Succubus absorb the essence of men.
If my true identity is exposed to this girl, I shiver when I think that.

As I was thinking that, Jiron asks me for an explanation.

“By the way Boss, what is the agenda for this time’s council of war?”

With that as the impetus, the gaze of all present gathers on me.

“Ahh, yea. I thought to confirm our current brigade’s objective.”
“Objective is it? Concerning that Multiple King Alliance?”

Lilith the Undead Brigade’s adjutant asks me.

“Ahh, about that.”

“I see. Then that’s simple right. Before we’re attacked, we should attack from this side, let’s obliterate them.”

Lilith fearlessly smiles.
The other commanding officers agree.

“Our brigade is unstoppable. In addition, now Ike-sama is our army corps’ vice commander, there’s nothing to fear.”

Starting with Lilith, everyone’s morale is very high.
Our brigade, since it’s formation, has yet to have been defeated.
That they’ve acquired a tendency to to make light of the enemy is something that can’t be helped.

However, the affinity of carelessness and defeat is regarded as being better than any married couple.
To tighten the reins of my subordinates here is my duty as brigade commander.

“Lilith, don’t rush too much. It’s too early for the fight with the allied forces of the Multiple King Alliance.”

Having heard that, Lilith makes a disappointed expression.
On the other hand, the dragon race Jigan, without budging an eyebrow, asks me.

“In which case, what are Ike-sama’s intentions. Making us prepare for war, what are you telling us to do?”

“Of course, I’ll have you fight. However, the objective isn’t the Multiple King Alliance. This time’s operation is the capture of a certain city.”

“The capture of a city?”

Jigan replies shortly.

“Ahh, this time’s operation lies in extricating a single man from imprisonment in a certain city.”

I continue.

“That man’s name is, Gunther. Have you heard of him?”

Everyone shakes their head.

Setting aside the commanding officers Lilith and Jigan, that even the staff officer Jiron shook his head is deplorable.

“––––he’s the Dwarf King.”

With that Jiron finally seems to recall Gunther.

“Ahh, if I’m not mistaken that’s the King-sama of the Dwarf Kingdom Wilheim in the west right.”

I correct him.

“That’s right. If I remember right it was destroyed by the humans, and I’ve heard that he’s been imprisoned somewhere.”


“If I remember correctly he is imprisoned in the Isthmus Kingdom further that’s further west of Rosaria right.”
“Ahh, since the ones that destroyed Wilheim is Isthmus. It’s not strange even if they took him into custody. It’s the norm right.”

“However, if that’s the case, then isn’t it impossible if it’s not after we destroy Rosaria?”

The one who asked was Lilith.

“Why do you think so?”

“I mean we have to go through Rosaria’s territory don’t we? Right now in Rosaria’s royal capital, I hear that troops from each nation has gathered. Within that, it’s impossible to go directly through and head towards Isthmus.”

Just now you said that there’s nothing to fear didn’t you?”

I speak a bit sarcastically.

“No, that’s that and this is this. As expected, there are things that are possible and things that are impossible for even demons.”

Well of course.
If anything was possible, then about this time I would have made the royal capital surrender.

Only after understanding what you can and can’t do, can you become an existence that’s called a “Great Commander”.

To start with, those who mistake courage with recklessness won’t be able to survive in the battlefield.
I once again convey that everyone, but the dragon race Jigan asks in a cool tone.

“In other words, can we take it that Ike-sama has a plan to go through Rosaria and attack Isthmus?”

I respond with few words.

“It’s fine if you think that way.”

There wasn’t anyone who doubted those words.

The achievements until let them believe that I’m sure, but Lilith and Jigan have complete faith in me.

Even if I ordered them to plunge into a large enemy army unaided, these two would happily obey that order I’m sure.

Naturally, giving that kind of meaningless order is impossible.

However, only the staff officer orc Jiron seemed skeptical.
Even now he’s tilting his head in puzzlement.
A timid a person as always.

The only way to make this timid person understand is to actually cross through Rosaria and invade within Isthmus territory.

I tell the outline of the strategy to everyone.

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